Bye Bye Ben: Wallace To Sign With Bulls

by | Jul 3, 2006 | 126 comments

A four-time Defensive Player of the Year, Wallace will sign as a free agent with the Chicago Bulls, reported Monday night.

According to the report, Wallace will sign a four-year, $52 million deal to leave the Detroit Pistons for the Bulls. The Chicago Tribune reported Monday that the Pistons offered Wallace a four-year, $48 million deal.

“It was disappointing,” Wallace told the newspaper of the Pistons’ offer. “It was not at all what I expected.”

A deal can’t become official until July 12, when the salary cap is set for the 2006-07 season and exact contract values can be computed. Via

The Detroit Free Press says the Bulls offer was close to 60 Million.

Before I go into the subject at length I thought I would leave this post up for you to comment on. How do Pistons fans feel about Ben’s decision? Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have mixed emotions. If he wanted to leave, then fine. He doesn’t know what he’s giving up. But then after seeing a bulls jersey with his name on it at the pistons forums made me want to cry.

    i’m pissed and sad i guess. =[

  2. Anonymous

    Man that shouldn’t have happened. Big Ben is like a heart of PISTONS. THE HEART should stay in D.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m happy, cause now we are going to get someone who can actually play offense and defense, as well as make free throws! KEVIN GARNETT!

  4. Anonymous

    im in tears , and keep watching old videos of him =(
    but now we have to go hard for
    kevin garnett .

    – vin

  5. Anonymous

    this is the worst thing ever!
    i love big ben!
    its gunna be hard seeing him in a nother jersey!

  6. Stephen

    Who says we are getting Kevin Garnett?
    To get KG we would have to trade Sheed,Rip, Chauncey, or Tayshaun.

    Then what?

    This deal with the Bulls put us in a Bad way, too bad we couldnt do a sign and trade deal with another team.


    I wish him luck but now we have to do something to replace him.

  7. Anonymous

    I really dont think we will get kevin garnett. I think its crazy to think that we will, unless we completely tear our team apart. Im sad to see Ben go. I just cant believe it. Its gonna be so hard to see him in a Bulls Uniform :-(

  8. Anonymous

    I’m having a flashback to the 2000 presidential elections. This just can’t be. These reports are false; everyone’s so quick to rush to be the first to break news stories these days that they are reporting the most ridiculous things. GW Bush can just make a phone call to his brother and all of a sudden we turn Florida from blue to red? Man, I just know that a few hours from now, Peter Jennings will come back on TV and announce what a terrible joke they had just played on the viewers. “Ha. Only fooling. Gore is indeed the real winner in Florida as we had originally reported”.

    And so it is with Ben Wallace today, another loser in Florida. They, ESPN’s “league sources”, have reported Wallace changing color from Piston Blue to Bull Red. I’m in a strange, painful state of denial that I’ve been through before.

    Something is so damn fishy about our world today.

    Desmond White

    ps Natalie, please do that Tayshaun “Spirit of Detroit” pic!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    …oh yeah. I think the Flip Saunders thing had more to do with it than the $4M.


  10. Anonymous

    wow r.i.p pistons u will be missed we’re done with for sure 8(

  11. Nate

    Wow. My jaw dropped when I read this headline. Ben was the heart and soul of the Pistons during these prior years.

    Ben’s no stranger to moving to new teams though. I know it must of been hard a hard decision, but the man’s gonna go where he feels he can be utilized the best. Frankly, he thought he wasn’t used enough with the Pistons, and on top of that, he got a contract offer that dissappointed him. Once again, he’s moving on. You can bet he’s going to get nuthing but love on his return trips to the Palace though…except for possibly Playoff time :)

    As for my opinion on whether we’ll get KG…I’ve seen nothing so far showing we will. KG would bring an incredible offense to our system, but Ben’s defense is irreplaceable. Plain and simple. Nobody has his work ethic. I just can’t see the KG thing ever happening, but I bet Chicago would never of guessed they’d have Big Ben this year. Good luck Ben. It’ll be weird seeing you in that Bulls jersey. His play will win over the hearts of Chicago fans as fast as it happened in Detroit.

  12. Anonymous

    All I can say is good luck to Big Ben but at the same time I’m sad because he is my fav player on the pistons team. Every franchise has there identifyable player and to the pistons that was Ben Wallace. It will be hard to replace him in Detroit. If they can’t get KG will Sheed be center for the pistons?

  13. Anonymous

    We lost Stevey Y and Big Ben today. This will be a sad day in Detroit sports history. The tigs are going to have to save Detroit sports.

  14. Anonymous



  15. Aaron

    I Woke Up @ About 10 O’Clock Today..And Looked @ The T.V..The Baseball Game Was On ESPN..And The 30@30 Update Came On And Said Big Ben Is Leavin Detroit..I Couldent Tell You How Bad I Felt, I Meen We Made Ben A Star, Were The Only Team That Gave Em Hope..I Cant Belive He Would Leave Us..It Does LEave Us More Money To Search The ?Market Tho..Bonzi Wells Said He Will Take A Pay Cut To Come To Detroit, And Dont Forget Chucky Atkins Is a Free Agent Too..It Would Be Nice To Get Him Back, He’s A Hell OF A Lot Better Then “The Delk Factor” Tony Delt..I Still Wish Big Ben Didnt Leave Us BLowing In The Wind..I Meen I Seriously Thought The Pistons Would Come Back This Year And Win The Championship, I Really Did..But With Out Big Ben Down Low It Will Hurt Us..

  16. Anonymous

    FORGET ben. he is a friggin selfish jerk who people percieved to be a team player is NOT WHO YOU THINK HE IS. he wants to score more he wants the money thats it. his problem with flip was that he wasnt used in the offense enough. instead of realizing he has no offensive game he had to cry and run away. he built his rep on defense but now he is leaving because the coach was doing the RIGHT thing. no player is worth 48 mill, 52, mill, 60 mill, whatever, just to play defense. good riddance. i find it funny that on the day the captain retires, this jerk takes off for more cash. he coulda been as big as yzerman in detroit. he should be booed everytime he comes back to detroit. he is a traitor. pistons shoulda made the offer BEFORE the draft to have an idea if he was even considering leaving. we coulda made some moves or something because free agency is WEAK this year. the only reason the pistons are gonna miss ben this year is because there is no one to replace him with. but if there woulda been a big fa out there we could have got him and been BETTER. after watching the playoffs this year, it is clear that the nba is now more than ever becoming an offensive-minded league. you cant play real d anyway so it doesnt hurt that much.

  17. Anonymous

    I like Ben Wallace and feel he was an important player for the Pistons but he is not the most important player in my opinion. He was unhappy with Flip and used the 4 mill as an out!!! I wish him good luck, but we want team players on the Pistons. He will not have the fan base in Chicago that he had here, so I hope the money makes him happy

  18. Anonymous

    What’s the deal with the Bulls anyhow? I wanted to kill one of my friends in college since he kept reminding me that the Bulls were winning with Worm, Buddha, and Spider. Now they take the heart and soul of our team. There’s nothing out there on the free agent market worth mentioning, and I don’t see us landing KG without further damaging the team. Hopefully Maxiell becomes tough enough to split the 4 with Dice, and Joe brings in someone to play the 5 with Sheed. I still can’t believe we’ve lost two of our franchise faces on one day.

  19. Aaron

    Well Listen..Theres No Way Where Gonna Get KG..First Of All..We Had Our Chance To Get Em When Chauncey Tried Talkin Him Into Coming Here A Few Years Back When He Was A Free Agent..He didnt Want To..And 2nd Of All..Our Team Would Be Worse then It Was To Begin With If We Traded For KG..So Get That Out Of Ur Heads..KG Is Not Coming Here. But Yea..Ben And Stevey Y Gone In 1 Day..Its A Crushing Blow..Now..All We Have to Hope For @ The Time Are The Tigers! GO TIGERS! haha

  20. Anonymous

    as hard as he worked i thought he was the biggest team player and had a big heart but now he left us with no chance of winning and getting the respect we deserve for a few mill i hate him so much right now god he used to be the one i could never get mad at ..its over ……im just really sad but i do wish him the best as angry as i am
    i wonder what the team thinks they have to no its over

  21. Anonymous

    Ben is an idiot, I cant believe he would give detroit the shaft like that…Detroit made him what he is today…but its all good though, we’ll get thru this…

  22. Anonymous

    ben is dumb. he left the best team in the nba to play for $4 million dollars more. it’s sad, it really is.

  23. Anonymous

    Yea this really leaves me with mixed emotions. Big Ben was one of my favorite Piston’s of all time, so it is sad to see him play for the enemy. On the other hand I cant believe how selfish it is to part ways over $4 million , but I think there is more to it. I wish you well Ben, it has been a fun ride. It is gonna be hard seeing your face when the Piston’s beat your Bull’s every game next year..LOL!!!!
    Tom – A true Piston Fan -From Auburn NY

  24. kenzie

    It’s pretty dissapointing, but I honestly dont think he chose to leave because of the salary offers. I think Ben was unhappy with how things were going in Detroit and with Flip Saunders.

    It sucks really bad! I hate to say it, but probably the end of an era! :(

  25. kenzie

    I just read some of your guys’ comments and its hard to believe that any of you could say you hate Ben. He’s already helped us accomplish so much, it’s not fair to hate him. Yeah, it’s a little selfish to leave the team for 4 million dollars, but do you really think that’s the only reason he’s leaving??

    Honestly guys, dont hate him, because he’s probably not going to be as good of a player in Chicago anyways. It’s just going to prove to everyone that he needs the other 4 starting pistons. I think we need him as well. I guess we’ll see.

  26. Anonymous

    i told u nat i told u ben was not going to come back

  27. Anonymous

    See ya later Ben. I couldn’t be happier.

  28. Anonymous

    I think Ben will be very happy with us. We play a tough defense that just got tougher. Not only that, Ben will get much more chances to score with our style of playing. I feel awful for the fans there but I also thank you guys. Here in Chicago, we love hard workers. We will treat him well.

  29. Anonymous

    We’ll be fine without Ben. He’s not worth more than Chauncey, Tayshaun, or Rip….maybe Rasheed, though. He obviously wasn’t happy. I wish him the best. Regarding KG, what are you guys smoking? There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that we’re getting him.

  30. Anonymous

    Anyone who says that they are happy that Ben is gone or that they hate Ben has to get a reality check. Look how much he has done for our team. Saying you hate someone who gave you the pride and joy of living in Detroit is just wrong. Am I mad at him for leaving? Yes. Am I upset? You bet, that picture made me cry. But you can never hate the man for how much he has brought to our team.

    =[ We wish you well Big Ben. May you have a good time in Chicago when we beat you.

    I mean, how awkward will it be watching our boys play against him? Holy Hell.

  31. Anonymous

    I dont know what to expect next season. I am very disappointed in Ben’s decision to leave. I would like to thank him but at the same time ask “why?” If his heart really belonged in Detroit, the 48 million would have been perfect for him, after all he would have been the highest paid player on the team. I love Ben and I always will, but I am really disappointed and I dont know what will happen to me the first time we play Chicago next season.

  32. Anonymous

    Did you say fan base, it seems that all the fans in detroit come out when one of your teams start winning I.E. the Tigers. Also it seems that you only have hockey and basketball, oh ya the tigers this year but don’t you have a football team to “The Lions” where is the fan base there. In simple terms detroit fan base switches to whom ever is winning that year. Don’t ever compare Chicago fans to detroit fairweather fan. peace

  33. Anonymous

    Ben doesn’t have anything against Detroit; he just wasn’t happy with Flip and didn’t want to put up with his crap. Personally, I don’t blame him for that, but I’m sad to see him leave.

    But who will our center be?

  34. Anonymous

    Uh, are you kidding? Every Chicago fan is mysteriously in love with the White Sox these days. Detroit has tons diehard fans for every sport. Go away.

  35. Anonymous

    The Bulls went old school mafioso style on us. They made Ben a offer that he could not refuse. It was obvious that he did not want to leave Detroit saying he was dissapointed, which makes me feel a little better considering that there is respect with his descision. It reminds me of a old EMPD cd “business never personal.” So….what is in store for the pistons #5 position. Cato, and Davis are simply not the anwser for a starter. Dice is solid, however his age and legs will catch up to him playing starting minutes. I wonder what Joe D has up his sleeve. Only time will tell.

  36. Anonymous

    Are your fans hiding with bin ladden, can’t find them.

  37. Anonymous

    Haha the Pistons are gonna suck a fat one next year. Witness the Pistons star center leaving their team and witness them trying to make the playoffs. CAVS GOT THE EAST ON LOCK!

  38. Anonymous

    nat i told u and anonymous guy above me if ben really love detroit he would have stayed he went for money what i knew he was going to do no but dice in as a starter but ben is a loser and he a money hog and he think respest is overrated he dose guy what u guy have to say not me not no 1 he said respest is overrated on the 04 champs dvd nat i want u to read and look at it and comment back from:sheed rules

  39. Matt

    “Anonymous said…
    Did you say fan base, it seems that all the fans in detroit come out when one of your teams start winning I.E. the Tigers. Also it seems that you only have hockey and basketball, oh ya the tigers this year but don’t you have a football team to “The Lions” where is the fan base there. In simple terms detroit fan base switches to whom ever is winning that year. Don’t ever compare Chicago fans to detroit fairweather fan. peace

    1:36 AM”

    Uh, last time I checked Chicago has bandwagon White Sux fans all around. Even in Hollywood, they start to show up. Hollywood. I’m a die-hard Detroit fan, rain or shine, especially the Tigers. As for the Lions comment, maybe if they’d fire millen already, I’d come out to a game or two.


  40. Anonymous

    fuck ben. i hope the pistons kill the bulls in the 4 regular season games they play them, and ben does terrible in every one, and then the pistons play the bulls in the playoffs and it’s a sweep. to run away from the team that gave you a chance to be the best, to be the most sought after free agent of the off-season, and made you an all-star with the best starting 5 in the league is just being a complete asshole. it just shows that ben does not care more about championships, but he cares more about money, and that is sad because he is nearing his final years as an nba player… everyone knows chicago won’t win a championship as long as detroit or miami is still the strong teams they are in the east, plus cleveland keeps getting better and better. let’s get samuel dalembert (ben wallace jr.) from philly, that’d be sweet. ben simply turned his back on his team, and thousands of fans in/around detroit and all pistons fans around, and that is one selfish ass.

  41. Matt


    WITNESS LeTravel leave cleveland, just like anyother great athlete you’ve had

  42. Anonymous

    I farted…just drew another foul from Dwayne Wade…thats where the NBA is headed not to players like Ben Wallace…Chicago has made a mistake in this signing…they’ll know it the first game under 2 mins and ben has to shoot free throws…at least he’ll have his extra $4 mill right?

  43. Cole

    Sure Ba-ba-ba Ben leaving sucks, he’s a very talented player, but clearly some of you don’t play ball, ergo his leaving doesn’t make alot of sense to you, so I’ll try to spell it out. Ben plays basketball, which is a game, for a living; Flip Saunders’ style of ball wasn’t fun for Ben, which is what games are supposed to be. If Ben isn’t having fun anymore then his best move is to go to a place where the style of ball makes it fun for him again. If that’s what Ben needs to do to enjoy playng, then so be it. Real fans of his and the sport of Basketball as well will still be there cheering him on in Chicago, as long as the Bulls are not playing Detroit.

    As for those of you that are saying the Pistons era is over, nothing could be further from the truth, Sheed said it best, when he more or less said that one man does not make a team. Yes Detroit will be a different team without Ben, there will be sometimes that his defense will sorely be missed, but we’ve still got three All-Stars in Chauncey, Rip and Sheed and we all saw the quiet makings of a superstar in Tayshaun durring the playoffs. This era is far from over, and as for the future roster of the Pistons is concerned I don’t see ‘Dyess becoming a starter because his health is an issue. I think ‘Sheed will stay at the four, there’s not a chance in hell we can afford KG, I think we need to shop around for a center (maybe Ben will arragne something similar to what Grant Hill did in Orlando and have Chicago send Tyson Chandler to Detroit), and I think that the prospect of Bonzi Wells is clouding other teriffic free agent gaurds. Chucky Atkins is very talented one-guard, I see him as a Chauncey-esk player. There’s still plenty of time, to fill the hole that Ben left.

  44. Anonymous

    First off, CAVS DO NOT RULE. And secondly the Bulls-Piston’s matchup ain’t gonna be lopsided AT ALL. Can’t wait to see the Central Division next year. There’s gonna be lots of boos at the Palace.

  45. Anonymous


  46. ducler (french fan)

    shit big ben is very stupid this time

  47. Aaron

    First Of All..There Not TheCleveland Cavaliers..There The Cleveland Lebron’s..They Suck..Im
    Embarrsed Detroit Went 7 Games With Them..So Get That Outta The Way.

  48. Aaron

    OH And Might I Add Chicago Is Kinda Stupid..I Kno Its Ben Wallace But 60 Million?!?! Thats Crazy For A Player That Cant Score For Sh**. I Feel Bad For The Sorry A$$ Chi-Town Fans..They Got Robbed.

  49. Anonymous

    Im gunna miss the froman, but Joe made the right decission. now we just have to shore up center and use the extra money on a bench. I think the mixed blessing is we can use bens money to finance a new youngcore.

  50. Anonymous

    I cant believe you guys treating Ben like garbage. Ben was our team. Ben being my fav player I am pissed that he ditched us for$4 mill more. Joe D if you read this you let us down. I say we should kick flips ass out, put LB back in and keep BigBen. It is extremely hard to look at this dam picture of Ben in a Bulls jersey but we’ll have to accept it. I dont ever think there will another player who can earn 4 defensive player of the year awards in only 5 seasons.

  51. Anonymous

    he is a fag if he chooses money over friends!!!

  52. JK

    Whats with all the hate towards Ben? Big Ben help bring the Pistons out of the duldromes of the NBA to a World Champion and Title contender. It’ll be a while till Detroit find its feet again and become a legit title contender again but with 4 excellent players like Chauncey, Rip, Tayshawn & Sheed, hopefully they can make it back again. Not all hope is lost, even when Detroits most identifyable player has left the Palace for good!

  53. Anonymous

    to big ben i say gud luck and be the best that u can hope to c u get another def player award :)

    his decision….
    i never thought i’d c this..
    i cudev sworn he not going anywhere
    im disapointed…specially if it was only for the money…
    i cant hate on em caz thats ma boi
    i will not c the bulls play just for him my team will always pistons..

  54. Anonymous

    anonymous guy at 8:43 and dumars did let the pistons down ben did he can go die i never like him dumars is the best gm there is dont be hating on joe d ben wanted money he got it hes a loser he can go die joe d know what hes doing and ben overrated from: sheed rules

  55. Anonymous

    and anonymous guy at 8:43 brown would take our money agian

  56. Anonymous

    If Ben Wallace knew something, he would sign with detroit and win more games and another ring. And I agree with aaron about Ben.

  57. Anonymous

    that picture is so hard to look at. I can’t go in my room because there are too many pictures of Ben. I can’t believe this is actually happening.

  58. Anonymous

    Im just dreamin this can’t be happinin. All these years he’s been respected well. Now in Chicago no 1 would care. I guess all my ben posters are goin to ethiopians

  59. ahL

    I think everyone needs to settle down and realize it’s going to be ok. What happened is over and the time is gone to try to get Ben to stay. He chose the big paycheck over the title contending team and if he thinks he will be better off there then more power to him. I think that the only reason Ben Wallace was a great player was because of those surrounding him. We had Ben for 6 years and until Chauncey, Rip, Tayshaun and Sheed came along we were still a bad team. I think now is the time to say our goodbyes to number 3 and try to see the good that may come from the deal. If you all remember Ben started to slow down this offseason and he apparently didn’t like the new offensive-minded Pistons, and that’s fine. David Stern wants a new fast-paced and jump-shooting offensive and now the Pistons can do that without a prominent offensive liability. Just think, No more hack-a-Ben, no more “wrist problems”, no more complaining about an offensive position from a player who has never averaged more than 9.7 points a game. It’s over, it’s done and Detroit has to move on from this blow. The first months of the season may be rough ones, but I have faith that Joe Dumars will pull us out of this just fine and come April we will be right back in position to come out on top.
    Go Pistons.

  60. Anonymous

    Thats pretty stupid that he wants to leave like that, being that the pistons offered him more than rasheed wallaces contract by 100,000(sheed is the most paid player on the team) by the way sheed u r my favorite player. I think its just selfish of him, if u resign with the pistons yall will when the nba title, sign with the bulls, gordon is not better than rip, hinrich is not better than billups, and chandler cannot touch rasheeeeeeeed’, u may get paid more but you have got yourself a sorry proto type Detroit Pistons!

  61. lisa

    My son is in tears. i don’t it and how he went out. The Pistons are an example of a TEAM and when you take away a player it effects the whole team, and the fans and my seven year old very much…

  62. Anonymous

    Ben wallace is a traitor

  63. Anonymous

    last night i was pissed off when i found out ben wallace signed with the bulls and as i look at all of this i was just thinking if darko was still here he could have started in big be place when the piston made the trade for calvin kato it could come bite the pistons in the ass because with that trade we really didnt get anything in return when darko played for the magic he was doing pretty well now that been is gone everything is screwed up this year free agents there arnt any good centers and why would u want to start mcdyess when hes one of r best bench players it is going to b hard to overcome this

  64. Anonymous

    Idoits gossssshhh! Jod D just signed Joe Przybilla! He’s like a new version of Bill Laimbeer!

  65. Aaron

    and anonymous guy at 8:43..please take you and a friend in the backyard and shoot ur self in the face..and have him shoot you 2 more times!..are u stupid? seriously..LARRY BROWN!??!?! i have nothing more to say.

  66. Anonymous

    I say good for ben….he needed a move and for being the heart of the team as they say they could of treated him with a little more respect…Instead of just saying they should of showed him why we needed him….Not just say we need him with out a little backing…And it would be selfish of the pistons fans to disagree with his choice..and it wasn’t selfish of him to take a hirer contract…Time to move on guys but this guy from the blazers is probally not going to get us there but we will see..

  67. Anonymous


  68. Anonymous

    I find it funny when more fans come out when teams start winning, but hide when they start losing, Where were ya all at when grant hill played for the pistons known as the teal era? NOWHERE! FRIGGIN BAND WAGON JUMPERS! YALL JUMPED ON THE BANDWAGON WHEN THEY WON IT IN 2004, NOW YALL ARE JUMPING OFF it when ben wallace leaves. YALL ARE A DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE!

  69. Junior

    I really respect you and your site Natalie. You do not have to post this. It really is just for you anyway but…..FUCK BEN WALLACE!!!

  70. baskjmlee

    You guys are disspointing me…if you were true fans then you woul;dl wish ben good luck and congratulate him…He is aewome and he was and stilll is my hero….just do somthing for me and stop stabbing ben in the back..

  71. Anonymous

    Screw Ben. His name is mud as far as I’m concerned. If it weren’t for Joe D. havung faith in him and our fans totally embracing him, he wouldn’t BE “Ben Wallace” . He’d still be bouncing around from bench to bench around the NBA. We put him in a system where he could really shine, despite the glaring flaws in his game. We help get in recognition by voting him into all those All Star games. We made our voices heard every time we felt he wasn’t getting love in the media. We jumped to his defense in that whole Palace Brawl that started with HIS blow. We made excuses for every diva comment and decision he’s made. Tayshaun took LESS money so we could sign Ben now. All this crap, and he wants to act like the Pistons gave him a crappy offer. You know how many players who CAN’T SCORE over the age of 30 would love to make the money we offered him? Someone has deluded him into thinking he is Kobe or Lebron. He had a good situation here and a strong fanbase. I guess money is everything to some folks, even if it’s only 3 mil for someone who already has about 30 mil (plus endorsements). He had the audacity to play for a team that plays in our division on top of all that…the freaking Bulls. Screw him…

    To the person that spoke on Lions fans. Cleeeeeeeeeearly you haven’t been around Lions fans. As crappy as the team is, that’s all we talk about. We protest…then go sit at the game. We buy all the merchandise. We get our hopes up every season. While every other team is in first place, we are worried and fussing about the Lions. If anything we are the one MOST LOYAL fanbases, not just in Detroit, but in general. Most fans would have jumped ship when a team hasn’t been good since the invention of the wheel.

  72. Anonymous

    I have to say that i dont know his situation but come on he said his heart was in detroit but i guess his wallet isnt i just dont want it to end i will miss ben but he didnt have to be like barry and just leave

  73. Aaron

    Whats Up With This “Band Waggon” Bull-Shit? And Why Are You So Concernd On What We Say Or Think? Ur Obvestly Not A Pistons Fan..I Think Someone Must Be A Knicks Fan? haha..Go Somewhere Els N Bitch About Ur Teams Fans..Not Ours.

  74. danielfolsom

    Sad the day when a defensive (or any) player rejects 49 million when 1 million dollars is so highly valued that game shows that offer 1 million (who wants to be a millionare, joe millionare) and sell it as a life changing amount of money

  75. Anonymous

    all of you saying ben leaving is unfair are crazy. Hes a great player, i agree, he got offered more money. You are all detroit fans, he is a player. Players move. If you were players and got offered not 4 but 11 (11,000,000) dollars more, you would do the same. The emotional attachment to a team is obviously stronger in fans. That being said, I do think the offer was fair, no way did wallace deserve more than chauncy, what was offered wasd def. good by my standards, but he was offered more somewhere else, and if he ever leaves chicago, their fans will be saying the same things you guys are. No player is the heart and soul, players move on, they retire, and new generations enter in a span of 10 years or so, and trust me, you don’t get heart transplants every 10 years.

  76. Anonymous

    He is a freakin bastard!! how can he do dis?? pistons made him…hes nothing without the other 4 guys!!! i use to love him…but i guess he is too greedy!!! cant wait till bulls come to town to boo his greedy self!!!!!

  77. Anonymous



  78. Anonymous

    Famous saying guys… “Money talks louder than words…” He wants money. Every NBA Player is a greedy bastard, and that’s all there is to it. Ben is my favorite player, and I will miss him. But, Detroit will always be my favorite team. Whether they suck or not, I’ll still love ’em. Big Ben’s added Defense to the Bulls = a new dominant team in the East. After all, they put up a better fight against the Heat without Big Ben…

  79. Anonymous

    Aaron do you even live in Michigan? Let me guess you don’t! Your a bandwagon jumper! You poser! quit coming in here and act like your a pistons fan because your the same dumba$$ that showed up here and was rooting for the cavs and heat. Go under your shell where you belong!

  80. Anonymous

    Ben just goes where the money is. He doesnt care abotu the pistons u can tell. If he did then obviously he would come back. I mean when ur going to get paid 49 million, does 5 more matter that much? I just dont get it. Im mad I think dyess will ahve to be a starter and we will have no bench except lindsay and that means cato and davis (not saying there bad) will have to play more unless we get a big guy.

  81. Anonymous

    This numbnut named “AARON” says im obviously not a pistons fan. I bet he’s the one that just started to watch the pistons after they won the championship in 2004. Ive been watching the pistons since they were the FORT WAYNE pistons! I bet you never even knew the pistons were the fort wayne pistons, before they were the detroit pistons. I also bet you havent watched the pistons during the teal era(with grant hill)! You are probally a fat virgin who wacks it to shemale porn! Get a life!

  82. amber


  83. Anonymous

    Wallace says ” not is about the money” few days ago and now go to the bulls?? why?? for win another ring???…not, he goes to chicago only for win MORE MONEY.

    I love big ben but he is a big lier.

    Ivan, from Spain.

  84. Anonymous

    geez. i knew he was pissed during the last game, it was written all over his face.

    but who knew he was gonna leave?

    money hungry bastard.

    i’m disappointed in fro.

  85. nick

    I know he won’t come out and say it but I know that him and Flip didn’t see eye to eye with one another, in the playoffs, starting in CLE series, Flip wasn’t making him apart of the offense and Ben didn’t like that. Ben is a great player and probably the best defensive player in the NBA right now, but how can Flip make him a part of the offense when Ben has little offensive skills? I believe Ben can develop them if he wants, at least develop a jump shot of some sort. But really, Flip can’t put him into the offense since Ben has no offensive skills. Of course he could make him a part of it but things would get all messed up most likely.

    I wish he would have resigned with us. His defense and energy will be hard to be matched, but we have the 4 other players that can all SCORE and play some offense. Ben really gave us energy, defensive stops including blocks, steals, and rebounds.

    I think he’ll help the Bulls out a lot. I am dissappointed in him leaving our team after everything he meant to the team and city. Although the Bulls are getting better, they still aren’t at the point of being title contenders. I guess Ben doesn’t care about running after another title. By the time his contract ends with the Bulls, maybe they will reach the 3rd round. As for a title? I doubt it. There’s several teams that rank on the top of the East: Detroit, Miami, and Lebron and the Cavs. The Wizards and Bulls are neck and neck with one another in being the 4th best in the East IMHO. As for the Pacers? I think they’re done. The whole team has collapsed largely due to the brawl and injuries are killing them. The Nets? I think they can be crossed off the list too.

    We didn’t offer Ben as much as the Bulls but it’s only about $11 million less not like it’s $40 million less. LOL.

    Conclusion: I’m dissappointed in him not resigning with the team he was such a big part of (and that still has potential to win it all) and though we will miss his defensive presence, I feel the Pistons are still solid and title contenders.

  86. Anonymous

    he sold us out. he was the face of the franchise. he doesnt know hes leaving behind.

  87. Anonymous

    this really hurts because we did not get a sign and trade and had to use the 5 million to get nazi muhammed. that is why ben not agreeing to a sign and trade hurt.
    i will miss him, he did what was best for him and his family. GO PISTONS!!!!!!! The pistons will be fine, count on that!

  88. Anonymous

    now rasheed wallace leads this team… PANIC TIME IN DETROIT!!!

  89. farlane

    Sigh. Ben is not a money grubber, a backstabber or anything of the like.

    He’s a man who plays basketball for a living and he owes it to himself and his family to sign the contract that does the best job of taking care of them he can get.

    Someone’s mention of “fun” just made me think that I bet he has a lot of fun teaching Tyrus Thomas to play D.

    I’ll be cheering for Ben whenever he’s not playing the Pistons and I bet Ben will be doing the same for the Pistons.

  90. Anonymous

    i say forget ben
    now is the time for more offense
    its new times for new and old players
    and for all u nay-sayers if ur gonna congradulate ben for an extra 10 mil
    u can go to chicago with him

  91. Anonymous


  92. Anonymous

    nAzr will be so better den some ben wallace just remember dat ben was a whoo player when he came to da pistons so now nazr was a whooooo player but now hes gonna be even better den ben remember joe always makes da right desicons
    Shumel Ahmed

  93. Anonymous

    Ben says “respect is overrated”. Well ben, you are overrated buddy!!

  94. Anonymous

    Ben is already a millionaire he can buy whatever he wants but he still wants more money. but its his choice to get 11 mill more rather than an NBA championship.
    but on the bright side with ben leaving that wold give the pistons more money to to get other players.

  95. Anonymous

    I never thought Ben would have been a bitchin sell-out. I loved everything about Ben, well I was wrong

  96. Anonymous

    Detroit made Ben what he is today, and to disrespect that and leave? Horrible.. He isnt gonna have a career in Chi-town. Bulls are trash, he probably didnt even like the Bulls, but the money. ENJOY YOUR MONEY BEN!

  97. LaShay

    To tell you the truth I really dont no what to say. My hearts broken. Out of all people hes gonna go. But it is his decision. I would of thought that playing wit friends and having a good time was what it was all about. But to him its just the money. Im gonna miss the team work and chemistry when they played. It really hurts to find out that kind of news. He dont even look right with there jersey on. Hes made for one team and one team only and thats the detroit pistons. He dont belong no where else. It wont even feel the same without him and playing against him.

  98. Anonymous

    Is it the end of the pistons era? The bad news is that he’s gone, but the good news is we still have 4 good starters…we will just have to accept this and rite when the season starts, hes gonna realize what he is missing out on!


  99. Anonymous

    When I heard it on the news last night I was shocked. Big Ben is the “Pistons” I still do love the Detroit Pistons but it just won’t be the same without Big Ben. I will truly miss him. Love You Big Ben and good luck!!!

  100. shorty

    u guys gotta stop hatin on ben he was great and if he didnt like where he was why would he stay there. He brought a lot to the pistons including a championship and since if your not happy theres no point in staying. I mean im mad bout ben leavin but u gotta respect the guys wishes. Now im just worried about whos gonna guard shaq.

  101. Anonymous

    Any one of you who doesn’t think that Ben leaving is the end of an era is lying to themselves. Anyone who thinks Chauncy is an all-star is also kidding themselves. Neither is Tayshaun or Sheed anymore. They’re all all-star role players who’ve fallen in love with the hype and their jumpshots. They don’t attack the basket, they don’t post up, none of them know how to block out anymore. When the Pistons’ RPG and second chance points go down you’re going to miss the inside presence of Big Ben. For those of you who say you hate him you’re idiots. My only regret is that my Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t get him. He did mention waiting to hear from us.

  102. Anonymous

    Like Seinfeld said, we root for laundry, not the person. If you’re not wearing a Detroit Pistons jersey, you are the enemy. Good luck, Ben. It’s been great.

  103. Anonymous

    we had a championship team then this faggot messes everrthing up the end of the heat’s game he was like u kno where my heart is then he stabs us n da back and leaves ben is n ass for doing that i think ben is gonna to bad in chi-town but he will never win the defensive player of the year award ever but look at the bright side dyess is getting healthier but will never get to the old dyess and no more hack a ben

  104. Anonymous

    No matter what the tadem five is in my room forever.Im just sad to hear Ben is gone…..the facae of DET and hair of it.The big plus of him leaving is we can acually play 5 on 5 basketball, not 4 on five, his offense brought the teams O down but his D is really hard to fill up.You people can hate him all u want but he did bring us a Championship which no one thoght the Pistons would do againset L.A. and he did bring us another one almost until we lost to the Spurs by 8 minutes.Well…… of luck to u trying to win a chip with a team u have no clue how to win chips with and I hope u win DPOTY again.(You will be missed, and welcome to the Palace Muhammound.)

  105. Anonymous

    Remember when he knocked Shaq on his ass with one hand?

  106. Anonymous

    an additional $3 million? that’s all it took for wallace to go to chicago? what an ass… but never mind what we say about big ben. imagine what’s going through the minds of the rest of the pistons.

  107. Aaron

    Yes Im From Michigan You Idiots! Hazel Park Michigan..A Suburb Of Detroit..I Have Had Season Tickets To The Pistons Game’s For The Past 20 Years So Get Off MY Jock Home Boy. How Old Are You? Like 14 15?..Thinkin Ur Sweet Talkin Shit On Blog Comments, I Was Born In LA..Moved To Michigan When I Was 15 So Im a Lakers Fan Too. No Im Not A “BandWaggoner” Or How Ever U Say That Bullshit. Why Be One? Cause They Won A Championship? So I Can Think Im Cool That Im Pistons Fan Cause They Won A Championship! “Yea Dude Fuckin Sweet!” Get The Hell Outta Here With Ur Bullshit Kid. And Heat and Cavs Fan Huh? HELLLLL NO! I Hate Dwyane Wade With A Passion..He Could Do A Back Flip Spin Twice Take A Nap And Shoot It Backwards With his Foot And It Will Go In..He Is Absolute GARBAGE!..And Now To The Cavs..Or Should I Say The Lebrons..I Do Like Lebron..Hes An Amazing Player..But I Do Not Like The Cavs..Never Have..Never Will..Always Loved It When Jordan Beat Them In The Playoffs. So Dont Come On Here Talkin Bout’ Me..You Dont Know Me Kid..Dont Tell ME What Teams I Do And Dont Like..And Dont Tell ME Who I Root For..Cause I Know..And What U Think Doesnt Meen Shit..The Shit On The bottom Of My Jordans Meen More To ME Then Ur Stupid Ass.

  108. Anonymous

    This SUCKS! Everybody said Ben was bad, (maybe at his free throws) but, he was one of the best in the Starting 5! Personally, my man is Tay. But Ben, is the best rebounder and defensive player in the NBA! Thats what I think. I AM THE BIGGEST PISTONS FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Anonymous

    All i care about is that we still have SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!

  110. Anonymous

    who the fuck is gonna guard that fat 345 pound monster

  111. Lance N LA

    Yeah right, “The fans know where my heart is” Where Ben? Chicago?

    So all you Piston Fans like me say goodbye to Big Ben Wallace, and say hello to Ben a dic Wallace!!!! Fu*#in Trader!!!!

    All I wanna hear when he comes to the Palace next year is BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! If you cher for his ass after all that BS he said your not a true Pistons Fan!!!!!!

  112. Anonymous

    you mean whos gonna guard the refs(not shaq).LOL, NBA IS NOT RIGGED BUT THE REFFING IS!SHAQ PAID FOR THE TROPHY!

  113. Anonymous

    all you peeps shouldn’t worry we got mr.big shot who will average more than 20 a game.

  114. Anonymous

    BEN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. NBA fan

    If I were Ben I’d stay. I just hope the new one is not too bad. But anyway they still got RIP!

  116. Anonymous

    for all you people who say piston fans are bandwagon jumpers….I wore my ben wallace jersey the day after we lost to the heat…And although it’ll be wierd i’ll still ware my big ben jersey even into next season with pride and i will not hide or cower at your shit ass comments. sincerly a tRue pistons fan
    Go ben and go pistons.

  117. Anonymous

    khadijah u spell bozi like that and he a great score he get 13 point of the beach and 6ft 5in abd get 7 rebouds and game come back on this blog when u get older u dont no what ur talking about

    from:sheed rules

  118. khadijah

    goofy i wasnt trying to spell it like that clown

  119. Anonymous

    goofy bitch dont try to put her out there cause ben suck

  120. kelly

    it stinks that Ben is leaving! But we need someone who can put the ball in the net. If ben gets the ball at the top of the key, he can’t do anything with it. Then the other team can double team any of the other pistons. This is our year,since ben left, we are going to show him that he should of stayed by winning the finals this year. THIS IS THE PISTONS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Anonymous

    Lance n LA…totally agree! That was some real BS!

    Ben Wallace: I could see it coming a mile away and was relieved to tell you the truth. His attitude was disgusting! I was truly disappointed with his egotism this go ’round.

    He was blatant about his dislike of Flip Saunders with his actions and laughed and criticized his own teammates publicly…not that he was doing any better! I truly believe he’s overated and made a mockery of his DPOY title this passed season! He was slow, sluggish, and not trying to help matters with his attitude. He was on the verge of becoming a team cancer. Good luck in Chicago, Ben! This Pistons fan will not miss you!

  122. Anonymous

    I am very upset. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news because why would he come out and say he would love to stay with the team and them leave for only a difference of around $4 million. I think it is sad. I really liked Ben as a player and all the excitment that he brought. I remember when I would watch the games from my room and just wait for Mason to call BA BA BA BA Ben WALLACE!. I’m going to miss that, but the show must go on. We can still do our thing just forget about BEN and don’t even worry about him until we play Chicago. UHH! this just makes me sick it seems to me as if he was money hungry and he took all the success he got out of Detroit and ran away with it for more money. $4 million Ben come on that was the difference in your wallet that like giving up just 4 dollars.

  123. Tonisha

    I can’t believe it like he was trying to help us get a championship now he’s tryin to take it away from us

  124. Tony

    yo i dont care bout ben i glad he’s gone he used 2 be my boy but he did us dirty.He wasnt good in the nba till he came 2 detroit and i saw him get better and he just messed that up with me.Sorry 2 say but Im hope he chokes in Chi town.Well im out peace holla baq hit me up on my myspace its

  125. Anonymous

    Big Ben is a sell out. Hes a disgrace to basketball. Said pistons offer was disgusting but yet signs for an extra million a season. He said his heart was in Detroit.. that was a lie. He is a sell out, a disgrace, and i hope the bulls dont make the playoffs so we can laugh in his face. He should retire now becuz he is now one of the most hated players in the nba, and is obviously one of the only ones who really dont care about basketball. Screw You Big Ben


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