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by | Jun 15, 2006 | 24 comments

Here is a great season ending video recorded from Pistons Weekly. The video is set to the music of Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends. This is one of my favorites, it’s a great recap to a wonderful season. Thank you boys!

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Right click and save or click to watch.(39mb) This video requires the Divx codec. Video courtesy of WB20 Detroit.


  1. Andre

    Thank you so much what would we do without you Natalie.

    Much Love….

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot! that was an awesome video.


  3. Anonymous

    Thank you so much Natalie. I almost started crying through the video. I CANNOT wait till next year!

  4. Anonymous

    This is just too depressing.
    What could have been…..

    Well, at least Jerry Stackhouse knocked Shaq on his ass, that was too funny. Seems like any small guy can knock Shaq on his ass, Devin Harris, Stackhouse…

  5. Anonymous

    Hey cool site but u know how u have the aim icons…well how do u use those in your account??jw if ur gonna answer email me at or instate message me at ace4332 or riprules12

  6. Anonymous

    That video was great! It pretty much summed up the whole year perfectly…but yet leaves you wanting more! Next year there will be more! Thanks for the great site!

  7. yuko

    This is a great video and I’m sooooo glad I got to watch it because I missed Pistons weekly this time although I always watch.

    I can’t say enough, but Natalie, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all in your awesome website.

  8. Anonymous

    Absolutely luved your video…Tells you how much the Pistons have accomplished not only as indivduals but as a team as well..Kinda disappointed by how the video ended but luved it anyways. As always, DETROIT ROCKS MY SOCKS!

  9. Anonymous

    sorry but this is ace4332 again but can find where it lets me download my own icons from my computer?

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you. This video is amazing.
    I think I almost cried. Haha. But
    anyways. I definatly can’t wait
    for next year. Its gonna be a long
    summer. Haha.

    Yeah, how about Harris and Stackhouse
    both knocking Shaq on his ass. I
    laughed so hard. Haha.

  11. cee

    wow thanks for posting this natalie! i missed it when it aired. ugh.. i miss our boys!

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks for making that available. I am from Detroit, but don’t live there anymore. I am a huge Pistons fan, but miss out on the local media. I really like the fact that I can go to your site to see stuff like this. This is a gem, as are most of the other clips you share.

  13. Anonymous

    Nice mix thnks a lot. Hope to see all the fans next season. Keep your head up!!!

    Anubis AK

  14. Anonymous

    talk about BULLSHIT, Stack used to be my favorite piston back in the day, its pretty sad that even with the pistons out of the playoffs the nba is still finding ways to screw us. im pretty sure that flagrant fouls and suspensions are two different things. give me a break nba. if shaq cant take a hit then thats his problem not stacks. my goodness

  15. mike

    You’ve done it again! Thanks, Natalie.

  16. Anonymous

    This video is amazing. Die hard piston fan from Ann Arbor here. Thanks for posting this. I watched the whole thing on WB as well, but keep watching it over and over on my computer, and sharing it with friends. Your site is amazing Natalie. Thanks for all your time and energy you put into it. It’s one of the best blogs I read. – Josh

  17. Anonymous

    the song matches. the end of september is around the time when the NBA season starts. The pistons are on a nap, but when they wake up, ya better watch out

  18. Anonymous

    OMG Never mind, when October ends is the time the NBA season starts, I cant believe I forgot the months of the year. :0

  19. Anonymous

    Any body else notice the disparady on foul shots for Wade versus the whole Dallas team???

    I really am beginning to think that his generation of players can’t play the game the right way without getting foul calls call for them. Everytime this bitch goes to the net, they blow the whistle. Yo you bitches, why don’t you swallow those whistles so they end up where they really belong, in your dumb asses….

  20. Anonymous

    so dwade is the hottest thing since MJ or so i hear on the radio – better than king james. one hot apple don’t spike the whole punch.

    teamwork rules

    no matter – no match next year

  21. Anonymous

    This music video is awesome!!!! Thanks a lot. But those NBA refs are HORRIBLE!! Pistons should’ve won. All. The. Way.

  22. upsilon

    Sry im just makin this comment cause i wanna find the blog to see the music video lol.

  23. upsilon


  24. Natalie

    The Video is right in this post, you can download it right here.


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