Dallas Takes Game One

by | Jun 8, 2006 | 20 comments

Dallas wins game one of the Finals 90-80, Terry is Terrific with 32 points.

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Does Antoine Walker always look like he is going to burst into tears at any moment?

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  1. Big_Ben

    lol great pic.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    Haha yeah he does. The Heat just think they can do no wrong.

  4. Anonymous

    i hope dallas wins it all i hate miami

  5. Anonymous

    Thats is hilarious picture of Antoine Walker.. I hate him with a passion.. and that picture is one of the many reasons.. He always looks like hes crying.. anyways Im glad Dallas won.. I hope they take the series!


  6. Anonymous

    Dallas is gonna take this series!! Terry is one of my favorite players, behind the Piston starting five of course. Shame that he was with the Hawks for those 4 years.

  7. Anonymous

    Antoinette Walker looks like a bald Cabbage Patch Kid, with his brows always knitted. Ever notice that when he drives to the basket, he looks at his feet so he doesn’t trip… he looks like an out of control bull. I hope the Heat suffer a painful loss, and afterwards, with all the stress.. Zo’s kidney bursts…. and he dies… so sad.

  8. Liv

    On paper, Dallas is the better team…and in realaity Dallas is definitely the better team. They have everything going for them right now. We all know what Nowitzki can do, and their bench is deep. I’m not so fond of Mark Cuban, but he’s done a great job with the organization, and his team deserves to win it.

    Miami is…meh. I mean, Shaq has some game left in him [when he decides to turn it on] and you can’t deny how good Wade is. But really, how many times have we Pistons fans said it? A full house always beats a pair. Because really, those two and Coach Riley’s antics are what they’ve got. Their supporting cast isn’t consistent. And basically, because of Shaq and Wade, they think they can do no wrong. Just because you got differential treatment the rest of the way, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen automatically in the finals. :P

    And I love that grafic! The bro and I always clown him because he DOES always look like a sob fest waiting to happen. LMAO

  9. Junior

    Dallas looks a lot like our ’04 team. Quick, deep, and hungry. They played as a team using excellent ball movement. I am here to say, as we all know, Miami really aint all that. Dallas will win this in 5. 6 if the refs have anything to do with it. This will ease our pain pistons fans. Seeing Gonzo Mouring and Walker holding our trophy is just wrong. It won’t happen.

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous

    2004 pistons=2005 mavericks ill say it again

  12. Anonymous


  13. Anonymous

    The Mavericks look like we did in ’04. They’re hungry, and you can tell they want this.

  14. Anonymous

    yea i agree, the mavs look really hungry. and lets be honest here, even if we squeaked past miami, we might have just been delaying the inevitable. Even at our best, we would have a hard time with Dallas. And playing our best would have been a big if. That trophy is destined for dallas this year — which is fine with me. It will be hilarious to watch David Stern hand over the trophy to Mark Cuban.

  15. Anonymous

    I have mixed feeling about the winner of the finals. It’s a first trip for both teams, which makes it interesting.

    If Miami wins, the Pistons got eliminated by the champs, and you can argue they still finished second overall. I would actually like to see Alonzo walk away with a ring, but can care less for the rest of them – you may hate him on the court, but that’s a guy who has both been through and done some things that earned my respect. Miami winning would bring the Championship back to the East. I also can’t stand Cuban…

    If Dallas wins, it is well deserved. They had to get through the defending champs, Phoenix and Miami – no easy task. I also think that Dirk has played his butt off this year, and done it without the arrogance that the Miami stars have. I also want too see if Miami has grown up yet and can stomach the loss. Will they do the right thing and congratulate the champs, or storm off crying like they have in the past and make excuses.

    I think that overall, I would like to see Dallas walk away with it, but their are benefits in it going both ways.

  16. amber

    i like the mavs in this series, i also like devin harris,ever since he came into the league,but i still would like the pistons to win it all even though that dream is a year away!!

    check me out @ ripfan.blog.com

  17. Nate

    Mavs should win this in 5 games…the Mavs play well as a team, where Miami relies on Shaq and Wade. The Mavs do look like we did in ’04, but we were still better :) I expect a game 2 blowout by Dallas, sending Miami home with their heads down.

    That picture of Antoine was hilarious…He’s always expecting the refs to bail him out. The dude just needs to learn that their’s a defensive side of the court as well.

  18. Anonymous

    Dallas will win it this year, but I am convinced that our Pistons will win another championship too. This Piston’s struggled to get recognized in the league until this year, which was their driving force. The fact that they finally recieved the much sought recognition brought about overconfidence and poor play in the playoffs and finals. Next year they are back to proving something to the league, and that will hopefully bring back the champs.

  19. Anonymous

    Walker’s a crybaby & Shaq is an alien….

    Notes: Shaq Says He’s Not From This Planet
    AP Sports

    The often-jovial Miami Heat center was in rare form again Saturday, referring to questioners as earthlings (one of his favorite terms), announcing that he was from another planet, and that he liked an interviewer’s soccer outfit (when it was actually tennis attire).

    Obviously, the pressure of the NBA Finals is really wearing on The Big Fella – who, when pressed, would not reveal the name of his home planet.

    “The files were destroyed,” O’Neal said.

    Hey Nat, maybe you can come up with a pic of Shaq the Alien, lol!

  20. Anonymous

    Shaq is such a weirdo. He’s a freak of nature.


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