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I have to be honest with all of you, I haven’t had the stomach to do may daily reading the last couple of days. I didn’t read the newspapers, didn’t watch the local news and stayed away from Sportscenter all weekend. I really didn’t even talk to many people either.

You see, people who are close to me knew not to even pick up the phone to call me, and if they did it was strictly business. It’s been hard, but not as hard as I thought it was going to be. That uneasy feeling has subsided and I sort of feel a bit of freedom. As a diehard Piston fan, someone who bleeds red white and blue, it’s not easy when your team gets knocked out when all season long you just knew you were going all the way. I went as far as to have images much like the Outersheed picture you see at the top of this post ready and waiting for our playoff victories. I am going to be as extremely honest with all of you and tell you that it’s not been an easy task to maintain Need4Sheed. In the “good old days” pre Need4Sheed.com I could just run and hide after such loses but now I am forced to talk about them, something I have never been willing to do.

Luckily for me the Pistons had the best record in franchise history making it easy for me to talk about the few losses scattered through the season. So right now you can imagine it’s not my favorite thing to do right now. As the days pass it will be business as usual for me, so please be patient with me. Until then I will leave you with a short video of why I always believed that the Pistons family mentality would pull us through. Oh, and another reason why I love Sheed.

Pistons Family Mentality – Video

Right click and save or click to watch. Video courtesy of ESPN.


  1. Anonymous

    I agree…it’s hard for me to watch anything after the Pistons lose..last year I refused to turn on ESPN because I was afraid I would catch a glimpse of the Parade in San Antonio. I always end up kicking myself though because I miss the last footage of the Pistons until next season. We’re back to being the underdogs again and the Pistons really have something to prove next year.

  2. Lynda W.

    I thought I was the only one. Clearly, you have shown me otherwise. I have minimized the scoreboards on my homepage because it still displays the loss. I also cannot watch sportscenter. I watched the West game in spurts the other night just in case they decided to start talking about the Pistons loss or any comment from Shaqzilla. My co-workers have been giving me hugs and apologizing, although a few knotheads started razzing me about it until I gave them the evil death glare. (These people happen to be Cavs fans or non basketball fans in general, giving them no merit.)

    Natalie, I’m sharing your pain, and discovering this site has been a blessing honestly. I love all the pics, the posts are great, and I’m with ya girl,,100%. This is like basketball therapy. I’ll be checking back to see how you (we’re) doing.

    Lynda——Toledo, Oh.

  3. yuko

    natalie, I totally understand your feelings as I run my weblog that some people expect me to update Pistons news every day, which is tough for me to do right now too. Take your time, get some rest and regain your energy back. Maybe you can do something else fun for a little while to change the mood and get over it. That’s exactly what I want to tell the Pistons players too – because we all know there is always next season for the Pistons to play. I believe they will get ready to come back to next season to play great, so will we as a Pistons fan.

    BTW I refered some of your post with some translation in my blog several times for Pistons fan overseas to read (I’m not sure if you can read my native language though). I’m sorry I didn’t tell you in advance, but all my readers said your website is awesome!

    Deetroit Basketbaaaall.

  4. Anonymous

    That reminded me why we were so effective during the regular season-we were having F.U.N, and in the playoffs it just seemed like we were going through the motions. But the video also reminded me of what could be lost because of these playoffs- that chemistry between our players and fans.I also heard a rumor that all of this fussing in the locker room was because of a girl, but then again it was from some random guy on 1130 the fan. But, still, I can’t seem to grasp whats happening, and I find myself not watching the finals.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Natalie…

    I know exactly how you’re feeling, SO MANY of us do! I have not watched any news or read any sports pages either. This is still so surreal for me. I’m looking for answers and finding none, I WANT AN EXPLANATION, something that will make perfect sense as to what went wrong. A very dear friend of mine, who I’ve known for 30+ years said to me the other day, “So, what are you doing with all your time since the Piston’s blew it?” Let’s just say he won’t be asking that again! I suppose I depended too much on this team to get me through a very difficult time in my life but I was just happy that I had them as a diversion. As with any bump in the road of life, this will get easier to take. I just really miss them already! Two days ago I couldn’t even imagine next season and now, I’m looking forward to it. I decided that it’s not them winning that I enjoy so much, but just watching them play their game, which sadly, they didn’t do those last few games.

    Hang in there! You’ve done a spectacular job!

  6. Kayo Mullins

    so now that the pistons are done. (i personally wanted them to beat the heat) who do u think will win the championship? or the better question… who do u want to win?

  7. Anonymous

    I feel exactly the same way you all do. Especially you, Natalie. I’m just so emotionally attached to these boys that I find things hard to do anymore. I was reading the news paper articles, and I just couldnt anymore. It’s just so horrible that we actually have to go through this, but I’m sure the boys feel even worse. I hope all the fussing isnt because of some girl like one of the other posts said^^^ because that would just be pathetic.
    Like you said Natalie, I do feel some freedom also. I guess Im beginning to accept the fact. But that video reminds me of what I hope we have next season. These games have helped me get through some terrible times also, and I just can wait for them to begin again.
    I ♥ The PISTONS! I hope pretty much everything stays the same with them.

  8. Anonymous


  9. Anonymous

    Now that the Pistons are done, maybe you should start following the Tigers. Or you could enjoy some D-WAAAADE BASKETBAAAAAL!

  10. Anonymous

    i love your blog. keep writing, keep loving the pistons, keep the faith in the team. we’ll be back next year.

  11. Sandra

    Gah, it’s awful, it’s like a dagger through the heart. Every time I hear a crowd cheer or announcers, ouch, there it goes again, stab, stab. .
    I don’t know how I’m going to watch the Mavs/Those-we-don’t-speak-of series . .

  12. Anonymous

    Keep it up Natalie. We all understand what you are going through as we are going through the same thing. I haven’t picked up a paper or turned on a sports channel since the final game.

    I do think alot about why this team is so important to me. They proved that a team of misfits could get together and be dominant. They showed how a hard working team could beat even the greatest of superstars. They silenced the critics and went from being the team nobody thought had a chance, to the team everybody strived to either beat or eventually become. Teamwork – Hardwork – Detroit Basketball – That means alot to me.

  13. Anonymous

    Don’t worry pistons fans the Heat beat the pistons for nothing because they will NOT beat the Dallas Mavericks in the championship

  14. Jennifer

    Hey Natalie,
    I feel exactly the same way. I’m just in disbelief. All year, I just knew we would win it all this year. We the perfect season, the All Star Game, the perfect team that wanted it soo bad. And then something in the Cleveland series went wrong. I know this sounds childish, but I feel so let down. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I think the worst thing about this, is that we don’t know what went wrong. That drives me crazy!! What happened that caused the Pistons to play so horribly, it seemed that they didn’t even care or tried!!! I feel for you though, since you’re from Detroit. I live in the south, but I refused to watch Sportscenter. I didn’t even watch Inside the NBA on TNT (which is my all time favorite) because I didn’t want to hear the comments about the Pistons, and I definitely didn’t want to hear about how great the Diesel and D-Wade are! We’re all sad and in disbelief. Your site will definitely be therapeutic for me, just to remember all the good times this past season.
    Thanks so much for this site, it’s wonderful!!! Even with this, I know you will keep us updated. Thanks, you’re the best!!

  15. Anonymous


    Miami benefitted from the Pistons being off their game, plain an simple. Not to say they didn’t play good, cause their shots were on. The Piston’s lost that one for themselves though. They are the better team, they just didn’t come with their game this time.

    Dallas will crush Miami. Dirk is on his game too, and forces just as many BS fouls on the other team as Wade. Biggest difference is he doesn’t fall on his rear each time he shoots.

  16. Anonymous

    Hey, name’s Richie, from Saginaw. I feel your pain just like most people who are frequent visitors to Need4Sheed. I know where the series all went wrong though, and I hate to admit it.

    As much as we all love Rasheed Wallace, we all know that he was emotionally absent from the entire Miami Heat series. I understand the Ankle injury, and why he may not move as well- but his face was drained of all emotional feeling, he forces shots he doesn’t usually force and he took (and missed) open 12 ft jumpers when he could have had open dunks or layups. The truth is Rasheed disappeared from the playoffs, and Rip Hamilton kept forcing turn around jumpers in the air that simply weren’t falling.

    Where did it all go wrong? Game 3 4 of the Cleavland series is where it all went wrong, Natalie. After our man Ra “Garunsheed” that victory and our team failed to deliver, it was all down hill. Even in the wins thereafter it was not Detroit basketball and the emotional power that our team rides on was about as high as their shooting percentage- 30-40%.

    Next year, the scars will have healed over, and the Pistons will be back in full swing, hungry again. I just pray that they resign Big Ben!

  17. Anonymous

    i so feel you.


  18. B.D. Bates

    Natalie you have been a inspiration to fans everywhere. You always represented the Pistons and their fan base with class. It was always about the Stones and rarely about the opposition being a bunch of jerks like most blogs tend to be (except for the hilarious Cavs retirement pics). Keep up the good work and you better reserve the “Need4KG.com” domain just in case.


    p.s. Shamless plug, it’s baseball season, and the Tigers are on top of the league. Check out my http://www.tigerdroppings.blogspot.com

  19. Sean'o

    Natlie, although I am not a diehard fan for the Pistons, I don’t watch them as much in the season, due to schooling. But this year I plan to. But I am a all Detroit fan. Love, the Wings, The Tigers, The Pistons, and yes even the Lions. And I just want to say, I am sorry. But I do feel a similar pain to yours.

    But I will say this, Even though the Pistons lost, we made big marks in this series. Two good examples, Prince block Lebron James, let alone that we beat Lebron James and had ESPN to shut up about him, and we ended the “We are all Witnesses” Commercials, (Those were made for a waste). And even though we lost to “…” Ben did do the impossible and block Shaq. And Hunter, did gank the ball from Wade, twice. So even though we didn’t win, we put a mark in this years history.

    And about Wade, he is probaly the coolest one on “…” He never said anything bad about Detroit Pistons. So come on he isn’t that “bad” of a person.

    And why they lost, who knows guys. It may be just as simple as “They were tired” You guys have to remember they played a 7 game series against the Cavs, while “…” had like a 5 day rest.

  20. Nate

    Let’s hope the finals get crappy viewer ratings :). It felt like I was chewing aluminum foil as I watched the Pistons crumble in game 6.

    This team rocks though, whether they win it or not. They were the reason I started watching NBA ball again…The NBA was nothing but an ego sport, which it still mostly is. During the Cavs series, LeBron was on commercials galore, demanding the ball and chewing out teammates for not getting it, getting credit on an offensive possession in which he didn’t even touch the ball, and the list goes on… That’s the part of the NBA I can’t stand, the glorification of superstars, hence why I love these pistons. They’re all about team ball. The Heat are dwayne and Shaq. The Cavs are Lebron. The Bucks are Redd. The Pistons are the Pistons. The Palace is always more excited when we’re on D than when we have possession. How many other arena’s can boast that?!?

    In the Bucks series, Greg Anthony stated on ESPN that the only way these Pistons can lose is if they beat themselves. That’s exactly what happened (and no, I’m not being sour that we got beat by Miami). Yes Miami played well, but c’mon, there’s no way in Hell they could play with Detroit if we wouldn’t of had a postseason fallout. So get ready for next season Piston fans, for in the words of Sheed—> “Trust me. We’ll be ready.”

    I feel better now.

  21. Anonymous

    Some lil’ corrections:

    “Don’t worry pistons fans the Heat beat the pistons for nothing because they will NOT beat the Dallas Mavericks in the championship”

    Correction: Not for nothing, my dear, sir. They beat the pistons for the Eastern Conference Championship.

    “hence why I love these pistons. They’re all about team ball. The Heat are dwayne and Shaq.”

    “Yes Miami played well, but c’mon, there’s no way in Hell they could play with Detroit if we wouldn’t of had a postseason fallout.”

    Correction: Shaq and Wade were barely factors in the home game 1 for the pistons, yet the pistons still lost. Wade, again, was barely a factor in the vital game 6…Jason Williams, meanwhile, shot 10-12. Similarly, in the other games, Haslem and Walker were big factors. Of course, Shaq and Wade are leading scoreres. I am not denying that. But there are other teams that play team ball all the while having these “superstars” such as the Miami Heat or the Dallas Mavs. Of course, NEITHER team is truly evenly distributed as the pistons (who are REALLY remakable), they do play team ball (though it seems miami has learned it only recently…say late in the second half of the regular season).

    -Now stop belittling the achievements of other teams and note that Miami Heat played better (offensively and defensively), and Pistons shot 30-40% in most of the games, which you can’t really blame on anyone but them. A heat fan could very well argue that the game 5 that the Pistons won by playing their trademark D was actually handed to them on a silver platter by Miami shooting 30% on the free throw line. Otherwise, Miami would have easily won that one…getting the point? You can always argue stuff. But no point belittling the other team that one has gotten beat by.

    If anyone is actually following miami’s path…here’s the low-down.

    In the first half of the regular season (based on games won & games lost):
    pistons > Miami
    In the second half:
    Pistons = Miami (yes, exactly equal)
    In the playoffs:
    Miami struggles a little with Chicago. Then sweeps of the Nets (5-1) by winning two straight road games against a team many were expecting to beat them and cause a upset…and now this thing with the pistons…they are on the verge of constant improvement, and that left no room for errors for the Pistons…and there lies the problem. Cause Rasheed Wallace pretty much disappeared after the 6th game in the cavs series, and the rest of the team shot (30-40%). Pistons were coming off of a 7 game series with cavs…tiredness/fatigue. The two games that Miami did lose to the pistons…well one of them was by 2 points on the road (although on a controversial 17 point comeback in 2 minutes) and the other by shooting 30% from the free throw line on the road…Give’m credit…

    Accepting the truth will truly allow you to move on…

  22. Nate

    In response to the Miami Fan….

    True, Miami’s role players did step up for 2 games…But believe me, if we were playing like we were during the season, we would of beat the Heat. I think even you know that. Heck, your last 3 statements showed that the Pistons beat themselves, with no regards given to Miami’s D. Hmmmm. Sheed and Chauncey stuggled, so much as to antoine and williams not having to worry about defense too much.

    Besides, I got the Ben Wallace shot block on Shaq saved on my PC for years of enjoyment…that block alone was worth a series loss. I also got the video of him crying foul afterwards in an interview, then insulting the interviewer out of frustation. Congrats though Miami fan, you beat a good team! Best of luck against Dallas (I can’t stand Mark Cuban).

  23. Anonymous

    The TRUTH is that the Pistons beat themselves. Miami played well, but the Piston’s unbelievably poor shooting percentage did them in. It was out of character for them and we haven’t seen them shoot this poorly in three years. They had wide open shots, they just wouldn’t go down.

  24. Anonymous

    i so agree with you natalie…i did not watch anything either…..i still love the pistons and will be rooting harder than ever next year. i think what will make you feel better, is to watch the 2004 finals…..

    and for all of the rasheed haters…..he will be back next year better than every.

  25. Anonymous

    natalie I believe you have done a great job this season of keeping us all updated and informed and having faith in the pistons.and i hope you keeping doing the same thing next season.when they WILL win the “ship”

  26. Anonymous

    I know there was prior debate about what might change with the team. Dumars has stated that he intends on keeping the starting five and Antonio McDyess. Ben is the only question. With his upcoming free agent status, both sides will need to work out a deal to their benefit. It sounds like they intend to make that compromise though. Ben will be back, he doesn’t want to leave Detroit.

    Hunter may retire…I am bummed about that. I hope if he does, he stays on in some capacity with the team or NBA. I would miss his charming personality.

    So to all those anticipating a breakup of the “Best 5 (6) Alive”, too bad. The Pistons will be back!!!

    Link to the article is:

  27. Anonymous

    Can someone tell me why Rasheed is so good? I’ve just recently started watching NBA again and I’m wondering why Sheed is so valuable. He certainly didn’t do his job against Miami but that’s another story. Anyways, someone fill me in on what I’m missing.

  28. Anonymous

    2004 PISTONS=2006 MAVERICKS! They remind me a lot of each other, Young, hungry,quick, play top notch Defense and want to put a halt to shaq winning another championship!

  29. Anonymous

    Piston fans we have to root for a former piston JERRY STACKHOUSE, it’s only fair! LET’S GO MAVERICKS!


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