Down But Not Out

by | Jun 3, 2006 | 39 comments

I am sure most of you Pistons fans feel the same way that I do today. We are upset and angry and wonder what happened to our beloved Pistons that dominated the regular season. Things are going to change and most of us realize that. It’s a reality just like life is, things change people change and we all adapt.

I have read all of your comments and hear what everyone’s saying, I will write a more in depth post about your feelings and opinions along with adding a poll so we fans can vote on what we think will happen or what’s best for our team.

For all the malicious people that have left comments just to belittle me, the Pistons, and their fans, don’t bother they are not getting published. Someone is going to inform your first grade teachers that you should have been held back in kindergarten.

Don’t worry I will be around to give you all the Pistons news, and anything else that I think you might like. I also am going to be helping out with the Killer Crossover podcast when co host Ryan McNeill is on vacation, so remember to check for that. I am sure we will talk about the draft and I still have a few interesting videos that I never did post so we will have something to do this summer. Maybe even a few surprises, who knows!

Even though we have to wait until November for our Pistons to play again, maybe we can have a little fun until then. In my house there is always a Need4Sheed, I hope there is one in yours.

Thanks to everyone who made Need4Sheed so much fun to do.


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  1. themicrowave

    Thanks for a great season Natalie!

  2. Anonymous

    yeah natalie its been real fun on this site during this amazing run we put up.. just fell a lil short again.. but I shall not fret because I love this teams chances I know we can do it.. Just need to make a few adjustments.. just hoping its not with the starting 5 or ill have to cry :( haha


  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, Natalie, you have about the best site I’ve seen this year. Even when things went south, you were still positive. I have need4sheed as my homepage now. Ha. I’ll be waiting for your new posts this summer. I hope the starting 5 stays together. We cant lose Ben!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Anonymous

    i hope all the guys stay, I KNOW THEY WILL IMPROVE!

  5. Anonymous

    i only recently stumbled upon your website when the playoffs started but i’ve really enjoyed reading it and i find myself checking everyday to see if you’ve updated. as for the pistons, i dont see how they failed so badly in their postseason and completely contrasted to how they played in the regular season. i guess not having larry brown yelling at them to play defense during the playoffs couldve played a major factor.

  6. Junior

    Thank you so much for what you have done this year. For me you are a huge part of the pistons as I checked your site everyday. I will continue to check it daily knowing you won’t let me down like our fellas did. It almost felt as if they were kinda glad the season was over. Very sad time for all of us. Your knowledge of basketball was seen in your work and I think that impressed me the most. Have a good summer. GO TIGS!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Down AND Out.

  8. SammeeLicious

    Your site is great! I’ll definitely still be here in the off-season!

  9. BIG Poppa RYE

    Natalie much props for you!
    hope you’ll continue this..
    GO Pistons!
    cant wait till november!

  10. aRChPoPoY

    Amen to that Natalie! Thanks hosting a “Haven” for Pistons fans. You definitely eat, sleep and breathe Deetroit Basketballlll!

    Yep, we’ll be back next season fo sho!!! With or without Ben (or even Sheed?? but then need4sheed wouldnt be the Piston’s house now would it? hehe) I give my 100% full trust to Joe D!!!

    Deeetroit Basketballlllllllllllllllll

  11. Jennifer

    This is going to be a long few months without the Pistons. At least we will still have your site to keep us updated with what’s going on. Your site is awesome, and I can’t wait for you to post videos in the summer. I’m curious to see what changes will be made, and if Ben and Rasheed will both stay or if one of them will have to go. I really wish we could keep the starting 5, but we definitely have to work on our bench.

  12. ducler (french fan)

    Come Back Next Year !
    I’m sure Joe Dumars will make good adjustments to win the title next year. Ben and Tay have to re-sign at Detroit, and Joe have to modify the bench a little…
    Detroit will stay alive ! Pistons TEAMWORK pays off !
    GO PISTONS for ever ;)

  13. Anonymous

    thanks for the site. i came here everyday to see what you had to say on the games and stuff.
    no worries.

  14. Amit (Israel)

    Great post Natalie
    It’ll be great if you could post some news about the draft and such.
    Hope to read here again next season!

  15. ALMEI

    I have truly enjoyed your site. Been a long time Detroit fan–Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings, etc., although I have never actually lived in Michigan. Ironically I grew up in Miami during the 60s and early 70s but haven’t been back since then. The only Miami team I root for is the Dolphins. Living in Louisiana now. I looked forward throughout the season to seeing what you had posted and your comments. That–and the great job the Pistons did throughout the season helped make it a fun 7 months. I teach high school and used the Piston team the past 3 years about how teamwork, not individual stars, help make winners. I, like just about everyone else don’t know what exactly happened–especially beginning on that 4th Cleveland game–but, hey, that’s sports. The year the Pistons won and made the finals, they didn’t have the best record. And this year, both them and the Spurs won’t be repeating–despite their records. Thank you Natalie for bringing me a bit of Detroit fun in Natchitoches, LA.

  16. KKranks

    Great job Natalie, I had fun reading your stuff. I just have one question. what are you going to do if Sheed gets traded, are you going to change the site?

    Thanks for the Good Times. :)

  17. Natalie

    Thanks for all the comments and support. I truly appreciate and read every single one of them.

    As for the question what would I do if Sheed got traded? I will cross that bridge if and when it comes either way, … I will always have a Need4Sheed no matter where he is.

  18. Anonymous

    There is no way sheed will be traded… If sheed is traded the detroit pistons basketball is out the window… They know why sheed has been playing horrible… you’ can’t blame someone who keeps turning his ankle while playing… its not his fault… once you twist ur ankle, it will always tweek until you get enough time to rest that ankle and let it heal and work on it.. sheed didn’t get that kind of a rest… he only had one day of rest after teh cav’s series adn then played miami… He wont be traded, neither will be wallace… What going to happen is we will fix everything we lack and move around some bench into the line-up… maybe we should change our starting 5 sometimes… that way teams wont predict our moves easily. I love this site, and i’ve been posting here all day long i spend hours here reading peoples comments etc… Love it, and will always keep in contact.


  19. Anonymous

    Please don’t stop this thing I get home from High School everyday and immediatly get on this sight.

  20. Ree

    i was talking to a couple of fellow Windsor pistons fan and i have a strong feeling that Chauncey wont be back next season as well i’m iffy about Sheed returning.
    i’m gonna miss them this summer, it ended all to soon for me.

  21. Anonymous

    Natalie, I’m glad I found your site about halfway thru the season. It’s been fun, insightful and emotional. The past 24 hours have been incredible, regardless. I don’t think our 5 will be broken up. Staff needs to go to work on the bench but it has so much talent sitting on it, there should be no problem. We all need to have faith in our guys and know that there’s always another season. I only hope the Mavs tear up the heat. I was afraid we’d have to face them since I felt they’d take the West since early on this season. November will be here before we know it and it will all begin with a fresh start. GO PISTONS!!!! DEEEETROIT BASKETBALLLLL FOREVER!

  22. Anonymous

    These Pistons will be the most reconized TEAM ever in NBA history, They lived out a cinderella fantasy in 2004 when everyone counted them out and they beat the overrated lakers w/kobe/shaq! NO TEAM IS UNIQUE AS THE PISTONS!…THE PISTONS CARVED AND PUT A EXPLOSIVE CHARGE IN EVERYONE’S HEAD WHO WATCHES/FOLLOWS BASKETBALL/NBA. EVERYONE WILL ALWAYS ANS STILL REMEBER THE “BAD BOYZ” FOR YEARS TO COME! THANK YOU PISTONS FOR A GREAT RUN! REMEBER THE PISTONS!

  23. Dee

    Thanks Nat. I’ll be visiting this site to help me get through the long boring off season. Many props to you and the site.

  24. Anonymous

    My friend is a Miami Heat and kind of a Detroit Pistons fan and she said like b4 Game 6 that if the Pistons loose then they won’t have as many fans!! Which that is totally not TRUE!! lol well im really upset that the Pistons lost but nexxt season they’re gonna kick some reall A$$!!

  25. Anonymous

    Thanks 4 this wonderfull page ,I have check it every day 4 new information. Good and funny
    It has been a good season 4 the PISTONS, sadly be cound´t reach the Finals. But next year we will get it.
    The PISTONS will be know to be the best Team in the NBA because of the good connection between the team mates.
    You make me a fan of Rasheed and I thanks 4 it. I will allways be a PISTONS fan win or loss.

    But I have one more thing to say…
    see you in November
    Anubis Ak

  26. Anonymous

    Thanks 4 this wonderfull page ,I have check it every day 4 new information. Good and funny
    It has been a good season 4 the PISTONS, sadly be cound´t reach the Finals. But next year we will get it.
    The PISTONS will be know to be the best Team in the NBA because of the good connection between the team mates.
    You make me a fan of Rasheed and I thanks 4 it. I will allways be a PISTONS fan win or loss.

    But I have one more thing to say…
    see you in November
    Anubis Ak

  27. yuko

    Great post again, Nat. Thank you so much for all news, opinions, videos, wallpapers and everything you have posted. I’m a huge Pistons fan like you are, so I’m so happy to have found this website, and since then, I’ve visited here every day. I have had so much fun reading your post and I will continue to come here during off season too.

    Go Pistons!

  28. Anonymous

    I’m sad about our Pistons, but also relieved. We can point fingers all over the place, but the simple fact is that the Pistons were not Championship material during the playoffs. Look at the performance of the Dallas Mavericks tonight and realize how undeserving the Pistons were of the Finals this year.

    Injuries. Chinks in the team’s chemistry. Flip’s coaching versus Riley (and even Mike Brown). Inconsistent contributions from the bench (which I blame on inconsistent substitution patterns). These all weigh on my mind.

    It’s just sad to admit that the Pistons didn’t deserve to take the East. I love this group of guys. I love what they represent to the city. Here’s to hoping that this city is the last stop for most of them!

    Natalie: Thanks for the great blog!

  29. Anonymous

    Thanks Natalie for keeping us Pistons fans going through the good times and the bad. It was a heck of a season and is a heck of a team, disappointing ending this year, but that happens sometimes.

    On a side note, I wanted to say that I am proud of how the Pistons responded to the final loss. They both congratulated and acknowledged Miami, on the court and in the interviews after. That’s the sign of a mature veteran team who knows what it takes to be champions. You can’t say that for all the teams, or superstars, in the league. Some have REALLY proven to be poor loosers with a great deal of room to grow.

    I was also wondering how everyone thought the finals would play out now. I predict a Dallas sweep. They are just too hot right now and on top of their game. Miami has benefited from poor play on the other side of the court, while Dallas has just plain outplayed two fantastic opponents. I might be wrong, but I think Miami will go down hard and fast in this one.

  30. Anonymous

    Im thinking Miami will go down hard too.
    Today on the local news, I saw all the boys going to clean out their locker room :(
    But Rip had the cutest little pitbull puppies. He was carrying around 2 of them in a towel.
    TV is going to be so boring without The Pistons games now!

  31. PD

    Very simple: you are still one of the best in the league. Need to make changes. Keep # 3, 22, 32, 10, 24, 32, 35, and 25 FOR SURE. Can trade # 36,1,20 or 5 for a Superstar ( 1 of the 10 starters in the 06 All Star Game). Joe D knows best. Trust him. Wait till 06-07 season. Have faith. We will win.

  32. Anonymous

    Thank you so much, natalie. This site is wonderful for pistons fan as well as sheed fans. sheed is taking a lot of heat right now, but i know he was not 100% healthy. i know the pistons will be back next year. Thanks again for this site natalie.

  33. BIG Poppa RYE

    Question…would it be possible that Bill Laimbeer be the coach for the pistons next season?

  34. Anonymous

    no pistons for the whole summer, thats boring, gonna start playing NBA 2K6 and NBA Live 06 more often

  35. Anonymous

    I have complete trust in Joe Dumars to pull our team through this. I think our starters must remain in tact. I’m interested to see what Joe will do with our sitting rookies. Personally, I think Amir Johnson could be very talented in this league if he bulks up a bit and works on ball handeling. He’s 6’10 with a soft touch from anywhere on the floor(reminds me of Sheed)and could provide some scoring. Not to mention, he’s an explosive high flyer, and could add a dimension of youth to our team. Larry Brown and Joe both saw something special in him when he came in to Detroit before the nba draft. I also think the media blew the Flip Saunders ordeal out of proportion. We couldn’t make a shot. We beat ourselves..end of story. I loved how when everyone else had nothing to say to the media..Sheed said that we would kill Miami next year. Good old Sheed, always optimistic. Hopefully those championship belts don’t have too much dust on them..we’ll need to pull them out next year!

    Go Pistons

  36. Anonymous

    To the miami heat, dont mess with texas! Dallas in 6

  37. Michael



    Heat well hit reality hard when the Mavericks come to town.

  38. Anonymous

    DIRK NOWITZKI!!!!!!!!

  39. Natalie

    To the KID who keep leaving all the negative comments, nobody will ever see them so you can just stop. They won’t get published.

    If you can’t make a comment without swearing, degrading people or acting like your 12 then there is no place for you here. Go to a Dwayne Wade website and bestow your love upon him there.

    If not just keep wasting your time!


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