God If You’re Listening….. Part 2

by | Jun 2, 2006 | 15 comments

You could hear it Wednesday night in the Palace, in the bars, in the homes. A collective awakening from the Piston nation, they’re back! The Bad Boys we know are back. A couple million voices together, “We Believe.”

A Battle Won, A War to Come

THE BLOCK did more then raise a few eyebrows in Detroit. It sent a message to the beach: We’re coming and we’re coming hungry.
Hours away from the biggest game in this Piston era and suddenly we know…

We know…

Chauncey is going to jack up threes and break ankles.
Rasheed will grind in the post, and step off the three point line.
Tayshaun will fly back for a superhero like block.
Rip will be slashing fearless to the rim.
Ben will be a rock.

Shut them down. Break them down. Bring it back to Detroit. Bad Boys resurrected.

Win or go home. I can only see one outcome. No one in the country is likely to bet against you to close out in Detroit. Raise that hardware and slap that belt back around your waist. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but 3-2 suddenly doesn’t look so daunting a task.


A Battle Won, A War to Come. The War is tonight. Give em’ hell, make em bleed.

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Eric Brown is a freelance writer born and raised in Detroit and currently living in Los Angeles, working in drama development at a major studio. He can be reached at e4seven@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous

    Inspirational!! I am beginning to cry!! Go Pistons!!

  2. Anonymous

    I love your posts! They do make me believe more! GO PISTONS!

  3. SammeeLicious

    I believe!!!

  4. yuko

    Great post, Nat. I am a firm believer that the Pistons will win this series!

  5. Drake

    To THE GAME…..

    How is that a DieHard Pistons fan?? GuaranSheeding a pistons Loss… no place for that stuff here. And I don’t think they wrote that in an OPPOSITE WAY. BOGUS PISTONS FANS Don’t go to that website.

    We Love our NEED4SHEED!!

  6. Anonymous

    I belive too!!!! By the way theres news going around that D Wade got the flu… I don’t want to sound harsh (or maybe I do !) but I hope he play as bad as the New York Knicks!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Plus theres news going on that poor D Wade caught the flu!!! (Guess my praying Help!!!) I don’t mean to sound harsh (or maybe I do )but I hope he’ll have to be carried off on a strecther once we get done with him!

  8. Ree

    hey Natalie,

    thats awesome!!!

    but umm it’s game 6 not game 4 like u have up there. unless u did that on purpose then its all good.

    uggh game getting close.

    !!!!!!!! OG SNOTSIP

  9. Anonymous

    Freakin’ Riley and Heat put that crap out there. My gambler friends tell me that heavy money started pouring in on Miami last night and then Riley confirms this crap today.

    I hope Riley did the DOUBLE Whammy on the Heat today by trying to pull a Michael Jordan with the flu scoring 43 points in a playoff game. Coach Riley, Wade ain’t no Michael Jordan and you have never coached Michael Jordan. I hope you just JINXED the crap out of your team by pulling this crap, you jelly hair troll.

  10. Anonymous

    I post this comment at the halftime break.

    Detroit is mostly settling for outside shots and not making them. With the exception of a handful of plays, they are avoiding the drive. Their defense is lacking, but their offense is what’s killing them. Miami, on the other hand, is playing solid defense and offense.

    Come on Detroit. Drive the dang ball. When you drive, you at least get the foul 4 out of 5 times. Stop the dang three point attempts, you are not making them!!!, and worse, you are not getting rebounds.

    Step up or step out of Miami’s way. This is embarrasing. You are better than this. Get motivated, get angry, play Pistons basketball.

    If you don’t step it up, I will be congratulating the flopping flounder and the 350lb gorrilla on a win tonight. Gosh, I really, REALLY, don’t want to do that.

    Right now, I think you are going to loose and loose it bad. Please prove me wrong. If not, congratulations Miami Heat. You finally got over the hurdle we call our Pistons.



  11. Anonymous

    Nice post, but even the Flu can’t stop Wade and the Heat.

    By the way, do the Pistons that the object of the game is to put the ball INSIDE of the hoop?


  12. Anonymous

    WHAT!!!????? WE LOST!!???

    Damn you, Wade
    Damn you, Shaq
    Damn you, Jason Williams!!!!!!
    (sobs) NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (runs off crying)
    -Pistons fan from C-town

  13. Anonymous

    Grats to Miami. You played a good game and a good series. I am heartbroken to see the Pistons out, but you clearly deserved that one.

    We’ll be back though, and it will not be as easy the next time 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    I dont blame you, I basically cried myself to sleep! But I know our boys will be back next year.


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