The Opposite Can Be Exhausting

by | Jun 1, 2006 | 14 comments

As most of you know I am using The Opposite Strategy also know as The Costanza Theory, to do my part to get the Pistons some must needed playoff wins. Here was yesterday’s rundown.

I didn’t play my customary game of computer solitaire until I get a win. Instead I played go fish with regular cards until I lost.

I changed my computer wallpaper on all my computers from my Need 4 Sheed Pistons wallpapers to The Detroit Tigers wallpapers.

I took a totally different route to The Palace.

I did not put my very large magnetic Pistons logo on my car when driving to The Palace.

I didn’t listen to 80’s Pistons theme song The Final Countdown when entering the Palace parking lot. Instead I put my XM Satellite Radio to the 40’s station and listened to something much different.

I entered the parking lot from a different entrance, parked on the opposite side of the arena and walked in a different door.

I did not wear any Pistons gear to the game. I did wear a shirt and a pair of shoes I purchased last time I was in Miami.

I didn’t drink my customary beverage, instead I drank a bottle of “Pistons” water.

I walked to my seats from the wrong section, choosing to walk through aisles of seats to get to where I needed to be.

I sat during the Palace player introductions as much as it pained me.

I used my thundersticks, something that I don’t usually do because I get a little carried away with them and always end up hitting the man that sits in front of me on the side of the head.

I got up at halftime to use the restroom even though I knew I would have to wait in a huge line, just to wash my hands.

Instead of holding my breath during crucial moments of the game I took quick fast short breaths. I call this the hyperventilate tactic.

I watched the last minute of the game from the concession stands instead of from my seat.

I took a totally different route home from The Palace.

Yes I think I’m nuts, but if it works what can I do but keep on doing it. The opposite seems to be working on the Pistons end of it too. The least likely candidate to dominate these playoffs is not Chauncey, Rip or Sheed but The Palace KING.

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  1. Anonymous

    I too was employing the opposite strategy yesterday.
    -Instead of predicting my normal Pistons vicotry, I predicted a Heat victory.
    -Instead of wearing my customary Rip jersey, I opted for my Lou Whitker jersey, accompanied by my red headband.
    -Instead of not drinking during the game, I drank.
    -I changed my computer wallpaper from your fantastic “Pistons Unity” to a regular black screen.

    Also, after the game, I removed my outfit, including undies, and set them aside until Friday. I told my wife NOT to wash them, as I plan to wear them on Friday. I can’t go to the games, but I feel like a gotta try something. So good! Go Pistons!

  2. Anonymous

    Keep it up!

  3. amber blackshear


  4. Anonymous

    was that “whats impossible?” video before the player introductions new? i totally loved it and i wouldnt mind seeing it up on this website!

  5. SammeeLicious

    Can u do it all again tomorrow? LOL…clearly u wont be able to do the palace stuff, but who cares if its all superstition! it might work! LOL 🙂

  6. Natalie

    “was that “whats impossible?” video before the player introductions new? i totally loved it and i wouldnt mind seeing it up on this website!”

    I thought that myself, but they didn’t show it on TV so probably no way of getting it.

  7. Big Al

    Great post! Please, please, please continue with the “Costanza / Opposite” strategy, it sure seems to be working.

  8. Anonymous

    Not to get you confused or anything Natalie or should i say Eilatan but if you do the opposite strategy next game wouldnt that be the opposite of how the pistons are playing now? we are playing good now if you do the opposite strategy so the pistons play opposite wouldnt that put them back in the same spot they were in the begining before you started the opposite strategy? or does it just stay opposite of them being bad which would make them play like they did last night for game 6 all I know is its my turn to bring out the necklace its game 6 backs to the wall.. : )

  9. Kyle

    i thought i was crazy when i laughed outloud at the bit about the thundersticks, but i showed it to some friends and they agree. A decent comedic piece…

  10. Natalie

    Don’t confuse me, I am totally sticking to the Opposite thing, when I went to game one and did the usual and had my Sheed jersey on we lost.

    I think I have to stick to the opposite strategy the rest of the way. I have contemplated this for quite some time and have had long discussions about it. I believe I am doing the right thing. If not I will probably burn in hell.

    !!! OG SNOTSIP

  11. ...

    oooooooooh, sheeeeeeeeeeeeed….
    needs to show up

  12. Mrs. Hamilton

    Probably a dumb question but…do you have season tickets (Natalie)?

  13. Anonymous

    Here is mine…

    I took off pistons from my comp wallpaper… and instead put miami heats lol… and pistons won! so I thought that was a good move…

  14. Chauncey

    Keep doing all the opposite junk if it works cuz the pistons need a win in miami on friday!!!!


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