God If You’re Listening….

by | May 30, 2006 | 23 comments

Please don’t let us lose to the dreaded Miami Heat. You know that premonition I had before the series started, the one about us going down 3-1… I remember it well. 5am, woke up in a sweat… Did you really implant such a dream in me, a loyal pistons fan since before I could walk? I told everyone, the feeling I had before this series started… the unease, the sick feeling. I knew it was a sign of things to come.

The fact that the Pistons have turned into the product of our usual dominance = a bickering,

finger pointing bunch is more than a shock… It’s a travesty. Where was the Guaransheed for game 4, where was the passion? In one short week, the media has gone from Motown bandwagon to the journeyman for hire bandwagon of South Beach… It’s sickening. But…. But I say, there is a remedy. Yes! A remedy!

And here it is: The 5 keys to turning this series around and accomplishing the improbable.

1. Don’t whine, just play. Take notice: REFS IN THE NBA SUCK. They do every year, every series, and every playoff. They miss calls, they are inconsistent, and it seems there is an agenda… SO… SO WHAT!? Play harder. LeBron, Shaq, and DWade are going to get every single call there is to get – what’s the answer? Instead of taking pull up shots from the perimeter, drive the lane and get to the line…. which brings me to my next point.

2. MAKE A FREE-THROW. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw Mr. Big Shot miss 2 FT’s in the first half of game 4. Am I crazy or did we used to be one of the best FT shooting teams in the league?

3. KNOCK DWADE ON HIS ASS. Let him fly through the lane and

he’ll put you on a poster. Flip Saunders please invite Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn to practice and have them lecture to these Pistons about protecting the lane. It shouldn’t come to that but what happened to hard nose ball. Take a Technical foul BEN! TAKE A FLAGRANT FOUL! It’s worth it if it will make AIR WADE think twice.

4. Don’t play timid. The Pistons that win are the Pistons that run. Where is the fast break? When did we become an isolation basketball team?

finally, and most importantly….

5. PLAY DEFENSE. Where is the pride? The 2 time Defensive player of the year has been clowned up and down the court, granted, he is playing against a 350lb gorrilla named Shaquile – but where is the help? Someone step up.

Rasheed Step up… get in the post and get dirty.
Tayshaun Step up… use your length on defense and stretch the court.
Rip Step up… Elbow DWade and the Glove in the face and come off a screen hard.
Ben Step up… Make a free throw and show us what defense is all about.
Chauncey Step up… You’re the team leader and the true heart of the Piston nation, you’re capable of putting up 30+ pts every night. Where is the heart?

Whether or not the Pistons win or lose this series there are going to be some serious shakeups in Motown. We have been exposed and it isn’t because of our exiled coach, or a superstar kid from Marquette, or a monster named Shaquille. We all know this team can beat Miami when they are at their best, we know it. WE KNOW IT

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It’s simple really, down 3-1 because of we’ve lost HEART… and how do you find the strength to come back from the brink when nothing seems to work.

You play ANGRY. You play like the BAD BOYS you are. You knock ’em to the ground early, and show us blood… Because all a heart needs to live is blood. If you don’t believe me, ask the Red Wings – when was the last time they bled?

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Eric Brown is a freelance writer born and raised in Detroit and currently living in Los Angeles, working in drama development at a major studio. He can be reached at e4seven@yahoo.com


  1. Marshelle

    I agree with you 100% of what our team need to do to win. This is very touching it brings back 2004 memories.I still believe the pistons can win. FO’SHO! They need to come back together and dont worry about the TWO superstars the heat got because we have the FANTASTIC 5!

  2. Anonymous

    Pistons need to wear there red jerseys! Pistons NEVER LOST in the RED JERSEYS!

  3. Anonymous


  4. BIG Poppa RYE

    DETROIT PISTONS: Win or lose, its the team that I choose!

  5. Anonymous

    WEll SAID !!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Stick a fork in the Pistons. They’re done!

  7. Brett

    Does anyone remember Leon the Barber? The crazy ass fan back in the bad boy days. I say everyone that goes to game five tonight, give the heat hell. Remember the Bulls–Pistons series back in 89?? The elbow to pippens head. I say we play rough, dirty, I dont care, lets just come out with a win. “Welcome to the Palace.”

  8. Jennifer

    Great post, couldn’t have said it better. I STILL BELIEVE!!!! Pistons, we know you still believe too. Don’t let a stunning season end like this. This is what you worked for all year. Now GO PLAY BALL LIKE Y’ALL DID ALL YEAR!
    I think I should have a little talk with God before the game…just to make sure he’s listening to the dedicated Pistons fans. ;o)

  9. Anonymous

    Let’s go Pistons!
    I still have faith

  10. Anonymous

    Natalie, I’m thinking you should coach tonight ;). And yes, a flagrant foul on DUHwayne, would be more than worth it. Go Pistons.


  11. Anonymous

    FUCK YEAH. you have just said what every detroit pistons fan has been thinking this whole season. when you started talking about heart and the bad boys and blood. i swear tears came to my eyes. you have just given me the strength to believe that we CAN WIN. and we WILL WIN. for some odd reason the pistons like pressure, and they have gotten then they love best. is there anymore pressure in the NBA world?

  12. Anonymous

    Here’s what we do:

    We injure Shaq and Wade ASAP. With them out of the way, make GP and Haslem take really awkward 3’s, and give Lindsey Hunter a lot of minutes.

  13. Anonymous

    Great post. This one gets me fired up for tonight. We can win this. And if we don’t, this is still my team. “The Best Five Alive!”.

    Pistons – Play hard. You are the stronger team, you are the smarter team, you are the better team. When overconfidence impacts motivation, it can be bad. Get motivated, get angry, play rough, play DETROIT BASKETBALL.

    You know Wade’s gonna get the call, he always does. Why let him go to the line when he brushes up against you, make him pay for it.

    Drive to the hoop. If you are going to get the BS offensive foul, make it worthwhile. Make ’em feel it. Knock ’em on butts.

    Give us the game we want tonight!!!

  14. Anonymous

    To the numbnut who said stick a fork in the pistons their done. You will be sticking that fork up your ass, if the pistons win tonight!

  15. Anonymous


    Eat that, pathetic Heat Fans!!!!!
    -Pistons fan from C-town

  16. Anonymous

    Nat, we need 2 more Reverse jinxes from you. Has worked so far.

    Anyone saw that nasty block Big Ben put on Fatso, now that’s Detroit Basketball.

    Now we just need Sheed to find his offensive touch again…

  17. Michael

    Which they Did. The Pistons played Pistons basketball. Shoot Ben wallace was 2/4 from the Line, You cant lose if he is going to shoot 50%. They played as a team tonite. Made final 8 free throws to seal the deal. And I love the move Flip made up by 6 with about 2:30 mins left he took off ben to take away the Hack-a-Ben. Great Move by a coach I was starting to doubt.

    Pressure is all on the Heat to win game 6. Becuase everyone knows they dont want to come back to the Palace for a Game 7.

    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    Now that was DETROIT BASKETBALL!!!

    God was listening, and so were the Pistons.

    1.) Not much whining (and there were BS calls like usual).

    2.) Free thows went down nicely.

    3.) DW wasn’t knocked down, but he was pretty well shut out. The 350 pound gorilla, on the other hand, was owned by the four time defensive player of the year.

    4.) We won the fast break competition.

    5.) Defense was beyond solid.

    Miami wanted to celebrate at the Palace, like the Piston’s did on their court last year. Too bad. The way I see it now, Miami has one more chance. If they don’t win game 6, they sure the heck won’t win game 7 at the Palace.

    Backs against the wall, Detroit comes through again.

    Miami – be afraid, be VERY afraid!


  19. BIG Poppa RYE

    You know why they are called the Miami heat? thats because..they ain’t cool! =p

  20. Anonymous

    someone mentiond early about injuring shaq…I’ve been saying that since last year.We should have used darko to kick in his legs.Not like he was doing us much good.
    he could of taken one for the team cuz i’m sure after shaq fell to the ground with his knees beat in he still would of man handle darko but atleast his fat over oger self couldn’t play and use his elbow on ben and knock out his teeth while ben sits and wait for the ref to call a foul……
    but what ever just some shaq frustration but it’s now 3-2 lets Go get that 2004 style of play that we killed the heat with and destroy their hearts of the heat and their crap fans…in their own home so we can bring it back and put the axe in shaq’s back and watch him and wade cry all over eachother….

  21. Anonymous

    how come tayshaun isnt in that picture?

  22. Anonymous

    Really elbow dwade … flagrant fouls.. wtf ?
    OH well what I was about to say is look at Rip in the last picture where he’s grabbing his nuts LOL

  23. indaba

    You go pistion. Much love. Chaucey you are so sexy. Can’t win them all. Still my #!TEAM.


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