Get Pumped, The Pistons Can Do This!

by | May 30, 2006 | 15 comments

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The Pistons are in a bad way, down 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals. They can pull this out, it’s happened before and it can happen again. I could bitch and moan about what is wrong and why we are down but I am going to use my negative energy and turn it into positive thinking. I have already pumped myself up for tomorrow’s game and the rest of the series. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and get ready for a dogfight.

True Pistons fans need to do what they have to, and everyone else needs to get off the Bandwagon.

If you need further inspiration here is a widescreen video of The Pistons Pre Game Introductions. Put on your colors, put on your game face, turn up the volume and get ready for gametime. GO PISTONS!


  1. Anonymous

    Pistons are yet again the underdogs. but like sheed always says ” we wouldn’t want it any other way”


  2. Anonymous

    Natalie, honestly… I love you! haha… I was searching for this introduction… I even went to the main pages to dl it… but it would only let me stream it… Thank god… i’m burn it to a cd as an audio and bump it lol my only source of motivation now…!

    appreciate it once again thank yOU!!!!!!!!!



  3. Anonymous

    True that, let’s turn this thing around!

  4. Anonymous

    Natalie, you don’t have to answer my question but how old are you, and do you live in michigan? I was wondering cause you sound hot!!! Especially cause your a women that made up this website.It turns me on baby!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you. With all of the negativity lately it’s nice to think positive. I consider myself a real Pistons fan therefore I’m not giving up!

    And I love that Palace intro…it’s so motivating. It gives me chills!

    I loooove me some Pistons!

  6. Anonymous

    D-E-T-R-O-I-T B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L

    Let’s show ’em what the “Best Five Alive” can do at the Palace!!!

  7. Anonymous

    LOL! Give me a break. Face facts. Your love, Sheed, has been a total bum these playoffs. It’s over. I’m a fan, too, but you can’t be ridiculous.

  8. RJ$

    its not over till someone gets four games… im amped for tomorrow (and also simultaneously terrified… i dont know how players deal with this kinda pressure)

  9. Anonymous

    totally agree with you here… I think a come back by the pistons need to be sparked by our fans tomorrow… let’s show our support. A comeback is not all that far-fetched if you think about it.

  10. Anonymous

    like I said when you guys were playing the cavs, your road ends in Miami.

  11. Anonymous

    Four words…


  12. Anonymous

    WOW!! Loved the video! It looked so easy for them…where are they now? The Pistons should watch this video and I wish they could wear their red uniforms again.


  13. Anonymous

    Any fans that have been to the playoffs this year I’m sure have noticed that the Palace is just not as loud as it should be. I would love to see The Piston fans going crazy tonight. There should not be a quiet moment in that place except for halftime. The Pistons need their fans, I mean it is really hard to play poorly when you have 500,000 fans cheering you on the whole time. Lets Go Pistons and Lets go Fans! Pistons will get it done tonight they just need to start playing with some heart.

  14. Anonymous

    If anyone has been to the Palace these Playoffs I’m sure you have noticed that the crowd is not as loud as it should be. I would love to go to the game tonight and see the fans going crazy. there should not be a quiet moment in the Palace except for halftime. Piston fans need to show Detroit why we are the best fans in the NBA.The fans can’t make the Pistons play better but it is pretty hard to play poorly when 500,000 fans are cheering you on and giving the Pistons a little extra boost. So Fans show some pride and lets cheer our Pistons on to a victory. LETS GO PISTONS! LETS GO PISTON FANS! lets play some good basketball and get it done tonight!


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