New Tayshaun Prince Wallpaper

by | May 27, 2006 | 8 comments

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New Tayshaun Price Desktop Wallpaper located in the Wallpapers section. Available in widescreen and starndard resolutions.


  1. Liv

    Hey, Natalie! I’ve been checking out your site for awhile, and I don’t think I’ve ever commented on what an awesome job you do – the Freep and Cold Pizza beat me to it! lol

    I don’t know if you saw it yet, or had blogged about it, but posted a video for the making of Rip’s Boost Mobile commerical. Just a heads up. 🙂

    Keep up the great work, and let’s hope the Pistons are fired up and ready to lock down tonight!

  2. Big_Ben

    Nat you should make one of Tayshaun wearing the crown, that would be funny.

  3. Anonymous

    Great wallpaper…good to see Tay getting some spotlight…he certainly deserves it!

  4. Anonymous

    yea would also be nice to see ben work on his fuckin free throws. i dont care what excuse you all have about his dislocating wrist or whatever… its costing us games. if he cant make them he cant play.

  5. Anonymous

    Tonight’s game was disappointing. Got pretty excited when the Piston’s brought it down to a one point difference in the fourth quarter, but that didn’t last for long. Interesting how we have now seen that near fourth quarter comeback in each of the three games.

    I didn’t like the hack-a-Shaq, and I think that earned the retalitory hack-a-Ben. Bad move. Shaq is a poor free throw shooter, but nowhere near as bad as Ben.

    The sense of urgency wasn’t there by the Piston’s either (again). It seemed like they didn’t care if they lost this one, and obviously were not too worried or upset about it at the end. That’s the Piston’s though. They play their best ball when they are at the disadvantage, or in a win-or-go-home game seven. I expect them to come back and take game four.

    Calls seemed a little lopsided again too. Interesting how the refs miss a clear foul on one side of the court only to call a questionable one on the other side right after. Seems Wade has earned the right to get an auto-foul call whenever he drives. That’s not what lost the game for the Pistons, but it contributed.

    Like the Tay wallpaper too 🙂 He has done a great job in the playoffs.


  6. duha

    hey plp plz check out my page and hope we go to the finals 3 years in a roo

  7. Welcome2thaD

    ok maybe someone outta my fellow piston fans can xplain this….

    but why don’t the pistons run the ball..and not give miami any time to setup their defense????

    u kno shaq, antoine, payton, alonzo n these guys can’t keep up with our guys if we were to attack the basket in transition….Miami generally hasn t played good transition defense…and we have the guys like rip, chauncey, and tayshaun to run the ball….

    we keep walkign th eball up the court and that gives shaq’s ass tiem to sit in th emiddle n not let us drive to the basket….I would atleast like the pistons try it for once….if it doesnt work…we can go back to wut we’r already doing…..

    I wish Flip would jus once for like 5 minutes run the phoenix type of offense and see how the heat reacts…..that is what got them in trouble in game 1 against Nets…b/c nets like to push the ball and when nets srtd playin half-court (which they r horrible at) they lost…..

    We cant live n die by the jump shots…..(in my opinion)

    Go Pistons!!!

    Pistons in 7

  8. Anonymous

    If pistons lose game 4, the NBA is fixed! We all seen what happened in game 2. Someone is paying the refs a lot of $$$ to favor calls towards one team! Can you say “SELL OUT”!


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