Uphill Battle – Pistons 86 Heat 91

by | May 23, 2006 | 20 comments

Where is the offense? You can’t win games shooting as poorly as the Pistons have been lately. Tonight the Pistons shot 37% from the floor and their shot selection was horrible. It’s not coming from one player either, it seems everyone has been bitten by the bug. I would give you numbers but honestly I don’t think you want to see them.

When Shaq and Wade were on the bench in foul trouble the Pistons should have taken advantage, but they didn’t. There was no urgency in the way they played tonight, and it’s been hard to come by at all during this playoff run. The Pistons can’t win this series against a well rested Miami team that seems to be in sync with each other.

Somethings wrong, no excuses.

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  1. Anonymous

    Something tells me this is gonna be a long series..

  2. Anonymous

    I say… Give our boys a break… I didn’t expect them to come any harder then they did today… You normally don’t see the opposite team players running by hamilton that freely… You know our boys are tired… there is no question about that… they had a tough series and almost had lost the series with all the surprises the cav’s brought upon us… Our boys will win game 2… no doubt about that… They actually walked most of this game and played as if they are trying to rest more which is very common thing to do… I’ve done it in long games… and I save energy for another game to bring the best in us… game 2 pistons will win by a long shot… that is not a guranteee nor a prediction that is the heart of a champion… don’t under-estimate it….

    Our boys are pretty rested for game 2… lets do this!!! Show some love!


  3. Anonymous

    It was a disappointing game. It seemed they brought their defense, they just couldn’t score. I wasn’t because of great defense on the other end either, the Pistons just couldn’t shoot last night.

    They sometimes need a reality check. Something to let them know that everything is not going to be smooth sailing. They need someone to put their backs against the wall before they snap into it and play Detroit Basketball. Well, the Heat are going to do that. Let’s hope the Pistons bounce back like history has shown.

    This is the first season they are not considered the underdogs. I think that’s got to their heads. Maybe they need to be those underdogs to come out on top, so they put themselves in that position, like last series.

    This one is far from over. Let’s hope this loss puts them back on track.


  4. Leelanau Sports Guy

    That was a troubling game 1. I thought they would show some effects from the 7 game series, but I didn’t think they would play this pooly ON BOTH ENDS of the floor.

    It’s only game 2, but it’s a MUST WIN!

  5. Anonymous

    I agree with exception to their shot selection. They had a ton of easy looks at the basket from 8 to 12 feet that they just missed time and time again. We should have continued to take advantage of the foul trouble driving to the boards. if you cant make a bucket then you have to get layups, dunks and freethrows. we just dont look like the team we were all year long. i dont know what is going on.

  6. Ree

    i was thinking the same thing. something is very wrong, and it’s been wrong since the begining of the second round (games 1 and 2 included). you think there is some thing in the locker room? are they not getting along?

  7. G.J. Tozzi Jr.

    Hey Natalie, you should leave a post on how the wine and cheese crowd has taken over at the Palace. I was there last night and these people are the worst fans ever. I thought I could hear snoring during some parts of the game. Since when did the Palace become a country club/retirement community.

    I went to the conference finals in ’03 and ’05. In ’03 I saw some of the craziest and loudest fans I had ever seen. ’05 was not nearly as good, but the crowd last night was not only a dissapoinment, it was shameful. Terry Foster even mentioned in a recent article how the fans were at their best in ’04; the type of crowd that now goes to the games are the “wine and cheese” crowd. If that’s how the Piston’s fans are going to cheer their team then homecourt advantage for the Pistons is not secured because the Palace, at times, is a neutral court. Detroit Pistons should not only be dissappointed with these people, but these people who don’t cheer at games and look like they are dying of boredom should be ashamed of themselves for being a waste-of-space at the Palace.

  8. Robbie

    I agree 100 percent about the fans, I made a thread about this on the forums earlier in the cavs series. Its pathetic. Im glad other people are starting to notice this 🙁

  9. Anonymous

    Its sad when you can compare bush ratings to the detroit pistons shot percentage..


  10. Pasty

    Regarding what g.j. tozzi jr. said,
    I saw a bit of the wine and cheese crowd phenomenon at the Q during our second round series vs. your Pistons. Pretty much after the Witness shirts got dished out in round 1 game 1 it became a cultural event to show up, basketball fandom be damned. The only answer as I saw it was to scream my freaking head off to make up for at least one loafer seated quietly nearby.

    If you’re going to the game and you can speak normally the next day then you’re NOT doing your job as a fan. Try to get something going a la round 2 game 7, not round 2 game 5 – that was the weak sauce.

    Get everybody in your sections up and loud because you gotta beat the Heat!

  11. Anonymous

    The reason youre seeing quiet crowds compared to 03 and 04 is the sharp rise in ticket prices. The Palace has always been a wine and cheese crowd, even during the teal days. It got rowdy in there in 03 and 04 because along with the team gettng better, ticket prices were very reasonable, thus allowing younger fans to buy tickets and create the atmosphere we have come to know and love. I had tickets to the 04 ECF and Finals on the sideline in the upper deck (the purple sections if you look at a seating chart). Back then tickets were $60 and $75 respectively. This year those same seats are $105 and $135. At those prices, a wine and cheese is inevitable. Youre just not gonna get the loud rowdy fans in their teens and 20’s to shell out that kind of dough night in and night out.

  12. Natalie

    g.j. tozzi jr.

    I agree with you that the crowd isn’t as loud as it has been in past years. I also would like to say that game 5 of the Cavs series was disgraceful as far as the fans were concerned. I am at plenty of games during the year and the crowd has been fantastic. Sure the wine and cheese crowd is in the house during the playoffs, that’s probably because ticket prices get higher after each round.

    I sat in seats that hold a $135 dollar face value during the regular season. Yesterday the face value of the ticket was $280. Not many hardcore fans can afford those kinds of prices in the later rounds.

    I personally thought the crowd did all they could do for the Pistons. How do you get 20 thousand people to cheer while the Pistons are down by 10 and shooting 37%. If you figure that out I think you should notify the Palace.

  13. Anonymous

    anyone think something happened in the locker room? we’re not playin together

  14. Anonymous

    The Pistons were shooting more like 29% overall! If they shot at least 50% they would have won the game by at least 20 points, so i would be worried if i were miami!

  15. Anonymous


    I agree with you 100%… the problem is this… In 2004 our team weren’t the champions they were underdogs… and these wine and cheese fans the rich and famous fans… didn’t really care because no one expected us to win… So we had all the craziest mofo’s going to the game and screaming off the top of their lungs “GO PISTONS GO”… now that our team is not the underdog, and people believe that this team is too good blah balh… these wine and cheese fans show up to steal our moments, and say “we were there… we witnessed”… I think there should be a rule to giving out tickets at the palace… if you are too old to scream off the top of your lungs, then you can’t purchase a ticket, if you are too young to scream off the top of your lungs then you can’t purchase a ticket… and if you don’t come into the game dressed up with some pistons badges on you or at least some head gears… some sort of gear that shows that you are down! if you dont have it then dont come dont purchase… kick them all out! haha… too bad the fuccin palace only cares about selling tickets…

    You “wine and cheese” fans are an embarassment… do yourselves a favor pick up a gun… cock the hammer back… put it to your head and shoot yourself! a disgrace…


  16. Anonymous

    so you’re telling me that the reason the pistons are losing are because of these
    ‘whine and cheese’ fans we have..


  17. Anonymous

    Rasheed is playing like a pussy.

    That’s the problem.

  18. Pasty

    You can’t link a win or a loss directly to fans – ever. But look at it this way, you can’t say that a police officer definitely would have prevented a guy from getting murdered if he were on duty instead of eating donuts, but it’s his job to hit the streets and make an effort. The fans have to do their part if they expect their players to do theirs.

  19. Anonymous

    this has got to be one of the most ridiculous quotes I’ve ever seen.

    “The Pistons were shooting more like 29% overall! If they shot at least 50% they would have won the game by at least 20 points, so i would be worried if i were miami! “

    Of course you can say if they made more baskets you would have won, but the fact is, you missed them and lost. As a Miami fan, I am not the least bit scared.

  20. Anonymous

    “To the Miami fan, pistons were up 20 points in game 2 in the 3rd quarter, because they shot 52%! You got owned!!!”

    – um…go look at the end result of that game. Pistons, in the end, barely won despite HOME COURT.


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