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by | May 22, 2006 | 15 comments

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Sunday the Pistons moved on to face Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals. Pistons fans know that the team they watched lose three games to the Cavs weren’t The Pistons we have come to watch all season. I am not going to go into production numbers but needless to say Mr. Big Shot, Rip, Sheed and Ben didn’t have the best series, not even coming close to their regular season numbers. And don’t get me started on turnovers and the free throw shooting.

What I do want to point out is that Tayshaun Prince was this series MVP, if it wasn’t for Tayshaun’s production during this series against the Cavs, the Pistons would never have moved on. Not only did Tayshaun help lockdown LeBron, but he put up numbers every night. And I didn’t realize that he played every minute of game 5 and 6 and all but 57 seconds of game 7. Thanks for stepping up Tay.

  • Game 1 – 32:07 Minutes 3 Rebounds 2 Assists 24 Points
  • Game 2 – 43:23 Minutes 3 Rebounds 4 Assists 20 Points
  • Game 3 – 41:53 Minutes 4 Rebounds 4 Assists 10 Points
  • Game 4 – 42:15 Minutes 5 Rebounds 1 Assists 16 Points
  • Game 5 – 48:00 Minutes 8 Rebounds 2 Assists 21 Points
  • Game 6 – 48:00 Minutes 8 Rebounds 3 Assists 15 Points
  • Game 1 – 47:03 Minutes 9 Rebounds 2 Assists 20 Points

Totals 302:06 Minutes 40 Rebounds 18 Assists 126 Points

Here is a clip of some post game interviews with Tayshaun, Ben, Rip, Chauncey and Flip.

Right click and save of click to watch. Video courtesy of Channel 7 Detroit.


  1. JD

    Clever pictures are not going to help against the Heat.

  2. Anonymous

    Tayshaun owns.

    The Miami heat blow on ice, so do you JD.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m just happy that this series is over so I can stop hearing how old Lebron James is repeated ad nauseum day in and day out “…blah blah 21 years old…” and “…blah blah for only 21 ..blah”

    Who cares? He got pwned, end of story.


  4. Anonymous

    my friends and i are having a little debate…does anyone know how many technical fouls rasheed has in the playoffs so far??
    WHY didn’t Tay make the all star team again?

  5. Anonymous

    Sheed and rip were both injured, playing on there injuries and they still beat the cavs!

  6. Anonymous

    We can take out Dwayne next!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Re: Sheed’s technicals

    I’m pretty sure he has 2 in the playoffs. I believe that gives him 5 more before a one-game suspension.

  8. nick

    We’ve beat the Heat before. We can beat them again. 1 guy can’t be 5…and 2 guys can’t beat 5.

  9. Natalie

    Sheed Has 3 two from the first round and 1 from the second.

    He gets 7 before a suspension happens.

  10. KillYoColo

    Chauncey is the key in this series. Williams and paytons can’t match up. I see Billups avg 20.ppg

  11. Anonymous

    finally lebron and the boyz could go take a shave. i was getting real tired of it. by the way someone needs to tell the so called “king james” to stop eating his nails.

  12. Anonymous

    im so pissed off.. i stood in line today to try and get those $16 tickets and I didnt get any!!!!

  13. Anonymous

    I love rasheed!! we can BEAT THE HEAT!!!

  14. Jennifer

    Definitely like the pic. I’m so glad it’s over too. I’m sick and tired of hearing about how great LeBron is, and I absolutely can’t stand the ESPN commentators. Talk about favoring a player. LeBron this, King James that…whatever! Hopefully they will stop airing the Nike Witness commercials now! We were all witnesses to a blowout Game 7!!

  15. Sheeds Tech. fouls person

    ha, so i was right!


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