The Opposite

by | May 19, 2006 | 25 comments

The Pistons are now the underdogs in this series, who would have believed it. Sometimes I think they like the pressure. They have been in this same place before and come away with the series. Either way this is a must win game and we all know it. As I have said before these are not the Pistons I have watched for 82 games. I believe the real Pistons will show for today’s game.

I know we all have our superstitions and rituals that we do on Piston game days, I myself have a few of my own. Well those things just haven’t worked the last three games. But I have a plan, let’s do everything the opposite.

I am taking my theory from the classic Seinfeld episode where George decides to do the opposite of everything he usually does to change his luck from bad to good, and it works. He gets a new job, an apartment and a girlfriend.

Now the Pistons and the coaching staff have to do their part too. but I’m trying the opposite just in case. It worked for George so it might work for me.

I am a Believer

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  1. Big Al

    “My name is George, I’m unemployed, and I live with my parents”

    I hope your scheme works as well for us Piston fans as it did for George…

  2. Anonymous

    I’m new to the site, so could you explain the subtleties of how rooting for the Pistons is the opposite of what you usually do?
    If you really wanted to delve into the opposite, you should start rooting for my Wine & Gold.
    I myself took this approach yesterday by putting your lovely Guaransheed wallpaper on my desktop at work, so any reverse engineering of fate you manage will only counteract my work.
    Go Cavs Go!

  3. The Cavalier

    Was there a game today?

    I guess I haven’t been paying attention.

    Hey – nice sidebar!

  4. Anonymous

    Pistons are 2-1 favorites in the series according to Las Vegas bookmakers

  5. Anonymous

    i believe we can do it. i honestly just think it’s a matter of the boys getting their game together and bringing it home! go pistons.

  6. the sports dude

    I sure hope they win, I am not ready to see Ben and his afro fishing with Sir Charles!

  7. Anonymous

    The Pistons will win these games I know they can. And I will prove my Cavs-fan brother wrong once again!!!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    I know if we get our sh*t together and get back to playing piston basketball (that is, making the extra pass – not playing 1 on 1 isolations, and running our offense carefully and effectively), we’ll roll over the cavs.

    as far as on the defensive end we need to get ben and rasheed to give some weak side help like they used to, if lebron gets to the whole swat his sh*t or knock him to the floor, dude can’t shoot free throws for a damn. we also gotta stop leavin donyell marshall wide open for threes cuz he never misses when hes open and hes the only perimeter cav we gotta worry about, he’s been killin us tho.

    also we gotta start usin our BENCH. people wonder why the cavs bench is killin us, it’s because ours aint gettin no PT. flip and them have this mentality that whenever it’s a close game we should have nothing but starters in the game, but in reality the starters get tired and the bench is more capable of providing a spark for us to go on a run (see: dice in the 4th quarter of game 5). tony delk is instant offense and should be brought into the 2nd quarter of every game, if lindsey catches fire he don’t miss, i ain’t seen delfino since game 1, wtf?

    (damn I should be coaching the stones)

    the team i’ve seen the last 3 and a quarter games sure as hell ain’t the pistons. a lot of the blame should go on flip for the reasons i mentioned above, but the pistons been shooting like sh*t too which makes the cavs look 60x better than they are. fact is though, we’ve got 4 all stars, tayshaun prince who’s led us in scoring a few times these playoffs, and mcdyess whos playin like an all star off the bench.. we got no business losing to a 1 man team. if ANYONE can come back from a 3-2 deficit it’s us, so let’s DO IT


  9. SammeeLicious

    I believe!! 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Let’s go Pistons!

  11. Anonymous

    This is great…You are resorting to Seinfeld reruns just to try to figure out how to get your beloved Pistons a win. Who would have thought that Deeeee-troit basketball would ever get so low? Tonight…Cleveland will be lit up like Vegas, and the world will know that the greatest basketball player in the universe resides in C-town. Later.

  12. Hanny

    i have full faith in this team. these are their favorite situations — winning when the whole world thinks they’re out.
    c’mon we beat the lakers, ain’t no way in hell we’re letting LEBRON beat us!

  13. Anonymous

    WE WON!!!!!
    WE WON!!!!!!
    WE WON!!!!!!!!!

    Detroit vs. Miami
    San Antonio vs. Phoenix


    I proved my brother wrong!!!!!!!!

    I’m literally doing cartwheels and flips now!!!!!!!!!

  14. Leslie O.

    Oh, man. The Cavs are gonna rue using the Big Ben dongs and The Final Countdown against us when they hear the Palace on Sunday. 😀

  15. Anonymous

    its not over yet man game 7 dont go back to the over confident ways im very superstitious at this point lol I brought out my Pistons necklace that i wore last year against spurs when we lost i considered it cursed from then on .. i decided that its time to break that curse so i brought it rubbed it everytime it went to commercial and everytime they came back we were scoring i was happy lol

  16. Anonymous

    There is a God!!!
    Pistons lives on to fight another day and I hope you Detroit fans go out there and let the Fake King and those nasty refs hear “LET the players play” without those stupid lopsided whistles.

    Go Pistons!!!

  17. Anonymous

    good to see all you cavs fans have gone back into hiding under your shells

  18. Anonymous

    Bill-ups and Rasheed if you guys have time and are reading this… please please tell the pistons to pass the ball around and open up the floor and pass like the 2005 pistons… create space, give each other oppurtunity, no more individual show down… play like that team we are… PASS PASS and dunk pass pass and threeeeee…. thats what were known for! come on now… Billups do another conference, players conference, it helped out game six, might help out game 7..

    much love!

  19. Pasty

    Just because Sheed said it doesn’t necessarily make it so. By that I mean quit crying about the whistles. The Pistons have gotten more whistles than us in every game, even the ones we won. If you’re gonna be champions quit bitching and man up in game 7.
    I can’t stand listening to Sheed complain about fouls when the guy guarding him, my boy AV, gets fouled out 2 games in a row. You got the calls, we missed the rebounds, you tied it up.
    The best team always wins a seven game series, so good luck Pistons fans, because we have the best player and you’re gonna have to step up to contend with THAT.

  20. Kelsea [aka MISS rip]

    i think it’s REALLY funny that the Cavs fans get up on here and talk shit, but they won’t even leave their names? you know what, KEEP being scared. we like it like that.

  21. nick

    I honestly don’t know what the hell is wrong with the Pistons. We creamed them in Game and 2. We’ve beat them every time in regular season except once on their floor. We are without a doubt, capable of beating the Cavs. Don’t keep relying on the three, take it to the hole I say. Turn the defense level from medium to high as well. Let’s win game 7! We’ve won every game 7 in the last few years except SA in the finals last year. Go Pistons!

  22. Jack

    Pistons D came up huge in that 2nd half.

  23. Anonymous

    I really hope the Pistons can come up with 2 wins. I beleive!! My brother keeps calling like every second and rubs it in my face and when the pistons win this series, man am i gonna rub it like heck. Well, see ya!

  24. Anonymous

    I BELIIEVE THAT WE CAN STIILL WIIN THE SERIIES, if it is any team to come bak from a 3-2 deficit it is the Piistons!!!!!!!! WE STILLL BELIIEVE!!!!! LETS GO OUT THERE TOMMOROWW AND KIICK THE CAVS BUTT ALL THE WAY TO GAME 7….and then we wiill wiin and send them home cryiing!!!!!! DETROOIITTTT BASKETBALL!!!!!!!

  25. Anonymous

    pistons lost it…not because of chauncey, not sheed, not tay, not rip, not c-web, not dice, not max, they lost because i feel they didnt have faith. I know the pistons could have easily won Game 6. They don’t have the heart or compassion they used to have. I hope McDyess and Billups return and WE WILL WIN NEXT YEAR SO CAVS,SPURS,SUNS,NETS,ANYONE, BE READY!!!


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