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Just a little note for now, It’s all tied up and we are coming home to the Palace. The opposite worked!!!! Let’s put this one away Sunday!

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  1. Detroit4Life

    I just want to know where all the Cavs fans are now. Talking all kinds of @#$% here after every win! What’s up now Pistons in 7, Witness that!

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe they arent true cav fans.. they only come out and talk trash when they are winning..

  3. KKranks

    I just want to get this series over with, and hope we can get over this slump.

  4. Anonymous

    The only things im gunna be witnessing any time soon are the pistons making it to the conference finals AGAIN and the cavs getting a nice big can of whoop ass to be delivered on sunday

  5. Casually Me

    Great series. Great teams. Bad refs.

  6. Chakde Fateh!

    Hey now don’t be to harsh on the cleveland fans, I am A Piston Fan (SHEED fan to be exactly). They just preparing Ffor hibernation in the summer, they will be out when lebron starts team practice in October…. blah blah blah……. DETroits going to win………………………………

  7. Anonymous

    good to see the cavs fans have gone into hiding once again…see ya guys next year (if you’re lucky)

  8. Anonymous

    Bad refs is right. I am a witness to game seven. Im so sick of the annoucers riding lebrons jock, everything he does is LEGENDARY.. well not this year. I know I was on my knees in front of my tv during the last minutes and I tell you I felt great when we got those last rebounds, when billups was holding the ball waiting for the foul. priceless

  9. Anonymous

    Hey guys!!! lets not trash talk about the Cav’s like Rasheed did and then get a slap to our face… Keep the trash talking after game 7… because I believe sometimes Karma is a b@iotch haha… Again… I’m that BLOW OUT guy… Game 7 is a definite BLOW OUT… Pistons will dominate the game… Like billups said, we need to play like we did the last 18 minutes of friday’s game… and if we do that we wont have any problems… Indeed, i been watching playoffs for a long time now since the The rockets won their championship 94 & 95 and jordan had quit to baseball… I’ve realized that teams that come out hot with offense and defense the last quarter of the game will remain hot especially in a home game… game 7 will end all this trash talking between C-town and D-town…

    I give Cleveland a lot of props, they have played great, i also want to thank them for slapping the pistons around for a good ass whopping… they needed it big time… I thank them again… because we are too fuccin cocky and too fuccin confident and now we are again underdogs haha and they always play better as under-dogs… without the cockyness… even rasheed stopped talkin shit he wouldn’t even say any gurantee’s thank god… his gurantee’s have become a curse with the cavs… aright…

    Go pistons…

    Rasheed Wallace has done a lot for people in detroit and portland… and he’s a generous person, a caring person… He’s a loving father and his wife… I believe her name is “fatima” not too positive but she’s been supporting him with every move he makes…

    You guys pray for a piston win… I’ll Pray to Allah to shine another day for the PISTONS and believe in Deeeeetroittttttttttt basketbaaaaaaaaal…

    much love!

  10. Dubai_Sheed

    Rasheed scored 24 Rip had 17 we want more defevce and more activitie from the bench McDayess, Delk, Evan and i like also to see Dilfeno playing some time.

    Miami we are comming….

  11. Anonymous

    they were just having fun while it lasted they knew it wouldnt be too long.

  12. Anonymous

    they were just trying to have fun while it lasted they knew it wouldnt too long.

  13. Pasty

    Dear Pistons fans,
    Where de we, the collective Cavs fans go between the end of game 6 and 3:53am when you were all commenting on our conspicuous absence? I was driving home from the game and my first instinct when getting back home after midnight isn’t to log on to a Pistons blog and get abused. That’s my first instinct for the next morning, so here I am!

    Don’t be talking all that junk about us gloating at you and all that nonsense. One team made guarantees about victories, and that team is STILL facing elimination at the hands of the single best player in the league.

    Nice game, you evened up the series. You EVENED UP the series. No win, no loss – yet.
    You want trash? Yeah, the Pistons are money when their backs are against the wall. But have you seen LeBron James, the Chosen 1, when HIS back is against the wall? Have you witnessed the greatest player of our generation play when he is facing elimination in the playoffs? No one has.

    Prepare yourselves!

  14. Anonymous

    HA HA!!!!!!!
    My Pistons have done it again!!!!!

    I look forward to a Pistons-Suns or Pistons-Spurs Finals!!!!!!!

    Praise the lord and bring on the Suns or Spurs!!!!!!!!

    (BTW I’m the only person in Cleveland celebrating right now, GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!)

  15. Anonymous

    if bigben can find his rythm on the boards and on the defense… game 7 will be a blowout.

  16. Anonymous

    go pistons!

  17. G.J. Tozzi Jr.

    Hey look! No Cavs fans leaving comments. Hmm… Looks like they they have more important things to do. But come on we all know we are WITNESSING the greatest bandwagonners of all time. When Cavs win they have a comment to leave and when they don’t… well let’s just say that they hide under the covers… nuff’ said.

  18. Anonymous

    Has anyone noticed how the Pistons only lose when Ben Wallace braids his hair?? It’s true! I think the afro makes him look taller and intimidates the opposing players. I sure hope he lets his afro free tomorrow!

  19. Anonymous

    he will no worries : )

  20. Pasty

    I understand that some of you are living in bizarro world as you said in your comments, but in what version of this universe are the Pistons the underdogs going into a game 7 at home?

    And will someone PLEASE tally up the foul totals for both teams for this series so the “Pistons got cheated by the refs” posts stop?

    Read my words: ball don’t lie – and the stones sure missed a lot of freebies down the stretch, so keep talking that nonsense and I’ll stay grounded in reality so you don’t have to.

    Keep the faith Cleveland!

  21. Stephen

    First of all we aren’t the underdogs anymore, game 7 at the Palace… Right now that’s money.

    Second, why do you feel the need to come to a Pistons website and post here. Why don’t you find yourself a good LeBron Blog and go to town.

    Piston Got This!

  22. Pasty

    Read the other comments (and my name) before replying to mine, por favor. I genuinely like the site. Natalie’s doing a bang up job making these Pistons look good.

    Why do I post here? Because I love the company! Anyway, your buddies dared Cavs fans to speak up after a loss and I obliged.

    Folks on this site seem to be literate and sane, which is a HELLUVA lot more than I can say for those Wizznutzz. It’s hard finding quality people to disagree with on the internet!


  23. Stephen


    You make a good point. As long as your not here to bash you are all right by me.
    It’s just the terrible Cavs fans that have been here lately have left a sour taste in my mouth. Sorry to lump you in with them.

    Go PISOTNS!!!!

  24. nick

    Some of you Cavs fans crack me up. I don’t hate the Cavs or Lebron. In fact, I think Lebron is one heck of a player. However, we are too experienced and talented to allow he alone to walk all over us. If he weren’t on their team, this would have been a sweep.


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