Cavaliers Take Series Lead 3-2

by | May 17, 2006 | 48 comments

I have a few thoughts about the past three games the Pistons have played. First off I give the Cavs a lot of credit, they played with passion, they played with hustle and they played to win. With that said I need to get some thing off my chest.

Who are these players that have donned Pistons jerseys the last few games? They surely aren’t the team that I have watched dominate the NBA all season long. Where is the fire, the passion the championship swagger? Where is the defense? Where is the unity?
I’m calling you out.

Where are you boys?

Why have you strayed from your winning ways at the most important time of your season? The Cavs are playing with confidence, the confidence you gave them by thinking you could just roll over them after game one and two. I let game three go giving one to the Cavs, but you were supposed to come with the fire for game four and you didn’t. I surely didn’t see it tonight. You should have won tonight. You lost at the Palace. You know what you have to do now! So do it!

I have every confidence in you boys, as long as the Pistons I know and love show up for game six and seven. Play like you want it, play like you need it, play together, play DEEETROIT BASKETBALL!

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  1. Anonymous

    I thought you guys played a lot better tonight but I have a question…..where you at? As soon as you went up 2-0 everyone was bringing out the brooms and all of a sudden the Cavs are up 3-2. Shame shame…. The Pistons better bring their game to Cleveland on Friday or all that talk means nothing.

  2. Anonymous

    i love the pistons… but this isnt the team ive watched all season… wow… i seriously cried after tonite… is it over??

  3. Anonymous

    As a pistons fan, I think the cavs will win the series cause of the poor calls by the refs!. They are favoring lebron james, its so obvious, just look at the wizards series, the wizards should have won that series. I counted 5 times that lebron james traveled the ball in game 5 and the refs never called it. I’m really starting to think the NBA might be fixed with its Biased calls toward one player. If the pistons lose this series. The NBA IS FIXED! The pistons have played well in game 4 and 5,they just had some poor officiated games! Ohio still don’t have shit on Michigan! Michigan still has more overall wins in football against ohio state 37-22. The Detoit lions have the last say when it came to the championship in 1957 to beat the clevlend browns. That was the last meeting between the 2! Where is Ohio at in hockey???NHL?? redwings have 10 stanley cups, the most for an American team! Plus the cavs never won an NBA championship and NEVER will! The cavs will for sure lose to the Miami heat in the eastern conference finals.

  4. Anonymous

    That’s beautiful Natalie. I agree 100%. Lets go Pistons.

  5. KKranks

    im not really that worried… I dont know why but something is telling me their going to win game 6 and kill them in game 7… But im really surprized that we are not wining the close games like we do, probebly something to do with the head coach?

  6. Natalie

    I didn’t want to say it but I truly think that Flip is the Biggest problem we have!

  7. Anonymous

    Flip did this same shit with the Timberwolves… There not looking the same now.. I hate to say it but i Miss LB and his experience in calling GOOD PLAYS out of timeouts to put our boys in good situations to make baskets. I just hope Mcdyess’s play in the 4th will some how light a fire under these guys and pull a game out in Clev… Get it done boys..


  8. Anonymous

    ok everyone, cleveland is a good basketball team lets just all give them that, BUT, are we all forgetting that the pistons won game 7 IN miami last year just to get to the finals? there is no reason for anyone to think that this series is over. everything is gonna be alright

  9. Keith

    LMAO!!! Great post “anonymous #3”. Crying about the refs and some NBA conspiracy is proof that you believe you will lose on Friday. You were all so cocky a week ago. What happened??

  10. Anonymous

    Keith and those of you laughing on this page, and for those of you making excuses about the PISTONS losing…

    All of you STFU…

    The truth to the matter is, pistons are getting a reality check and this is good and i love it… It will wake them up and make them realize not to get too ahead of themselves and not to relax on defense and rely only on offense… This is good, pistons will win the series ofcourse no doubt about it… They will win game 6 by a blow out, they will win game 7 by a blow out… and face Miami… Pistons trailing by 1 to cleveland is just a reality check for them it is to prepare them for MIAMI to keep them awake and to look over some of the mistakes they’ve been making… so expect a good game six and seven…


  11. RJ$

    backs against the wall… chauncy said it best: we cant think about game 7.

    this series is NOT over.

  12. RJ$

    backs against the wall… chauncy said it best: we cant think about game 7.

    this series is NOT over.

  13. Anonymous

    hmm…I don’t know about the blowouts in games 6 & 7, but I do agree this is a good kick in the ass for the team. If anything, this will do more good than harm since it seems the team thinks its living on Cloud 9. BTW…whats up with Sheed’s ankle? Charles brought it up during the postgame. Now there’s something to worry about…

  14. Anonymous

    hmm…I don’t know about the blowouts in games 6 & 7, but I do agree this is a good kick in the ass for the team. If anything, this will do more good than harm since it seems the team thinks its living on Cloud 9. BTW…whats up with Sheed’s ankle? Charles brought it up during the postgame. Now there’s something to worry about…

  15. Hanny


  16. Nj0023

    Alot of what there doing has to all fall back on the coach, he is the main guy that is going to be held responsible if detroit loses this round, This would def. be one of the biggest upsets of all time if detroit can’t come through in this series. I thonk you can finally say detroit fans are worried, and questioning the fact if they can even win it this year.

  17. Nj0023

    Alot of what there doing has to all fall back on the coach, he is the main guy that is going to be held responsible if detroit loses this round, This would def. be one of the biggest upsets of all time if detroit can’t come through in this series. I thonk you can finally say detroit fans are worried, and questioning the fact if they can even win it this year.

  18. Anonymous

    i have a few things to say im a die heart pistons fan but last night they pissed me off everybody the coaching staff and the players the starting 5 Ben wallace can’t knock freethrows in a game but can do it in practice rip was trying to force everything rasheed as much as i like him he needs to shut up and play and stop telling everybody were going to win the series tay trying to be over agressive and mr big shot takes to long getting involved what the hell is going on flip need to have more control on there shot selection and play the damn bench where is tony delk try delfino evans is really not showing up and i hate to say it but u have 2 give the cavs credit there kicking our ass pistons in game 6 need to stop bitching about the refs and jus play we need a coach like LARRY that will be firm and not be so easy on them when they lost last night i fell to the floor if we lose this series this will be the biggest choke job in d town history period

  19. Anonymous

    the fix is NOT it. LeBron is killing us. you know that the leauge would LOVE Lebron vs. Dwayne. we are flat out not playing pistons basketball. the cavs deserve to win this series. it pains me to say that, but that is how i feel.
    we must play 2 perfect games in order to win. PERFECT. we know that the pistons are capable, but is is possible?
    Flip is NOT the problem, he’s not turning the ball over, he’s not missing wide open looks and free throws. my only thing with Flip is that I would like to see him get mad!!! show a little fire flip!!! your team needs you…

  20. 4Hoffmans

    First off Natalie you hve read our minds. Exactly as you said, they are not playing like the piston boys we know and love. Some of you are right, this is a reality check for them. They needed it and now its done. On to the blow outs that are to be game 6 and 7. I have faith on the guys and believe that they can now light the fire and do a belated gaureensheed. The Cavs were given there chances and there season will be coming to an end Sunday. Maybe the guys just wanteed to give them a chance or something, thats over. The refs are indeed not exactly calling all the plays correctly as we see them, but the guys now can step and watch for what the refs are doing and AVOID it! This not an excuse for the not as good as usual way that the pistons have been playing but simply a fact as we see it. As for the LB fan, he obviously didn’t want us and we don’t need him. Regular season record ring a bell? The pistons have been and will be just fine without him. This series and the entire playoffs aren’t over until the trophy is back on Detroit where it belongs!!!!!!!!!

  21. The Cavalier

    The mistake they’re making is that they think they can win by virtue of showing up, though. Chauncey was saying the same garbage after the game last night.

    Did nobody notice that the Pistons made a run at CLE in the third and were denied?

    You guys need to realize you’re playing a basketball tema that’s not intimidated by your words or your regular season dominance. Sorry, but the refs aren’t making the Cavs play aggressive defense. The refs aren’t hitting Drew Gooden cutting to the basket at the right moment, and the refs aren’t missing Ben Wallace’s free throws.

  22. yuko

    Pistons can be down but never out. I still belive they will win this series. But like Natalie said, Flip seems like a big problem.

    Three losses in a row would not have happened if he had been making good adjustment against Cavs. Like some people said, if that were Larry Brown, we would have won this series in game 5 because LB knows how to adjust the team strategy.

    One more thing I want to say is, jump shooting team can’t win playoffs and we all know that.

    It’s time for Pistons to show some spirits. Don’t let refs bother you because that’s something you can’t control. Play defense, make less turnovers, go grab rebound and loose ball. I believe they will come back to Palace for Game7 and win it.

  23. Just Shu

    I place the blame squarely on Flip. Where was ‘Sheed in the final few minutes of the game? Especailly on the final play. There was no need for Big Ben to be in the game. with Big Z fouled out and the weird hair guy fouled out, Flip should have put in sheed and cleared out for him to do his thing down low. Instead they left him on the bench and had Tayshaun drive into a crowded lane. Just plain dumb.

    I still believe that the Pistons will remember who they are and take games 6, 7

  24. Leelanau Sports Guy

    How is this Flip’s fault? I didn’t see him miss any free throws, throw the ball away, commit bad fouls, or quit playing good ‘D’.

    Sure it’s easy to play the coach and maybe his play calling hasn’t been the best, but come on this is a player problem.

    Perhaps if they were a little “worried” about the Cavs, they might play with more desperation. They obviously have to now.

  25. Anonymous

    I have totally given up on the pistons. I was willing to forgive games 3 and 4… but to not show up for game 5 at their house… pathetic. I refuse to watch game 6, as I have seen nothing to convince me they have a chance to win it. If I were Flip, I’d start McDyess the next game since he’s the only one that seems to want to win.

  26. Anonymous

    This is exactly what they DO : WIN when you HAVE to win. This is pistons modo: WIN FOR SURE when your down/tied. When up, relax. Gets us to the Finals but tierd. Also they are NOT and offensive minded team, can’t score baskets when really needed. ONLY rely on hot defense to generate points. I love em. GO PISTONS!

  27. TheMaskedMan

    Mcdyess finally came out of hiding in the 4th quarter and played like he knew what he was doing, but, Fip, where was Tony Delk at tonight? 92 games into the season and we still don’t have a consistent rotation off the bench yet? Come on Flip!

  28. Sandra

    Preach on! I don’t recognize these players anymore. . What happened? It’s depressing me. 🙁

  29. Lee Anne

    Well said, Natalie. I was so depressed after last night’s game, I went straight to bed. These just aren’t the Pistons I’ve been watching all through the regular season. Sure hope they show up on Friday, though. I hate to write them off, but if they don’t get their act together — stop these turnovers, wild passes, bad shooting, etc. — they’re gonna get bashed in Cleveland. I hesitate to blame Flip Saunders … I mean, do we really want Larry Brown back, with all the drama and tension he brings with him? Give Flip credit for making the offense more aggressive. They can pull it out, but they’ve got to want it.

  30. Natalie

    Everyone is making valid points, ovbiously the Pistons are in a tight spot. Have faith don’t write them off. The Pistons have spoiled us. This is the time to stand up and be faithul to are team.

  31. Anonymous

    I Still Believe We Can Pull This Out….

    You Dont Have The Best Record In The NBA To Come This Far And Lose It To A Sub Par Team….

    And If We Lose On Friday Than I Know Its Fixed Just To See Lebron And Wade Slug It Out In The Finals…

    We Gotta Pull This Out, Dont Forget Who We Are Detroit….

    We Got This, No Worries…

    -Pistons Biggest Fan…..

  32. Anonymous

    I found this on yahoo sports today. It said” Before the Pistons beat the Lakers in the 2004 finals, they fell behind New jersey 3-2–with 3 straight losses–before winning on the road and at home to advance to the conference finals. This makes me feel better. Plus the PISTONS need to WEAR their RED JERSEYS, cause they never lost a game in them. For some reason the pistons have good luck in there red jerseys, Why has noone thought of this? WEAR THE RED JERSEYS PLEASE!

  33. Anonymous

    All the cleveland fans were hiding after games 1 and 2, now all the sudden they start coming out, especially on a pistons related website like this. I find it funny when cleveland fans all the sudden doubt there own team then when they start winning they JUMP on the BANDWAGON!!! TYPICAL OHIO people!! Plus cleveland has no room to talk saying Detroit sucks when they NEVER won an NBA championship PERIOD. At least we have 3 SHIPS! 89-90-04!!!Lebron James will is a WANNA BE POSER MICHAEL JORDAN. LEBRON WANTS TO BE LIKE MIKE, BUT HE NEVER WILL. LMAO

  34. Michael

    I agree withe pretty much everyone thing people said except for placing the blame on Flip. We all know hes had his struggles in the past, but it Tell Me
    Can Flip go out on the court and shoot the ball for them……or shoot free-throws for ben wallace. No he cant. There is a time when the coach is done what he can and the big players and the team need to step up the the challenge not…..alone but as a whole.

  35. Brett

    There is plenty of blame to go around for last night’s loss. Chauncey shouldn’t have comitted that 6th foul, the Pistons need him at the end of close games. Flip didn’t do jack last night, that possession near the end where Tayshaun just dribbled down the clock before getting rejected was horrible. Why not get Rip the ball off a curl or post up McDyess who was on fire in the 4th?

    Still think the Pistons will take the series in 7, but there will be no blowouts. Cleveland has serious confidence now, and the Pistons are going to have to bring their A game with full intensity to finish them off.

  36. Anonymous

    I dunno who said or where i heard it.. i think it was from in here.. someone posted something but i agreed with it that the cavs are playing like the 2004 pistons.. they are playing with more heart then us and they want it more.. its just like how ben says he gets rebounds all the time.. “who ever wants it more is gonna get it”


  37. Anonymous

    maybe this is exactly what we need…were underdogs again and nobodys givin us a chance in game 6..just the way we like it! Plus the Cavs have been playin loose and free like theres no pressure on them and rightfully so because the pressure is all on the Pistons. But now they have a closeout game at home and are expected to win. Lets see how they handle some pressure of their own…

  38. Anonymous

    Hey Deeeeee-troit!
    Where you at now? Suddenly, the Pistons are getting their butts handed to them, and now we have to revert to the bash Cleveland because they haven’t won a championship since…or Ohio because…Oh, wait, we can’t bash Ohio because we’ve been owned by The Ohio State University the last 5 years. Well you guys can keep talking your crap all the way into the ECF. And while we’re facing the Heat maybe we’ll check in with you once in a while. See you Friday night at the Q. LeBron owns Deeeeee-troit basketball.

  39. Anonymous

    come on pistons fans! BELIEVE! Did they really have HCA last night? The palace wasn’t supportive enough! Don’t turn your back on the team now! Thank you natalie for the great post, as always =) We know our team is at their best when they put forth that drive, desire, and passion! Support the pistons and give them a reason to really WANT this championship!

  40. Anonymous

    Lebron don’t own anything! The cavs are wannabee pistons. I bet a million bucks this guy who made the comment that Lebron owns dee-troit basketball, will hide, if detroit wins the series! cavs fans act like the series is over. They haven’t got to or even won the SHIP yet, and they are already ranting. LoL I pray that Detroit brings them back to reality again in game 6.

  41. Anonymous

    Yup all the cleveland Bandwagon jumpers are starting to arrive on this blogspot, once the cavs start winning. Why are cleveland fans in here anyways? They must really be pistons fans.Watch , if the pistons win the series they will be pistons fans again*rolls eyes*

  42. 4Hoffmans

    The pistons do seem to do their best when they are down as Rip said in an interview after the game last night. I can’t wait to see them at their best tomorrow and Sunday and in the finals!

  43. Anonymous

    You Pistons fans are gonna need a whole lot more than prayer. And the best part…no ‘SHIPS yet, but they’re coming. And at the Pistons expense to. And again, LeBron owns the whole city of Deeeeee-troit. Oh, I’m watching ESPN right now and Scottie just said he’d rather have LeBron on his team than MJ. If that isn’t scary for the Pistons fans I don’t know what is. I hope you enjoyed your championship in 2004 because it’s gonna be years before you sniff another one. Oh yeah, and enjoy your regular season division title this year, cause it won’t reside in Deeeeeee-troit for a long time.

  44. Anonymous


  45. Anonymous


  46. Anonymous

    i think we need to play our game, tough defence and killing other team from out side and in side.

    we can past the Cavs but we have to play our usual game that give us the best record in the regular season.

    Detroit Pistons fan from Dubai, UAE

  47. Anonymous

    thw pistons have been getting favorable calls all year and now pistons fans are complaining about the refs.pathetic.some pistons fans are even complaining about rasheed’s injury and using it as an excuse,when they didnt have an injury all year.we were without larry hughes for 45 games and still don’t have him due to his brother’s death.he’s our second best scorer and best defender and we managed to win 50 games and go up 3-2 in this series so i dont want to hear any more excuses from piston fans.before you start blaming the nba and the refs for your team dropping in a row point some of that blame to the piston’s bench because with the exception of mcdyess they havent gotten any contributions from the reserves.and more importantly point the blame to flip saunders who is good coach in the regular season but suspect when it comes to the playoffs.He couldn’t get the timberwolves out of the first round for 4 years straight.last year i hoped the cavs would actually get flip saunders as their coach but now im happy they didnt.

  48. Anonymous

    I am a believer.
    The Pistons must, they WILL win games 6 and 7.
    We are destined to win!!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!
    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!
    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!

    Pistons fan from C-town


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