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by | May 16, 2006 | 28 comments

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It’s amazing what has happened to this little blog. Monday The Detroit Free Press ran a piece on me and A wonderful writer, Erin Chan contacted me to do a story on me and what I do. Needless to say I was honored, Erin came to my home and interviewed me at length asking a multitude of questions about Sheed and The Pistons. It was a wonderful experience, although nervous at first Erin made me feel like I was just talking “Pistons” with a friend. Thanks Erin!

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I was also lucky enough to be invited by Jamie Mottram to do AOL’s Sports Bloggers Live, which was a great experience. Jamie and the rest of the guys at Sports Bloggers Live made me feel so comfortable while I was on the show, that it was just like chatting with a bunch of friends. Jamie even featured my blog on ESPN2’s TV show Cold Pizza last week. All of this has just been so surreal it’s hard to explain.

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There is also something that I have wanted to share with all the’s loyal followers for a while now. A few months ago you all noticed that I had stopped putting up my game highlight videos, well you know now if you read the Free Press article that I received a email from the NBA asking to take down all videos, icons, logos and images. Mark Francescutti of the Free Press also did a small piece on it. Mark contacted the NBA to see what exactly they weren’t happy about so other bloggers wouldn’t have the same trouble as I did. I took down all the game play videos and responded to the NBA’s email looking to see what I could do to work something out with them so I could keep doing what I love to do here at I still haven’t received a reply so I hope that I have complied enough for them to let me continue.

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Believe it or not I started this blog for a way to distribute my customized Pistons Screensaver to my friends. It has snowballed into something quite amazing, a place where I can share my wallpapers, artwork, opinions, videos and my fondness for Sheed with fellow Pistons fans from around the world. I feel as though we have built a community of fans and friends. It has also put me in touch with new people who share the same passion for our team that I do. Thanks to everyone for making so much fun to do!

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On a separate note, I had to add comment modification to the blog. If you don’t see your comments after you post them it’s because a flood of nasty vulgar comments have come in at Need4Sheed. We love to have opposing team’s fans opinions in the comment section but once they get crude and tasteless that’s where we draw the line. If you can’t play nice don’t bother posting it.


  1. Anonymous

    Hi my name is Bryce and I have loved this website for a long time and I’m a strong Piston fan

    Check out my xanga sometime it’s mostly pistons: WendlerLad333

    And if you don’t have the time don’t worry about it

    Thank You Bye

  2. The Cavalier

    Natalie –

    Hope it’s not Cavs fans being dumb – I apologize for all of us if so. :(


  3. Natalie

    Yes Brian it was Cavs fans, but I am sure it’s a bunch of immature school kids, the comments seem to come right after school lets out! But I could be wrong.

    I love when people have passion for their team, but when death, rape and injury is involved thats taking it too far.

    No need to apologize for others actions, your always welcome here!

    Your a class act!

  4. Anonymous

    hi there,

    Love your site, it’s very entertaining, and I’m not even a Pistons fan.

    Kudos to you, keep up the good work!

  5. Jennifer

    It’s great to see you get all this recognition. You have an awesome site! The fans definitely appreciate it!

  6. Anonymous

    Congrats on all the recognition! I just found this site over the past few weeks and now I’m addicted to everything you have on here, along with many of my friends. Keep it up!


  7. Shepard

    congrats, even though i hate pistons, it’s an awesome job you’ve done so far..

  8. Anonymous

    I need to ask have u ever met a Piston in real life?

  9. Anonymous

    I love your site and Sheed too. I have even told my kids in California about this site. You see they are true Pistons fans 2
    Love your wallpaper. Keep up the good work and don’t let anyone discourage you. You go girl!

  10. Anonymous

    I found your site through the Piston’s forum and it’s great.
    I am from NYC and I whole heartedly support the Pistons because they play a “TEAM” sport and they seem to be the nicest bunch of athletes around.

    Regarding the hate from the Cavs and James supporters: this is coming from a state that helped to give us another 4 torturous years of George W. and LBJ keeps their economy alive. Now that’s pathetic.

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks right Natalie U do U! And U keep doing U!


  12. Natalie

    Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments and all the encouragement!

  13. Natalie

    As for the question have I ever met a Pistons in real life….
    No not any current ones.

    Grant hill a few times.
    Isiah Thomas when I was much younger,

  14. Anonymous

    I got one for u Natalie what if Sheed himself was to email u to meet with u about your site, how would u respond!? I already know u were to afraid to go up to him and speak with him while u were in the NY for the Quite Frankly taping! LOL! But, I’m very happy for u and all the love that’s been given to u! I jus wish the seem could happen for me! Oh well, I guess n do time! ;) Have u ever thought about putting any music at the loading up your site? U know just like when u go to and it say Detroit B-ball! or something like that! If u do, I’m your man! Jus let me know and we can take it from there ok!


    PS. I did join to the blogger and everytime i forgot my username and password. I’ve done it more then three times! Sorry! LOL!

  15. Natalie


    First off you don’t need to Join Blogger to put your name the comment. Just click other instead of anonymous and it gives you the option to put your name in and an email address or website if you like.

    Second I would meet Sheed in a split second if he wanted to meet me, I just didn’t want to bother the man. He’s got better things to do than sit and chat with me. If he was ever inclined to do so I am sure he knows how to reach me. It would be Sheedtastic.

    Third, I’m not a big fan of music on the site because I know alot of people check it while there at work, but If I ever do I will be sure to let you know. You can always email me. My email address is on the website.

  16. Wayne aka THOR

    Oh, Ok ok that’s cool! Jus was wondering! But yeah, your right! Dont want no one to loose there jobs! LOL! But be on the look out! LOL! That’s all i’m saying! U jus do u! And u do it well, I might add!


  17. joe

    Detroit Basketball!

    Cavs game 3 was a tough loss, but the Bad Boys: TNG will overcome and crush the Cavs. Great site! Keep up the good work.

  18. DetFan

    I read the article in the Free Press. I think it is ridiculous that the NBA asked you to take down clips from your web page. I think you should fight their requests. You are simply a fan who wants to enjoy the excitement of the NBA. What does it hurt by posting some clips? It’s not as if you are making money off the NBA. This is a free and fun website for fans. The NBA can be ridiculous. It’s too bad you are not friends with an owner like Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks, who would have probably told the NBA to go to HeLL about taking the clips off because it is all in fun. Other than that, I like the blog you created and wanted to tell you that I think you are doing a good job with it.

  19. Natalie

    Thanks and I am glad you like the blog. As for the NBA it’s probably because they offer their own game recaps and were not happy about mine. I understand it is their property, but like you said I am not profiting from it and I am only doing it for myself and the fans.

    You wouldn’t believe how many fans from around the world who don’t get to watch Pistons games really appreciated the videos I put up. I apologize to them for not being able to do that anymore.

    Either way I love what I do and I love the Pistons. Maybe Bill Davidson will give me a job with the Pistons… Now that would be surreal.

  20. jonathan edwards

    Nat I am soo happy that everything has been working out for you. I took a web design class in school this year, so if you need help doing anything, maybe a little flash animation, just let me know. I will be coming to Mich sometime in July and I hope to see you. Congrats on everything!


  21. roger

    Can you turn off anonymous comments? That usually makes people more civil. I, for one, come here for the cool graphix.

  22. SammeeLicious

    Good Job Natalie! I found the site a while ago, but never took the time to check it out. The other day I did and even joined the forum. I love it here! I think you’re awesome and I wish u the best of luck…

    If anyone has xanga, my blog is “squickee”…nothing exciting like this, but just thought I would share.

  23. Kay

    I just wanted to say that I dont know how I came across this site but it is the best I have seen about the Pistons. I like the opinions and the things that go on this site. I usually come to this site before and after a Pistons game just to read whats going and its keeping me fully updated. Thanks for this site and keep up the good work!!!


  24. Anonymous

    Hi Nat
    Due to the article in Monday’s paper, I visited the site for the first time and I LOVE it. The wallpaper, screensavers and even the clothes. I even emailed this blog it to all my friends who love the Pistons and they love it. Great job!!! I think I’m addicted cause I check in so much.

  25. Anonymous


    I think this is probably one of the best pistons websites around.. I first found out about this website from they had a few comments on the site so i decided to check it out around the allstar game. Ive been coming here ever since for the wallpaper and all the gangsta video’s you have on the pistons and ive told all my friends about the site and now they all come here too

    Keep it up

  26. Jamie Mottram

    Need4Sheed, so hot right now!

  27. Anonymous




  28. amber

    go to RIPFAN.BLOGSPOT.COM it has just been setup, i would greatly appreciate the replys


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