Cavs Tie It Up 2-2

by | May 15, 2006 | 44 comments

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The Cavs beat the Pistons 74-72.
Still no worries from this Pistons fan, although I would have liked win on Monday, I still have no doubts about this series. Take a look at any 7 game stretch of the Pistons season, The Pistons starters have not lost 4 out of 7 all year long.

  • The Guaransheed just didn’t do it this time.
  • Chauncey was 3-10
  • Rip 11-25
  • Tayshaun 6-15
  • Antonio McDyess seems absent and afraid to take his signature turn around jumper.
  • Sheed 3-13
  • Why did Evans finish the game?
  • Sheed turned his ankle and the Cavaliers fans stood and cheered.
  • YaySports and CavsWorld are celebrating.


  1. Anonymous

    They have lost 4 out of 7…it came in the last 7 games of the season. I still aint worried. Aint no reason to be worried.

    The Cavs fans were disrespectful in many ways, especially after ‘Sheed turned his ankle..but this is Playoff Basketball…anything goes..

    You saw Bron-Bron’s 3, right?

    Anyways, congrats on makin the Paper and national sports shows. This site is awesome.

    Keep the ‘Sheed Alive in all of us

  2. Natalie

    I don’t count the last 7 games of the season when the starters did not play.

    Thanks for the props and I love …

    “Keep the Sheed Alive in all of us!!”

    That’s my job!

  3. Anonymous

    I am so beyond pissed they lost this game. what a horrible offensive effort.The pistons are making these guys look like eastern conference champs.
    the pistons keep down playering the success of the cavs. Dude, they better watch out because if they don’t they will lose game 5.
    The officiating was atrocious tonight but so was the 8 min scoreless drought. I still can’t get over that one. Chauncey Billups has to play a better game. Yeah sheed did not play well, but Chauncey is the key to everything. If he has a good game the pistons win 95% of the time. But he has disappeared this series.
    I am worried. If the pistons continue to play like they are you can forget about making it to the championship and maybe even out of the east all together. The refs blew some huge calls but it should not have come to that. The pistons should be up 3-1 on this team. They are letting them hang around when they should just destroy them. I won’t sleep tonight…man I am steamed

  4. Anonymous

    5 thoughts for cleveland fans:

    try playing DEFENSE, Fouling is not playing defense.

    Lebron travels everytime he touches the ball. 2 and 1/2 steps, not 5

    Cleveland it doesent mateer what you think you do, its about us.

    tell SIDESHOW BOB to get a haircut

    u aint won nothing, But your home games

  5. Shepard

    sheed’s injury was just not enough. i hope ba-ba-ba billups goes down…

  6. Lee Anne

    Yeah, like Anonymous, I had a hard time sleeping last night. And anything my go in playoff basketball, but I still thought it was really rude of the Cav fans to cheer when Sheed sprained his ankle. It’s just poor sportsmanship to cheer when somebody gets hurt. And then they booed when he came back on the court. Grr. I really want to put these guys away now.

  7. Scott

    Ok…my cousin and I made the drive to Cleveland last night. Although that last person said that the refs were doing a horrible job, I don’t think so. They made a lot of good calls and if you want to talk about bad calls…they made a few as well. They definately missed a blatently obvious double dribble by Chauncey, as well as a couple last minute offensive fouls against the Pistons that were not necessary.

    As far as the Cavs fans go…they are a bit biased. Obviously. Not only did they cheer like crazy when Sheed got hurt, but they also got incredibly pissed and “couldn’t see the foul” when the refs called that flagarant foul by Snow on Mo that was more obvious than any foul I’ve ever seen before. Every call that went against the Cavs was a bad call according to them. They are a very energetic crowd…much more so than Milwaukee’s crowd (Yes, I made the trip to Milwaukee for game 4 as well). Although, their little “twirly birds” aka towels have no match for the thunderstix at the Palace.

    If we plan on winning this series…we are going to a) have to start making shots. b) start playing defense…we can’t let LeBron or any of the other players (Varejao, Snow) drive uncontested to the basket. c) REBOUND THE BALL!!! There were way too many times (especially offensive rb’s) that Cleveland had no problem getting those rebounds. This goes along w/ my last point… d) When we get a stop on the defensive side of the floor…why can’t we convert that into points on the offensive? How many times did we not do that? Too many.

    Although I think Mo is a good player, and can be a great bench player…I have no clue why he got so many minutes in the game. Sheed was hurt, and played like crap, but why Mo?

    One last thing to point out. I don’t know if any of you were at the game, but you should’ve seen the Cavs fans after the game. They were celebrating like they won the ‘ship. They were yelling “Detroit Sucks” and harassing us (expected) for wearing our Sheed jerseys to the game. They were celebrating in the streets and going crazy…all for the game that tied the series. It’s not like they won the championship, let alone the series. As the fan that sat next to me said “We might win this game…but we can’t beat you guys in Detroit…so this series is over” ~I agree

  8. Anonymous

    uh oh…. looks like we got us a series!

  9. cavsworld

    The “disrespect” over Rasheed’s ankle sprain was fallout from his comments prior to the game. If he wants respect from our fans, he should show our team some respect. Even after losing back to back games to us he continued insulting our team after the game. We are going to win 1 of the two remaining games in Detroit. If the Pistons want to win this series, they’re going to have to win game 6 at the Q.

    Thanks for sending people to my site – I hope everyone is enjoying my game photos from games 1, 3, and 4. Even though it’s a cavs site, I’ve been including photos of pistons players, including many of Rasheed as thanks to Natalie.

  10. mutoni

    No worries for the pistons and mr. walllace. this puppy will be wrapped up in the next 2 games. i still feel as though this should’ve been a sweep.

    ps. i gave ‘sheed some love on my site today :

  11. Anonymous

    I’m not worried about this series either but the Pistons can’t play this lackluster in the E. Conf Finals or the NBA Finals (if they make it).
    Paging Mr. Big Shot … Someone PLEASE tell Chauncey that the playoffs have started. He hasn’t looked like an MVP candidate in the playoffs yet.

  12. Anonymous

    Can I get a WITNESS?!?!

  13. Anonymous

    I used to watch the NBA but there are too many loud mouth crackheads. I guess you could say I’m a Cavs fan, but I don’t expect them to win this series, it’s possible they might win 1 more, but they won’t win it all in my opinon. I was always taught to always have respect and be a good sport, and I would never cheer an injury, which is another reason I don’t watch the NBA because the Cavs ans are hardly the only fans that would do that. I just think it’s funny it’s disrepectful when they cheer his injury, but not when he disrepects his opponent or runs his mouth off, that sounds like hypocrisy to me. People that spout off their mouth acting like fools are why no one watches the NBA anymore, that and because the refs don’t call fouls. With the refs at least, they are fair, they don’t call fouls or traveling, or anything on either team as much as they should especially in the playoffs. It happens every year all the time.

  14. Anonymous

    The Pistons are allergic to prosperity. If you guys remember RD 2 from the last few years it has always been difficult. They always take at least 6 games in RD 2. Varajaeo? Remember Scalabrine in ’04 or Foster ’05. There’s always a role player on the opposing team that steps it up. Not worried the Pistons have played garbage ball most of the playoffs and only play brilliant when their backs are against the wall. Although I don’t want to see them in the same position as they were in last years finals.

  15. Anonymous

    Yeah, I know what you mean, I couldn’t sleep last night either. I wish the Pistons would end this series soon, because I’m sick of the big headed, chest pounding, hit a three and stare at you, I am god………. Lebron. He is defintely a great player, but I hate the way he carries himself.

    I have no worries about game 5, mark my words…Pistons win in a blow out, by 15pts…..lose game 6, and win game 7(another blow out)

  16. Anonymous

    ummm… backs to the wall?

    pistons in 6.

  17. farlane

    Cheering an ankle sprain is pretty low. I thought it was funny when Stockton said “I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’re cheering LeBron’s dunk” to which Reggie replied “No, they’re not”.

    I am totally down with cheering (or jeering) missed shots and a player on the other team you don’t like but for heaven’s sake, show a little class.

  18. Anonymous

    To win Game5 and 6, Dice really needs to step up for Sheed. So does Chauncey. But there is no way for Pistons to lose at Palace. We’re going to energize our players so it will be no problem at home court. I’m sure they can find a way out even on the road. They have been through all these tough things together so many times so they can go through this time too.

    BTW, I read the free press article about you too. Great job, Natalie. I love your work. Your website is unbeaten as well as Pistons:-)


  19. Anonymous


  20. Anonymous

    Im a huge pistons fan too…but seriously, chill out about the fans cheering sheed’s injury. You act like we are any better. Cmon now, u do remember the brawl dont u? And yea, those were just a few fans, but what about cheering Iverson’s sprained ankle in the playoffs last year with LB waving us off getting us to stop? Or when Duncan went down at the Palace last year during the regular season? Plus most Pistons fans are Lions fans, so dont even get me started on that…Dont get me wrong here, I love the rowdy atmosphere we create at the Palace but dont act like our fans are so much classier than Cavs fans.

  21. Anonymous

    Im a pistons fan too, but seriously, chill out about the cavs fans cheering Sheeds injury. You act like nothing like that has ever happened in the Palace before. You do remember the brawl dont you? What about Iverson spraining his ankle in the playoffs with LB waving us off to stop? Or Duncan going down in the regular season last year? Plus most Pistons fans are Lions fans so dont even get me started on that…Dont get me wrong, I love the rowdiness at the Palace, but stop acting like we are so much classier than Cavs fans cuz its just not true. Lets face it, we all wanna see our team win so bad it doesnt matter how we get it done, just take care of business…

  22. Anonymous

    For the love of ‘Sheed. Shut your mouth and know your role. Pistons in 6. Look for BEN WALLACE to have a MONSTER game at home!

  23. Anonymous

    The NBA has big problems if they are trying to force LBJ and this sorry ass Cavs team into the playoffs. The young man is good, but they are pushing him to be King too early and that team sucks without the lopsided whistles.

    My husband was watching the Chinese version of the game and the Chinese Commentators said that
    “James’ feet were at the line when he made that attempt before the end of the first half and that basket should not have counted.
    And this was broadcasted to the audience in Asia, so how good does that make the NBA look to the world.

    Just totally disgusting.

  24. dave

    don’t worry, like sheed said, the pistons are gonna win the series. it doesn’t matter if it’s 6 or 7 games. this just makes the series more interesting.

  25. Anonymous

    Wow pistons almost won game 4 and they shot only 30%. The Pistons need to wear there RED JERSEYS, when they play in Cleveland. They NEVER lost a game when they wore those red jersey’s. Also lebron james is totally being favored right now by the refs. If you FART on lebron james the refs call a foul against you. That will come to a screeching halt when the game is played in the palace! Michigan owns ohio!

  26. Anonymous

    LeBron’s back is going to give out soon…he’s been carrying the cavs too long, and he CAN NOT carry them all the way past the 2nd round.

  27. cavsworld

    replays clearly showed LeBron did not step on the line on that 3 point shot – just because commentators got it wrong doesn’t mean the officials did.

  28. Anonymous

    You know The Cavs really lost that game b/c that three before the half should not have counted and he pushed Mo Evans sop there was your foul. But dumb refs like those never call that

  29. Anonymous

    Memo to Pissed on fans:

    Stop your bitching that the Cavs fans cheered sheed’s injury. A) He was talking shit, B) He was talking shit and then couldn’t back it up with decent play, and C) You all would do the same shit.

    In the immortal words of Silky Johnson, “Your city looks like Afghanistan…bombed out and depleted!”


  30. Anonymous

    Wow, that’s high class right there. Way to really get at us by insulting the city of Detroit. Apparently, you didn’t spend much time in Cleveland 15 years ago or don’t spend much time in the Flats of Cleveland now. Nor have you been downtown Detroit in the last 5 years. Call Detroit what you may, but without the D, the economy of Cleveland would drop out the bottom.

  31. Anonymous

    the cavs are such a joke. pistons playing like a bunch of wnba rookies, and not taking things seriously. i hope they realise that the heat are waiting for them. go pistons=[

  32. Anonymous

    I just don’t get what the Clevland Fans are talking about resorting to politics in sports don’t have anything better to say… I was in Clev for Game 4 and after they won the fans and players alike acted like they have just won Game 7 of the finals.. Hope they liked that feeling because they sure wont get past this round.. The pistons have actually WON A CHAMPIONSHIP and have been in this situation before and this will be the factor that get the pistons past this point… Lebron’s wont be able to carry sideshow bob and the rest of the cavs past this point..Stons in 6

  33. Anonymous

    Fans throwing beer bottles onto the field… $8

    Fans booing an injured player… $3

    Fans sporting ugly Sideshow Bob wigs… $2

    Cleveland sports fans… worthless

    Get ready to get beat down tonight.

  34. Scott

    One other thing that I noticed at the Q is the scoreboard. Between the 2 scores, there is a “difference” box which tells the Cleveland fans what the difference between the two scores are, in terms of the Cavs’ lead or deficit (+2/-20, etc)…what’s with that? Are the Cavs fans too stupid to add or subtract? lol

  35. Anonymous

    The Cavs are nothin’ to us. They’re just prolonging their own demise. There’s only one team left that hang with us Pistons, and that’s the Phoenix Suns, when we meet them in the Finals. I’m from Cleveland, but a Die-hard Pistons(and Lakers)fan. The Cavs are nothin’ but a bunch of bullcrap lucky Flukes that are lucky to make it here in the first place. The only thing Cleveland is good for is the Browns.

    PISTONS IN 6!!!!
    2 Blowout Games
    You can BELIEVE that!!!!!

  36. Anonymous

    One more thing-Charles Barkley’s on OUR side!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Anonymous

    First of all. The CAVS won 74-72, not 73-72..

    Second of all. The pistons have lost 4 out of seven. Look at the last 7 games of the year..

  38. Anonymous

    WOW you are pretty ignorant too says that the cavs are nothing. We are about to win the series on Friday. Keep doubting us we could care less. Maybe the browns would mean more if they actually could win some games. You really should leave Northeast Ohio and maybe move to Pittsburgh you traitor!!!!!!!! GO CAVS

  39. Pissed Ons


  40. Anonymous

    As a Pistons fan I think the cavs are going to win the series, because it’s obvious the REFING is all favored for lebron james. Look at the wizard series, the wizards should have won that series, but they lost due to poor officiating. I’m really starting to believe that the NBA is FIXED. Look at all the bad offciating latley in the playoffs. IF the pistons lose this series, THE NBA IS FIXED!

  41. Anonymous

    “It’s poor sportmanship to cheer when someone gets hurt.” Are you people serious? Sheed split Z’s head open during the season. If that had happened off the court, he would still be in jail. Please. Sheed is a great player, but he is a thug with a big mouth who is costing the Pistons this series with his mouth and his non-existent play. All witness the boy King!

  42. Anonymous

    wow everyone who thinks that the only reason the cavs are gonna win this series is because the NBA is fixed is totally wrong but whatever keep thinking that what ever makes you realize that your season is about to be over. It just shows the rest of the world what type of sports you are. Oh wait it just is another example of how crappy fans all of you really are (i.e. brawl last year, all the other times you have cheered players getting hurt over the years). SO quit the whining because your boy sheed should of kept his mouth shut and played instead of just barely showing up

  43. Anonymous



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