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The Cavaliers got their game in this series beating the Pistons 86-77. No worries Pistons Fans, the next two games are GUARANSHEED!

Rasheed Wallace Guaransheed Video

Right click and save or click to watch. Video courtesy of WB20 Detroit.


  1. Anonymous

    no worries here, i picked Pistons in 5 anyway

  2. Anonymous

    keep dreaming. LOTS OF WORRIES this video just proves what little class the pistons and anyone who agrees with them or cheers for them has. real classy organization especially the fans NOT. Perfect example is the cup incident, which your team started just like with what happened to Z with the stitches too. Its cuz you people don’t know how to act period. its cool now we know how to beat you. remember who has LeBron on their team. P.S. there will be a game six with a cavs win athome (cavs win in 6 or 7).

  3. Anonymous

    Well we all know how games turn out that Sheed has guaranteed…Cavs fans just don’t know, they have no idea what it’s evn like to be in this position so its ok for them to think they still have a chance, i’m just glad i get to “witness” King James make his exit from the playoffs in Detroit

  4. Anonymous

    natalie, do u have the video of Sheed saying “we’re gonna bust their ass”? That’d be great if you could upload it.

    Thanks for the great site!

  5. Natalie

    Anonymous said…

    natalie, do u have the video of Sheed saying “we’re gonna bust their ass”? That’d be great if you could upload it.

    WHEN DOES HE SAY IT??? I probably have the video, I just missed it.

  6. alex cutter

    If ‘Sheed would have shown up today, we wouldn’t need a guarantee.

    He was embarassingly bad. The Brazilian ate his lunch for him all game.

  7. Anonymous

    “WHEN DOES HE SAY IT??? I probably have the video, I just missed it.”

    Check the post game recap on the game, I think it’s in there. Althought, I’m not sure it was on tv…maybe. btw, classic Sheed right there.

  8. Mike

    haha the cavs are officially DONE!! they cant take sheed and his AF1’s haha

  9. Anonymous

    deal with it. everyone who plays for detroit and who is a fan is a poor sport/loser. you’ll will see. I remember a camera shot from game two with your team looking like a bunch of wusses sitting on the bench when we were getting close to you. Just like yesterday. Ask anyone real sports fan who they wnat to see win this series and go to the finals its sure isn’t the pistons. I hope you all have a crappy day thinking about how the series is going to be tied 2-2 after tomorrow. only gurantee that is gonna come true is a cavs win and the lame pistons sitting at home watching us. remember not even your “defensive” player of the year or anyother player on your team can stop LeBron. P.S. nice drafting passing up on D. Wade

  10. Ree

    WOW, these anonymous *cavs fans* are pretty worried… haha from the comments you would think they lost and we won!! hey guys be happy your team got a game, dont get ahead of yourselves. if the fans arent worried you really think the pistons themselves are??? besides you NEVER mess around with a SHEED GUARANSHEED!! its common sense.

  11. Warthog

    this is funny stuff. cavs win a game and all of a sudden their fans think this can even be a competitive series or that they can even win!!

    sheed comes up big in game 4 and we close it out in 5 just like the last series

  12. Anonymous

    Cavs fans have to be the epitome of stupidness. Just because a “real sports fan” wants the Cavs to win, does it change the fact that the Pistons will win?

    Lebron is a false king. He will lead you nowhere. I can just imagine the Cavs fans after Lebron leaves their sorry team

  13. Anonymous

    Natalie, they had it on the FSN postgame show at 10 last night. Completely uncensored. It was when he was doing postgame interviews in front of his locker.

  14. a guy from Hongkong

    Ball don’t lie. This series will be ended in game 5. LBJ is a king, but a king cannot fight against a team of elite soldiers.

    What a great site! Thanks Natalie!

  15. Natalie

    I dont have the FSN Postgame… Stupid me!

  16. Anonymous



  17. Anonymous

    I like when ppl doubt detroit because thats when we do the best. dont forget the first two games when ya’ll witnessed king james being de-throned by the pistons *insert pic of tayshaun blockin the shit out of LeBron*

  18. Anonymous

    just wait. LeBron and the cavs will prove all you lame piston fans wrong. Here’s a question for you where did your coach grow up? It sure isn’t a ugly run down city like detroit. its because in ohio we actually have talent unlike your whole state. P.S. Go buckeyes too

  19. Ryan

    congrats cavs fans. i know winning this game must make u feel big and bad now. just remeber the suposed “king” cant beat a whole team by himself. Iv must admit tho lebron is good at one thing, chewing his fingernails and clipping them during time outs. What a piece of garbage maybe if he spends more time focusing on basketball he wouldnt choke in the cluth. Until he wins 6 champs. he isnt shit and doesnt deserve all the hype around him. i know all the cavs fans must love hearing espn suck his dick all the time tho. just enjoy this victory cause u will be lucky if u get one more. Then u can enjoy seeing the pistons holding up the champ. trohpy at the end of the playoffs.

  20. Anonymous

    first off maybe you need to go back to school and atleast get your high school diploma because you are one ignorant person. You might want to invest in a dictionary and spell check (i.e. remeber is actually spelled remember, suposed is spelled supposed, tho is spelled though, cluth is spelled clutch, trohpy is spelled trophy, and since you can’t spelled championship I’ll spell it for you). I’ll try to use small enough words so that you will be able to understand. Wow I sense a lot of jealousy and anger in your comment. the only team that things they are big and bad is the pistons. I know you are the one that can’t stop thinking about sucking guys dicks too. P.S. I guess you haven’t watched much of the playoffs or regular season because he has won or helped our team win lots of games in the CLUTCH. Also LeBron’s only gonna get better remember his is only 21. So your Jordan references don’t mean shit. How many championships has your team won only one and they won’t win any this year or any year after that either. Karma comes back on you. And since you are so uneducated “i.e.” it short for example. Next time take the time to try and write like an adult, such as using CAN’T instead of cant. Its what people who have class use and obviously you do not

  21. Anonymous

    Cav fans: Show some decency and respect. While there’s nothing wrong with animosity toward a team or its players (Sheed’s a guy who people love to hate and who would find ways to like him if they had him), but don’t lose touch with reality. The Pistons are the better team and for reasons that trump a superstar-reliant team. Contrary diatribes only prove how little some fans understand the game.

    LeBron is a great player worthy of due respect, but to me he represents a by-gone era of individualism in the league. That’s not sport. As long as the Spurs and the Pistons maintain their lineups, superstar teams will never earn a ring. I’m glad I grew up a Pistons fan. We’re all witness to something special: True team basketball. Love it!

    Pistons in 5.

  22. Natalie

    For everyone who is swearing and name calling, please show some respect. Everyone has their own opinions. No need to get vulgar, play nice.

  23. Anonymous

    lebron needs to travel to get his shoot off. just to point that out. Wizards game. i dont consider that to be very clutch

  24. Anonymous

    I guess all of you don’t know anything about basketball. I guesss stats don’t mean anything to you (two third doubles in his first playoffs and only one of four players to average thirty something points 7 rebounds and 7 assists). Yet he is all about himself. Nice delusional impression you have of who he is. LeBron tries to get his teammates involved every game but according to you he is all about individual basketball. We have a team past the five starters because we have a bench too.

  25. Anonymous

    Wow I love how the Cav’s fans have to resort to criticizing the city of Detroit and other commentators spelling. And they say we have no class. Nice.

  26. Anonymous

    For everyone in here just to criticize people for their opinions and if they
    make little typing mistakes in their comments, get a life. I know all of you have something better to do then argue with people who leave anonymous comments. I just want to make a couple points here. 1.) LeBron is an amazing player and he will get better with time. But for right now he can not carry his team past The Pistons. Maybe if two or three of his teammates can have consistent games scoring and defense wise, he could have a chance in a couple of years to contend with The Pistons. 2.) The Pistons franchise has won three championships, not one. 3.) I would like someone to tell me of one superstar player that has taken his team to the finals and won the championship. A one man team can not beat a balanced attack from 4 all stars. 4.) Detroit has a good bench from Antonio Mcdyess, Maurice Evans and Lindsey Hunter. That’s all I have to say


    If any of you want to e-mail me, it’s

    P.S. For everyone who is leaving anonyms comments why don’t you leave your e-mail address so Pistons fans can talk to you about what Lebron is doing while the Pistons are playing in the Eastern Conference Finals.

  27. Anonymous

    Good game cavs.. but enough is enough.. you can yuck up that game all you want..
    but this series is over.. hope you had fun : )

  28. Anonymous

    Just want to say fuck you to the ignorant asshole cavalier fan who posted saying they’ll win in 6 or 7….honestly what a stupid ass comment you ignorant fuck

  29. Anonymous

    LOL @ this sensitive Cavs fan coming on a Pistons site to whine. As if what a player says reflects the personality of a whole fanbase. What he said wasn’t anything to be offended by to begin with. Turn off the Pistons games and go watch Oprah or something lol. Anyway…Sheed is hilarious lol.

  30. JD

    More classiness comes out of Detroit. What a shocker.

  31. nick

    We are going to crush the Cavs tonight. When Sheed makes a guarantee, he always backs his up. Expect a monster game from him tonight.

  32. Anonymous

    what happened to the guarantee???????????? Wow you really crushed us. Here is a tissue for your tears and some cheese for all the whining you’ll are gonna do now. See you in Cleveland HA HA HA HA Sleep tight

  33. JD



  34. Anonymous

    You’ll need the tissue for after this series, Cav fans
    Dont pass it out just yet!

  35. Anonymous

    OH really who needs the tissue now????????

  36. Anonymous

    This is the CAVS magical season DETROIT!!!! Friday night your season ENDS! WITNESS THE MAGIC OF LEBRON AND COMPANY!!!


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