LeBron James’s Retirement Options

by | May 10, 2006 | 17 comments

Since I did a piece on Zydrunas Ilgauskas’s retirement options, it made me think of what other players might do when their NBA careers are over. The spotlight today is on LeBron James. With all that money he doesn’t need to do a thing, but I think he would make a great Manicurist. We all know of his on court nail biting, but maybe when he’s no longer playing basketball he can take that habit and turn it into a new money making machine.

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  1. themicrowave

    Sheer Brilliance. Great stuff Nat.

  2. farlane

    Looks like ‘Bron will have lots of time very soon to pursue that rewarding career.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey u should also put that for making it to the playoff a special that King James will personal chew yo nails for FREE!


  4. Anonymous

    Too funny:) Lol

  5. WizzNutzz

    NATALIE!!! Thanks for taking up the mantle of photoshoping Queen James RIGHT OUTTA THA PLAYOFFS!!! Such heartache in DC, but at least our second fave team is acting like they is on a drunken prom date: PISTONS ARE GOING ALL THE WAY!!!! We love the Detroit Wizards and Need4Sheed!!

  6. Anonymous

    LOL!!!!!!! I am laughing my a** off here!! That is just too funny. GREAT job, Natalie!

  7. Anonymous

    real funny. oh wait LeBron won’t need a job after his days in the NBA end in like 10-15 years. He will have more money than all of the pistons combined. P.S. don’t hate we are all witnesses to the greatest basketball player to play. King James!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    It is REAL FUNNY you just are so covered in Letravel’s hairy ball sweat to see any different. :)

  9. Natalie

    No Problem Wizznutzz, just picking up where you left off!

  10. Anonymous

    real creative name for KING JAMES. Hope you PISSton fans get what you deserve nothing only talent you have is Eminem. Don’t hate just because you are so jealous of him. We are all witnesses. P.S. you wanna see a real creative website go to Carlos Loozer. Cuz there isn’t any real talent from michigan. Go Buckeyes too!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Sorry to be so picky, but your angle isn’t quite right on the “Witness” sign. Think clockwise by about 5 degrees. Otherwise, very cool.

  12. Anonymous

    Did u hear that, Piston fans?

    We are “jealous” of Lebron James.

    Lol, please Cavs fans. James is the only thing u guyz can brag about. Your team sucks. Booooo hoooo

  13. Anonymous

    don’t be jealous that lebron has more talent in his pinkie than you ever will.

  14. Anonymous

    For that matter, Lebron also has more talent than you. So I don’t see why u are bragging. Moron

  15. Anonymous

    No disrespect to Sheed, but when he makes a guarantee. He should mean it and play as if he matters. He was a non-factor tonight, which is disgraceful knowing how talented he is.

  16. Anonymous

    Only morons here are any piston fans who actually believed that sheed’s so called guarantee would come true. Next think of your own original comment. Oh wait I bet you are an uneducated small minded person. GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Leslie O.

    If you didn’t have LeBron you wouldn’t even be this far in the playoffs, and you can’t act like even Cavs fans don’t realize that!

    See, the Pistons have a whole team of solid players, not just some kid with a massive ego who plays decent but nowhere nearly as “great” as he’s made out to be, sorry. Let’s see him in five years before he’s called king of anything. He’s a star because the NBA powers-that-be demand their rockstars. Whateva.

    So the Pistons played a couple lousy games. They’re going to the Palace, see how cocky all these Anonymous can be after that…


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