The Cleveland Cavaliers Want To Be The Detroit Pistons

by | May 6, 2006 | 18 comments

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Before the start of this Second Round match up with the Cavaliers, I would like to point out how much the Cavs want to be the Pistons. Not only would they like to win, but they have adopted just about everything they could from the Pistons Championship Franchise. Let me point out a few things.

Does this look familiar, no that’s not the Palace?
The Cavs website is set up almost exactly like the Pistons.
The Cavs PA announcer is a Mason Wannabe, pay attention during the games.
They had a Break the World Record for Wig-Wearing day, just like the Pistons.
They have a Drum Squad just like the Pistons Drumline.
The Cavs had a Kid announce the starting lineups, just like the Pistons.
The Cavs have this Guy and his hair but the Pistons have this one.
The Cavs have this Kid and the Pistons have this one (video).

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I’m sure Dan Gilbert, the Cavs owner and Michigan transplant is responsible. He even tried hiring Larry Brown while he was coaching the Pistons in the playoffs. Maybe it was the best he could do since he couldn’t buy the Pistons from Bill Davidson. So instead he just turns the Cavaliers into Ohio’s version of the Pistons. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

There might be more similarities that I don’t even know about since I don’t watch many Cavs games, but if I were 12 instead of just acting like I am, I would just call the Cavs Copycats.


  1. Anonymous

    Can you make one of those bench pictures with the starting five into a wallpaper? I think it’d be a cool one.

  2. Natalie

    I already made one the other day, I will have it up soon!

  3. Anonymous

    Cleeeeeeeeeveland BASKETBAAAAAAALLL! Quit your crying for Sheeds sakes. It’s annoying. Wahhh, the Cavs want to imitate one of the better teams in the league, waaaa…what do you expect.

  4. Just Shu

    They are similar..Can’t blame them for the websites though, they are both thru All the sites have the same layout.

    Pistons in 5

  5. Anonymous

    yeah i noticed the cavs PA annoucer. Yeah so many similarities

  6. Anonymous

    Anyone else notice that they also stole “the final countdown” theme song.

  7. Natalie

    “Anyone else notice that they also stole “the final countdown” theme song.”

    I wanted to add that but quite a few arenas play that song now so I didn’t mention it. It bugs me though.

  8. roger

    It’s all Dan Gilbert and he’s said as much. He seems like a good guy. He made some major renovations to the Q and is building a new practice facility on his own dime. The Gunds would do anything without a handout. I’m ok with all the “copying” as long as the winning championship(s) part is also copied.

    And the Cavs PA annoucer is the most annoying human on earth. I can not stand him.

  9. roger

    Duh, it should read, “wouldn’t do anything without a handout.”

  10. Anonymous

    yeah i was at a cleveland game when pistons were there (clevelands the cloest basketball arena to us & i love pistons)
    and i heard the announcements and i was like woah maybe they’re borrowing mason tonight.. nah, he’s much better=) though they are similar we all know who the best is!

  11. Anonymous

    They can copy us all they want, but they will never be as good as us. Jungle boy needs to cut his hair. Stop trying to be the white Ben Wallace

  12. Anonymous

    Even though I hate the pistons with every last breath in my body, I do agree that there are a few too many similarities. The torches and “the poor man’s mason” Ronnie Duncan are the worst two offenders. The rest of the shit is just you being stupid and from Michigan. But I won’t hold that against you.
    We do have one thing that you don’t, however….Leeebrooooon Jaaaames!

  13. Anonymous

    i agree with you the announcer is annoying just like the one in detroit and so is the whole pistons team and their fans. You all can keep running your mouths but it only shows us how jealous you are of LeBron. Keep talking about anderson atleast our players are educated and don’t look like crackheads, criminals, or cancer patients.

  14. Anonymous

    Tayshawn really does look like a cancer patient, doesn’t he?

  15. Anonymous

    o and they stole the little ding thing after a free throw is made!

  16. Pacer Fan

    The Cavs are their own team. Everyone in Indy loves them and can’t wait for them to win the series against the Pistons.

  17. Anonymous

    The Cav’s are also holding Q vision where the Clevland fans can go for away games to watch at their arena… just like palace vision at the palace…


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