Second Round Pistons vs. Cavaliers

by | May 5, 2006 | 20 comments

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Second Round
Pistons vs. Cavs
Game One Sunday May 7th Time TBA

Let’s get it started. Vote on how many games this series is going in the Second Round Poll. I say Pistons in 5!

Will this be Rasheed Must Bleed 3 ? I just have one thing to say… Watch out Anderson.

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  1. Jae

    I was actually calling it “The Sheed Must Bleed Series.”

  2. Anonymous

    maybe the pistons will show lebron that he’s HUMAN… gooo pistons

  3. Anonymous

    call me crazy, but i think the bucks were a stronger team than the cavs are. i mean yea the cavs have bron but seriously, whos got his back? Pistons in FOUR!

  4. Anonymous

    the bucks have better shooters, but can’t pound it inside. The cavs have lebron and ????

  5. Anonymous

    I say we win in 6. I think they beat us in the 2nd game and 4th, then we take charge.

  6. Anonymous

    there is no way detroit is losing to the calves at home. it just wont happen

  7. Anonymous

    r we serius? r we all talking bout compition? there aint no competition against cavs. It just the final warm up for the PISTONS. am i right?

  8. Anonymous

    oh yeah, it all depends on whether the Pistons want to punish the Cavs quickly or slowly. In the end… the result will be the same.

  9. Anonymous

    The cavs are the worst losers in the world…If you want my opion…Lebron James is a mess….he has no skill…nor talent…when you have players like Ben Wallace….Lebron James has nothing on them….I think the Pistons are trying to lose….they want Lebron James to think he’s the best…then when the time is right they are going to start trying and kick Lebron James and his cavs….right where it hurts…Maybe then Lebron will then lose a bit of his ego…that man needs to see that he is a piece of s**t and that the cavs are..will to put it simple…you guys have no chance to beat the Pistons.

  10. Anonymous

    Lebron James is a mess….Lebron James and his cavs have no chance going aganist the pistons…it’s just as well for them to give up..I mean Ben Wallace,Sheed, Hamlition,Bilups,Hunter,Prince, WHAT MORE DO U NEED…They have what it takes…and Lebron JAmes and his cavs are no competetion for the pistons….AND if your wondering y i always say Lebron James and his cavs…IS because Lebron thinks he owns the team,and that he is the best on it.
    GO PISTONS…wish you guys luck, even though u don’t need it, cause you already have it in your hand and i can even see you guys celebrating your win.

  11. Anonymous

    Lebron James has no skill nor talented….i don’t know who he thinks he is….but one think he is not is the best…he isn’t even close. The cavs are gone, the pistons are going to put them out,they have no chance, they might have won 2 games and tied it up..but that was the pistons plan, they wanted lebron to think he has a chance..but when the time is right…the pistons are going to start actually trying..and show Lebron he is a piece of s**t.

  12. Anonymous

    Ben Wallce is the best…Lebron James is a mess

  13. Anonymous

    Lebron James..What is he?..He is a mess.Ben Wallace..What is he?..He is the best

  14. Anonymous

    Lebron James and his cavs have no chance aganist the pistons, they might be 2-2..but the pistons just let them win 2…they didn’t want to see Lebron crying…and doing what he does best…blameing people on his team for their lost.

  15. Anonymous

    is it just me or do Lebron seem to think he is the best..cause he’s not..he’s a mess

  16. Anonymous

    Ben Wallace has amazing skill and talent..Lebron has nothing to offer

  17. Anonymous

    All I have to say is…the pistons are going to win..they don’t even have a chance to lose, they are playing aganist 4 year olds.

  18. Anonymous

    Lebron James has no skill or talent

  19. Anonymous

    Next game..I predict that Lebron has his best night..he actually gets 2 points…I mean come on, what is up wit him, he has no chance aganist the pistons.

  20. Anonymous

    The Pistons are going to beat the cavs next game.


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