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by | May 4, 2006 | 14 comments

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Many fans including myself have certain rituals or superstitions that they do when watching their favorite team play. I have even posted all the Sheedisms that I had noticed while watching Pistons games. Well the Pistons themselves have many rituals they do before games and WB20 put together a must see Pistons pre game video about the many superstitions that the Pistons players have.

Right click and save or click to watch. Video courtesy of WB20 Detroit.

I myself must admit that I have a few quirky habits while watching or going to a Pistons game. I will share mine and feel free to share yours in the comments. This is my weirdest one…I hold my breath during critical times when the Pistons need a bucket or a stop. I really don’t have the percentages of whether it works or not, but it’s just something I have to do.


  1. the sports dude

    1 – I do not play basketball on game days, whenever I do they lose.

    2 – I grow a playoff beard, which is really irritating because it is getting warmer out, but it works.

    3 – no Taco Bell on game days, if I eat it on a game day they lose.

    Yeah, I know, no one said the sports dude was normal.

  2. Natalie

    Oh Sports dude those are good ones. I also forgot that I have to play a game of computer solitare and win on day games. I play until I win.

  3. Anonymous

    Most of my superstitions have to do with screaming profanities at the TV.

    And I’m a minister.

    You can see why this is anonymous.

    I just don’t know what I’m going to do when we put the finals up on the big screen for a church event. Fake a stomach flu and scream at the toilet I guess.

  4. Erin

    I am very superstitious about the Pistons.
    1)I have a dry erase board at my house and I write the pistons names and their points on the board during the game. I have to write in red marker during the regular season and blue during the playoffs. I write the starters first, always in the order, Rip Ben Sheed Tayshaun Chauncey. I make sure their names are really neat and spaced far apart. Then, as the bench gets points I add their names and points on the right side of the board. I have to have a diet lemon iced tea during the game, and a tissue from my my bedroom to edit the points on the dry erase board. I drew pictures of all the starters on the board last season ( even though im not good at drawing) and they have remained there ever since.
    2) Before important playoff games I always watch the pistons 2004 championship dvd.
    3)I also will change the pistons background on the computer when they are in a draught.
    4) I have to wear socks during the game, when I don’t, the Pistons lose,
    5) Whenever any of the announcers make a comment about how good the pistons are and how they are playing I knock on wood for them.

    I know these are ridiculous superstitions, but I’ve just developed them over the course of being a diehard Pistons fan.

  5. Natalie

    These are all Awesome keep them coming..

  6. Arica!!!!

    I have to go in a certain entrance at the palace and park in the same spot. I have to get a popcorn and wear my lucky converse high tops to every game. If i wore a shirt and they lost during the regular season it is not allowed to be worn at playoff games. I make the championship ring my background for the playoffs. I recite the entire introduction with Mason and I have to stand when the introduce every player. If im watching on TV and they are winning I cant change the channel or leave the room during crucial games. Certain articles of clothing have been banned from the palace due to losses or close wins. I have to play all ofmy talking bobbleheads before games. My isiah thomas t-shirt is only worn when luck is absolutely needed. I have to eat 4 pieces of pizza and four cookies before every game– i dont want to know what will happen if i don’t.
    I became a pistons fan when i was dragged to LA for the 89 finals when i was 1 and a half years old — and i i’ve been superstitious ever since. go pistons.

  7. Anonymous

    I seriously play william Hung she bangs 10 mins before the game starts and have a certain 4 friends over my house in the basement all seated in the same seets.. We never lose when i do that…you can go on my page to see how big of a pistons fan i am

  8. Anonymous

    I seriously play william Hung she bangs 10 mins before the game starts and have a certain 4 friends over my house in the basement all seated in the same seets.. We never lose when i do that.

  9. Don Flamingo

    This is gonna sound weird but during the 04 season i just happened to be listening to William Hung “She Bangs” like 20 minutes before the pistons lakers finals game one started and they won so every playoff game i start off by popping that cd in and blasting william hung !!! Also if i really need the pistons to win i have 4 certain friends all sitting in my basement in certain spots they always win..

  10. Anonymous

    I have a couple I have to put my jersey on befor the game starts and cant take it off until its over, I have to hit the bong 4 times before the game starts for Ben to plat good defense cause thats how many times he won dpoy last year, If ne announcers or ne one period says ne thing good or bad about the pistons I have to knock on wood, If I decide to wear a wallace jersey I have to wear them both Bens and Sheeds for double luck and I have to rub Bens Fro on his action figure for luck befor the game starts. GO PISTONS!

  11. Anonymous

    -I Can not watch away games over my mother-in-laws house otherwise they’ll lose.

    – Can not watch a Game 7 with ANYBODY!! Made that mistake last year 🙁

  12. Danny

    ok… this might be a little late to comment but i feel i have to as a pistons fan.
    My life has revolved around the pistons since the 2002-2003 season. During those playoffs I started some rituals which I have now always done and even added a few more. These rituals are for playoffs only tho. First I stand throughout the entire game (including half time), and I cheer and chant as if i were at the palace. I yell ‘DEEEETROIT BAAASKETBAAALL’ every time we force a turnover, but hey, who doesnt do that. I also wear every Pistons jersey i have including those itty bitty free give-a-way jerseys that say ‘rock financial’ or ‘walgreens’ on the back. (The order has to go Ben, Sheed(backwords cuz thats how he wears it in practice), then chauncey, then i wear the normal sized jerseys in an order that depends on the game. I also have to have the volume at the same number as a pistons player (preferable one of the six starters). Along with anonymous, I grew a playoff beard (probably didnt get as big tho) Last year playoffs, I went around and bobbled each of my bobblehead and then when i got to Rip’s and i asked him if we were gonna win tonight, then id click his button and he’d yell “YESSIR”. These are all the rituals I can think of right now.
    Thank you Natalie for creating and updating this site, not a day goes by where i dont tell people to check it out and they always tell me later that they cant get off of it. Keep up the great work and GO PISTONS!!!!

  13. Anonymous

    Not by choice but because of job,I have to live in San ought to here the people here talk about the Spurts…I mean the Spurs..Aparently that flopper Ginobli is a god.I think the Spurs are one BORING Team.All they remember is that they won the Championship after Detroit but they don’t recall us beating them twice by 15 after that and counting.I come from Bay City way and I love the Pistons.I liked the Spurs when they won their first ring in ’99 good for the city but now they went the same way as the Cowbutts..I mean the Cowboys…thinking their the greatest thing since french fries.GO PISTON GO PISTONS GO PISTONS

  14. Natalie

    We love that there are Pistons fans in Spurs country!


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