Deer Sheed

by | Apr 13, 2006 | 32 comments

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  1. Anonymous


  2. J.E. Skeets

    This is scary good. Emphasis on “scary”.

  3. Matt

    Look into Varejao’s eyes and you see… nothing. I’m not sure he has a soul.

  4. Anonymous

    Varejao is one of the most useless players in all of the NBA.

  5. Anonymous

    haha good call about him being useless. i always see him in highlights of the cavs and never knew who he was. hes too soft for sheed

  6. Anonymous

    You fools. Varejao is no softy. Although Sheed may out-ghetto him, Varejao is still the shit. All hustle, no ego. CAVS, bitches.

  7. Debo from Toledo

    Varejao is a bitchmade dickrider. That dude is clown shoes.

  8. Anonymous

    your a mother fuckin ass hole that needs to go to hell!!!!!!!! rasheed wallace needs to fuckin use some of hiz money and find a way to fill up that damn bald spot in the back of his head and and the gap in hiz tooth! every time i turn around hez fuckin laffin and he scares the shit outta me wit dat damn gap! and your makin fun of anderson! pleez! im glad he knocked him on hiz ass he deserved it!

  9. Hudson of Saline

    Hey anon, You got him good. Enjoy your blowout.

    Enjoy getting slaughtered in the second round, bitch.

  10. Anonymous

    They gotta get past the first round before we kill them anyway.

  11. Anonymous

    FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hudson of Saline

    Hehe. OWNWED.

    Cavs = second round exit.

    Eat it, bitch.

  13. Anonymous

    CAVS = 1st round exit…KOBE 4 MVP…bitches

  14. Anonymous

    he didnt knock him on his ass it was more of an accident that he made look like it was flargent because he didnt want his ass kicked on the floor.

  15. Anonymous

    whos the anonymous guy fuck you sheed is the man, anderson can go give lebron a shoe shine for all I care dont hate on sheed, what are you doin on this site anyway if u hate sheed

  16. Anonymous

    sheed is a fuckin faggot that sucks dick for beer money he needs to retire or go lick shaqs fat ass nut sack

  17. Anonymous

    We all know Anderson was scared

  18. Anonymous

    I hope you die! Cavs are going to kick the pisstons asses.

  19. Dan

    it easy for all the anti sheed people to talk all that shit anonymously. just show how much a man you are

    anyone man enough to argue please send it to please do I want to hear your side

  20. junior

    People who are haters crack me up. Honestly Sheed will have his best series yet AND cleveland will be lucky to win one. Mill-e-walk-a gave us more probs then the cavs will.

  21. Anonymous

    first off why the fuck r u on a sheed website if u dont like him secretly u want to suck his nuts. secondly Sheed is the best PF in the league no wait best all around player so shut the fuck up Sheed would beat the fuck out of u and last the cavs r the biggest piece of shit i ever seen the only person on the team that does n e thing is Lebron if it wasnt for him u wouldnt even be in the playoffs so stop hatten go fuck yourselves and i hope u feel good when u see the PISTONS with that trophy fuck off and die

  22. Anonymous

    Tru Fuck the Fuckin Cavs and I cant believe somebody is sticking up for fuckin Varejo wut the hell has that douche done but run… Fuck that shit. We will see come June whos still playin and whos watchin from Home( Win or go home baby) GO Pistons!!

  23. Anonymous

    detroit and sheed will turn vare-who’s nutsack into a coin purse in five. i pity the fool.

  24. Brian Dub from cleveland

    What the hell has that douche done but run? That makes tons of sense.

    (1) Varejao lacks a good shot but he is king of hustle and Brazilian grit.
    (2) He is NOT scared of Rasheed.
    (3) He is NOT anywhere near as good as Rasheed.
    (4) He shoots free-throws better than Ben Wallace.
    (5) The end.

    What is anyone even arguing about? It is obvious the Pistons are dominant and Sheed dominates Anderson. But Anderson still deserves to be stood up for (by me). So whatever. And as a weak but true rip on Sheed, I think the Pistons would still be a NBA championship favorite if, say, Tim Thomas was starting in place of Sheed. Sheed is lovable, but let’s not pretend that he is needed on such a powerful team.

  25. Anonymous

    If we never picked up Sheed we probaly wouldnt of won the championship his energy and passion toward the game is what makes the other players on the team better they even said sheeds energy is what gets them going so shut the fuck up cause you dont know what your talkin about and I never herd of that ugly curley haired fuck in my life hes a piece of shit u like him so much then go sux his dick and get the fuck out of here SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCHES

  26. Anonymous

    Cavs got raped on in game 1 GO PISTONS lets do it again in game 2

  27. Dirty D Ballin Baby.

    “Varejao is a bitchmade dickrider. That dude is clown shoes.” — debo from toledo

    Damn straight! Couldn’t have said it better myself pimp. He’s fucking clown shoes ya heard???

    Varejeo luvs tha cack.

  28. Brian Dub from cleveland

    (To anonymous 1 who sounds scarily similar to my best friend’s little brother) –> Nothing you said was relevant or even true except “they said Sheed’s energy is what gets them going”. So fine, they fucking said that. Go fuck yourself. Not all of us are black and 8 feet tall, Varejao had to make himself out of NOTHING not even any decent shot. I will root for the pistons to win it all. I still stand by my statement that Pistons (with Tim Thomas instead of Sheed) would easily win the NBA Championship.

  29. Anonymous

    fuck u and ur piece of shit cavs if it wasnt for ur queen u wouldnt even be in the playoffs ohh and how many points did Sheed have in the last game just in case u didnt remember 29 and i rebound from a double double. How did Tim Thomas do….. Fuck him Sheed is a 100 times better. U dont know shit about the pistons so shut the fuck up. Ask n e one on the pistons what makes them play so well as a team SHEEDS energy makes them all play better so next time if ur going to talk take Tim Thomas Dick out ur mouth

  30. Kellen Winslow

    “If it wasn’t for LeBron your team wouldn’t even be in the playoffs” – you think? that is genius! By the way, I don’t even like Tim Thomas. Fuck you and fuck your pistons. All great teams come to an end. Tayshaun is better than Sheed. You might beat my Cavs now, but your city sucks slightly more than Cleveland and LEBRON FUCKED YOUR ASS TONIGHT. so go back to fucking preschool. sorry to all the non-children, I didn’t mean to offend all pistons fans here, just the little kid that keeps posting to me.

  31. Anonymous

    yo this is valatio, ima pull a rocket out of my hair and blast all of u!!!!

  32. Anonymous

    that made me pee my pants….
    oy vey

    thank g-d im a cleveland fan… and haha sweet revenge EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPS 07 BABYBBYY!!!!!
    and again yall are jealous cuz u dont have that hottiee on ur team… not jk… LMAO…. DETROIT FANS are so not classy and never will be (sorry to my aunt and uncle… who live there)lol…. PEACE… CLEVELAND ROX!!!!!!!!!!


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