Rasheed Wallace On Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith

by | Apr 11, 2006 | 11 comments

As most of you know already I was lucky enough to attend the taping of Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith featuring Rasheed Wallace. My experience was something I will always remember and watching the episode makes me feel the exact same way that I felt when I was sitting in the studio audience.

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They didn’t cut much out of the segment but they did clip the end when Stephen A. was thanking Rasheed and the audience was applauding him. Because of that you missed one of the loudest SHEEEEED chants that I personally have ever heard come out of a very few people. You can catch us screaming when he first walks out and gets introduced but our “Ball Don’t Lie'” and “SHEEEEED” chants when he walked off the set were extremely loud, so loud that the Need4Sheed crew and I had a bit of laryngitis when we left.

To add a bit to the story Quite Frankly called me yesterday along with a few other Piston fans to let us know that Chauncy Billups is taping the show on April 18th. If anyone is in the New York area and wants tickets to see the show call 212-715-6800 tell them Need4Sheed sent you. I would once again like to thank the Staff of the Quite Frankly show for the spectacular day I had with Rasheed, and for keeping me informed of all Pistons goings on at the show. They were all Sheedtastic.

Right click and save or click to watch. Video courtesy of ESPN/ESPN2.


  1. Ree

    thanx Natalie!!

    it was awesome! i cant wait for Chauncey’s turn.

  2. yuko

    I was able to tape the show too thanks to you, Natalie. The show was awesome. Thanks for the info about Chauncey’s, I’ll definitely take that one too.

  3. Jennifer

    Thanks soo much for posting the clip. It’s so great that you and other fans got the chance to fly out and see the taping. I’m looking forward to seeing Chauncey’s episode!! Thanks for posting!!!!!!!!!

  4. deho75

    It is hilarious how much Sheed hates formal interviews and all things media. You know they needed to beg him to do this. I don’t think there has ever been an individual SO FREAKIN’ INTERESTING off the cuff, however, so “methodical” and “seemingly bored” being interviewed. Talk about a perfect candidate for a reality show..i.e. a camera should always be following Sheed. This would also allow the rest of the world to see what a truly GOOD Person he really is. I would pay money to see that. We could have fun with this…what would be the name? Film don’t lie? Unfortunately, I don’t think he’d ever agree to do it.

  5. BIG Poppa RYE

    Truly Sheedastic!!!
    Go Pistons!
    Go Need4sheed!

    #1 fan of the Pistons from the Philippines! (since 1988!)

  6. B.D. Bates

    As much as I love Chauncey and Sheed, it is disturbing how much people seem to have forgotten Mr. Big Ben Wallace. He’s the cornerstone of this team and without his defense life is not as easy for Sheed and Chauncey to do what they do. Reading stuff on the message board about Ben being a bitch makes me sick. It’s disgusting how quickly the fans have fallen in love with Chauncey and Sheed’s 3-pointers all the while forgettting it wasn’t that shot that beat the Lakers and took the Spurs to seven games. It was the ability of the Pistons to make life unbearable for the other team, a charge always headed by Ben. I’m with him on refusing to play for a team where he’s the only one giving maximum effort every minute on the court. Sheed and Chauncey don’t have to guard the likes of Shaq, Alonzo Mourning, Jamal Magloire and every other physical force the Pistons encounter all the while providing the league’s best help defense on the other team’s most athletic player. I’m sure Chauncey and Sheed would agree none of the media opportunities or MVP hype would be around this team without the defensive cornerstone that is Ben Wallace. Defense wins championships and Ben Don’t Lie.

  7. Anonymous

    Who’s the “Chuck” guy Sheed is talking about when he says he’d take “Chuck” or Chauncey to be the point guard on his team? Chucky Atkins?

  8. Natalie

    Don’t take a few silly peoples opinions as the general consensus. I don’t pay attention to those kinds of people on message boards. About a month ago they were all down on Tayshaun saying the exact same think. A month before that they were bitching at Sheed for taking too many threes. True Pistons fans know what Ben does for the team and I for one am the first person to let everyone know that when Ben has a good game it’s an automatic W in the win column. Don’t worry about Ben he’s the cornerstone of the team and we all know it.

    As for the Chuck comment….We were shaking our heads when he said it at the show and I’m still not sure about it. The only Chuck who plays point is Chucky Atkins so I thought that too but to me that is an odd choice. I’m not sure either.

  9. Connie

    Sheed is talking about Iverson. His nickname around the league is “Bubba Chuck” or something like that. So in Sheedism, I think Chuck is Iverson.

    Thanks, Natalie for the video.

  10. Anonymous

    BD, I truly believe that Ben is still the most popular Piston. The fans go crazy everytime he gets an offensive rebound, steal, or block shot. Although every Piston fan has his/her favorite (mine is Chauncey), I would say that Ben Wallace is the face of the franchise. Just look around the stands at the Palace and you will see the Fro wigs and more Ben jerseys than any other Piston.

  11. B.D. Bates

    Sorry I had to vent. When people come at my boys, it’s like they’re attacking my family.


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