The Pistons Down The Heat 82-73

by | Mar 23, 2006 | 16 comments

The Pistons beat The Heat 82 -73 holding Dwayne Wade to a season low 13 and making it 16 straight wins at The Palace. Now usually I would give a few stats and tell you that Rip shut down Dwayne and Chauncey was yet again Mr. Big Shot putting up 24 with 10 assists and 5 rebounds, but instead I will give you my Miami Heat Rant!

I respect the Heat, they are a good team. Shaq is one of the best the NBA has seen, but when will he ever be humbled and give credit where credit is due. This is his post game quote from last nights loss to the Pistons, “We played pretty well, but we had a letdown in the last five or six minutes,” O’Neal said. “It wasn’t really anything they did – we just made a lot of mistakes and they capitalized.” Maybe Shaq was still hampered by his “thumb,” it was so bad that he had to sit out the Heat – Timberwolves game. We here in Detroit think he sat out the game so he would be fresh to play the Pistons.

I used to like Dwayne Wade, I think he is a great player but he has too much attitude for his own good. I liked the humble Wade, the Dwayne that played hard, took his hits, got his points, and led his team to victory without showboating. I hate players with an attitude, they get under my skin. I don’t need to see a hand gesture every time they score, or a little dance when they make a circus shot or when they point and smirk after a dunk. I was happy that Dwayne was held to only 13, so I didn’t have to see “The Dwayne Wade Show.” It’s one thing to celebrate but to me Dwayne has lost his charm, he’s a great player no mistaking it but his likeability with anyone other than Heat fans is starting to fade. It’s one thing when your good and you know it but it’s annoying when your good and you make sure everyone knows it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Very good post and it is well stated. We went through the same thing last year when we played the heat in the playoffs. They never wanted to say that we play well against them. And that’s y we will do the same thang again in this up coming playoff as well. Cause they dont know how to be humble. Hell, when smack aka shaq was in LA he did the same thang. Ok well, we will let u get yo points Smack and then jus shut yo team and win the game…………….enough said!

  2. jeb

    i am extremely excited that we only had to see the pretty boy score 13. grrrrrreat win for el pistones

  3. Ree

    OH MY GOD!! I LOVE IT lol

    i was startin to think that im the only one who cant stand this kid anymore…seriously

    dont guys like him know that their skills get overshadowed by their shitty attitude? he should ask Kobe about this.

    and i agree with you on the whole shaq not giving dues where its deserved.

  4. The Fan's Attic

    hilarious picture.

  5. Jennier

    Funny picture!! He has too much attitude. Although he is a good player, the attitude makes me not want to watch him.
    Great Site!! Love it!!!

  6. Jae

    Funny! I loved the picture.

  7. Anonymous

    I used to like wdae in his rookie year because he wasent going for twenty dunks a game and he wasent falling 5 tine and getting up6 just to make a comerical. after he started doing that everon started likeing his and it got to his head and he started doing it more and more

  8. Anonymous

    I’m more tired of all the media adulation over the kid.

    I do, however, find it hilarious that all this is coming from a person who has a website about, is willing to fly to New York to see, and pretty much adores Rasheed Wallace — one of the biggest show boaters and trash talkers in the entire league. I love Sheed and his attitude, but call a spade a spade — if you hate when other people make gestures, talk trash, and gloat about plays they make — then don’t go and celebrate it when Sheed does it (for example, your love for Sheed calling “glass” or laughing at his opponents).

  9. Ree

    ok for the last anonymous, Sheed does not do this day in day out. he does it so his team can feed off it, wade does it so his ego can feed off it. i dont think Natalie was claiming that wade is the only show boat in the NBA, but its the manner he does it with.
    Sheed has always been the way he is today, but wade had a transformation around the ECF last year.

  10. Anonymous

    The Detroit Wade Brigade did it again. Quit leanin on every shot as if your gonna get a call. Dwayne isn’t a champ he’s a chump.

  11. Armando

    This is incredible! You guys don’t mind when the Pistons players celebrate. You want to talk attitude how about Rasheed laughing at the Bulls? Showing utter contempt for the refs? Where is seems that he complains about every call. How about Billups with that cocky look on his face every time he makes a shot? McDyess is another one who is full of himself. I guess people expect Wade to bow his head in sadness when he makes a shot. Grow up! There are players in the NBA that do worse. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  12. Anonymous

    You forget it’s Detroit… Only glass in teh city is from empty 40’s. Detroit is one of America’s BEAUTIFUL cities with all the poverty, smog, and concrete.

  13. Anonymous

    Let’s be honest with ourselves here. If you are a Piston fan, you love Rasheed for what he does, hos game and his attitude. If your team plays against the Pistons, you hate him for the same reasons. That’s why we as Piston fans hate Wade’s cocky attitude. I’ll admit, it drives me nuts too, but when he drops the last 17 points for his team to win a game, you have to admit the cocky thing is working out for him. If he was a Piston, you would love him. And as much as I would deny it, I would love him too.

  14. Anonymous

    Wade is a very talented player and thats what makes the all-star different from just a player.. the extra spice you bring everyday.. can you blame him? If you could make the shots he makes you would do it too.

  15. Anonymous

    Listen this pic is sad rasheed u r just hatin on d wade cu e showed u guyz off and kced ure behind when he won the eastern conference finals gaurensheed oh please

  16. Anonymous

    how is rasheed wallce gonna talk bout attitude when he has like 5 thousand technicals a yea o please he has nothing to say


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