Pistons 98 Miami 100

by | Feb 12, 2006 | 5 comments

Now those of you who know me by now understand that it takes me a while to get past a game like this. I can’t just fire off a post when we lose the way we did to Miami. Matt at Detroit Bad Boys.com did a great job so I will leave that to him. Call me dramatic, childish or even crazy it’s just how I deal.

I purposely didn’t call my best friend Jeff who was at the game in Miami, whom I had been in constant contact with during the game text messaging back and forth with a BA BA Billups or a SHEEEEED, whenever it warranted.
Well, about an hour after the game I had to call him to tell him something important, I hesitated then dialed. You see Jeff and I are cut from the same cloth, we don’t want to go into it, we try to get over it and move on.

The phone rings and he picks up. The first thing he says to me is, “I wasn’t going to call you until tomorrow.” “Me too but I had to tell you something important.” Right before I hung up I told him that I think I am over the loss, for once I’m going to try not to let it get me down.

This was his response.

Well I’m not, you werent there! The Heat crowd was dead the whole game, nobody gets fired up there. It’s nothing like being at The Palace, their crowd sucks. Nobody said a word to me the whole game while I stood and cheered with my Sheed jersey, Pistons hat and my Palace Playoff thunder sticks in hand. Then as I was leaving no one could shut up, pointing and talking smack to me from the long walk from my seats until I got to my car, and for every single person who pointed and praised the Heat and bashed the Pistons I had the same response for every single one of them.”

“Try that shit in a seven game series, and then come talk to me. Deeetroit Basketballl!”

Now Jeff came close to getting jumped but he didn’t care. He believes in our boys and will tell just about anyone who will listen and even those who don’t. I believe in them too, bring them all on, Dallas, Spurs, Miami, Indiana, or the Suns, it doesn’t matter. We are taking our trophy back this year and nobody’s going to stop us!

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This image was an idea Jeff (aka Billy Billups) had after the game, and I obliged. Thank you, Jeff for representing the Pistons in a very hostile environment. The wallpaper for this one will be up very soon.


  1. Big Al

    I’m not going to get all uptight about this game. You could tell the meant much more to thr Heat. When it was over, the way they celebrated, you’d have thought they won the damn NBA title!

    When you have to get a superhuman performance (Wade in the 4th) to beat the Pistons, I like the odds of the Pistons winning any series…

  2. Nique

    We’re still #1 in the league that’s all that matters.

  3. gongon

    i have a need for sheed to stop shooting so many god damn three pointers. i love the man but sheed do more work in the post and you and the pistons will be better of. we all know u can shoot the three u dont have to prove it by jacking up 10 or more a game. i love you sheed but please go into the post and work inside outside, no one can guard u in there.

  4. jeb

    i agree, sheed needs to stick with 5 or 6 threes per game

  5. RaSteve

    I have been saying that about Sheeds threes for a while. Somtimes I thin Chauncey takes a bit to many.



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