Rasheed Wallace’s Cousin Dies

by | Dec 23, 2005 | 33 comments

We would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Rasheed Wallace in their time of great sorrow. Tyree Wallace 22, first cousin of Rasheed Wallace was killed in a police shootout Thursday night.
Our prayers go out to the Family.


  1. Anonymous

    I don’t really feel bad about this kid’s death. When you hear about the circumstances, I am just grateful that he didn’t kill any police officers.

  2. Anonymous

    Who are you to say u don’t feel bad about Ty… Ty was a good kid who had alot of friends, who truly cared about him… He was at the wrong place at the wrong time… For you to judge him and say you don’t care, b/c he made a mistake, makes you an A** H***. You arent perfect…

  3. Anonymous

    we love ty, maybe you should read more than one article and read what witnesses said, ty was graduating in a few months with a bachelors degree, he was a good friend a good teammate and our arcadia basketball family won’t ever be the same without ty, ty was a special type of person that went way before his time that’s why everyone can’t take this. RIP TY LOVE U HOMIE FOR LIFE

  4. Anonymous

    Saying that you don’t feel bad for someone’s death, there must be something seriously wronge with you….Ty was a good kid who was friendly to everyone that I know. Everyone makes mistakes, but they should not result in death. He was heading for a bright future…Ty you will be missed.

  5. krystal

    WoW.. to say you don’t feel bad is one thing, but be a man about it at least and don’t leave urself anonymous. That just makes you a punk. Ty was an amazing person, a great friend and had such a bright future ahead of him. It takes a cold heart to say something like u did. apparently u must be perfect. b/c to say u don’t feel bad about someone who made a mistake… well god help u the next time u make a mistake. I only hope that it doesn’t end up the same way Ty’s did.

  6. Anonymous

    Hey the f***ing as**ole that said that does not feel bad, now ty is not here to tell his side but the cops are, and so is the media. Ty was going to school, knew him for 4 years and never heard him say anything bad bout anebody or do harm to anyone. You know wut makes me upset, is that that f***ing pig is still alive, as well as the dude buttmuncher that said that did not care.

  7. Anonymous

    I just graduated from Arcadia University and TY was a cool brother and everyone knew that. How can anyone write something bad about him and say they don’t feel sorry for him. You don’t know TY and you don’t have the right to judge someone. The media and the cops always make things bad for everyone and I guess you did the same. I guess the world and people like you don’t care.

  8. Anonymous

    Ty you will truly be missed. I was shocked and sad when i heard the news. I didnt believe you were dead for days till now i must face the reality of this tragedy. Ty always kept it real with me and for that I will always have a place in my heart for u. I can remember all the good times we had chillin in the dorm rooms. Im sorry i didnt keep in contact as much as I would have liked to. I gotta live with that regret. But i know u lookin down on all of us. RIP Ty WE love u
    <3 Melissa

  9. Anonymous

    Ty is an awesome person. I knew him since my freshman year at AU. Actually knew of him before because our schools were rivals. It’s sad to see him go so soon but now we just have another angel lookin down on us. We will never know what really happen but he didn’t have to go out like that. Let this be a lesson that you never know when your going to go so live life to the fullest and take nothin for granted. We LOVE you Ty and miss you sooooo much!

  10. kirbyc

    Perhaps before coldy and boldy (yet anonymously) declaring your lack of sympathy for this young mans death, you might lose your bias in favor of police officers and think of those people grieving and coping with Ty’s death. I say Ty because I knew the man, a soft-spoken, courteous kid whose manner could only be a product of good upbringing. I understand you may come from a police and/or fire oriented family, and feel for your favor of civil soldiers. However, I come from a long line of police and fire fighters myself, so I don’t think having family on the force justifies an inhumane, back-handed curse on this young man’s soul. So you are grateful he didn’t kill any cops. I agree with you, I am glad no one else had to lose their life in this tragedy, and that no one elses family is forced to deal with such a burden. Are you also glad that an entire college basketball team has been knocked down in the wake of Ty’s death? Or his former teammates from Roman Catholic high and the neighborhood? It’s really easy to write people off as “would-be cop killers” when you read a few columns in the paper or hear a blurb on the news. What I bet you didn’t take into account are the hundreds of classmates and friends Ty is leaving behind at Arcadia University, where he was due to graduate in the spring. I’m sure to most, maybe even you Anonymous, Tyree Wallace is just another drug-dealer gone, one more black man off the streets. It’s easy for you to be able to think that, because that’s the world we live in. You are a product of the system, a system which does not allow for sympathy for a dead African American male. The media has painted a picture for you, Anonymous, and your ignorant words are a sharp pain in the sides of all the friends Ty’s left behind. Your simple blog drops bombs of anonymous ignorance on our grieving heads, every time we read it. So open your ears to the “circumstance” of which you speak, and now blink your eyes at the truth that I’ve dropped for you. If you, an Anonymous but fellow human, still can’t “feel bad about this kid’s death,” then I sincerely feel bad for your misinformed and ignorant self. May God bless you with the wisdom and sight to see both sides of this news story. May he bless Officer Mitchell and his family, as well as the highway patrol and narcotics departments, the FOP, and any one hurting after this all too common tragedy. May he bless everyone involved, and keep Ty close in the palm of his hand.

    RIP Tyree Wallace
    21 too young but you’ll stay on our minds. We love you Ty.

  11. TomTom

    I just want to point out the fact that incase you don’t know the person who spoke before me is not of African descent. And that person has stated every term or point that even I would have made. But here’s a sitiuation and question for the Anonymous…. You’re a college undergraduate living in a fairly rough neighborhood. Provoked or influenced by the environment around you. You know what you have and want to do but survival is the one thing we are all taught. You want to quit the “game” but come to the conclusion you can’t. College work, traveling and basketball games take up most of your time so it’s hard for you to get a steady job and rev up an income. Finally the day comes when you have to make a decision of a your life. You know you have things either on or around you that may put you in jail for a good portion of your life. According to the media (which we have to go on unless any of us was there as I drove pass the situation at the hospital not knowing that I may know the person where all of the comotion was started)there were guns involved which can put a person in jail for 5 years guarenteed and posession of illegal substance which depending on the amount can put a person in jail for longer then that. Now like I said you’re an undergraduate and have things going for you but you feel this is the only way to get by for now. Given the current situation what would you do? Now if you don’t care then,no, I don’t see a person retiliating towards anything if he doesn’t care as to what happens next. But if I was in his sitaution, there is no doubt in my mind that I would gamble and take my chances as to trying to get away. I may not shoot at a cop or anyone for that matter but for a man to be scared to loose all that is known to him anything can happen. Personally, Ty was a good human being. He put a smile on peoples faces. But I’m sure by now we all know that the option Ty chose was a gamble for which he lost. But it was a lose- lose situation. I’m upset to the fact that only the people who knew him can only say good things about him. The world doesn’t see that. Thats why people make ignorant remarks about people they don’t know because the media and other sources blind them from seeing the truth. All I ask is that before making a dumba$$ remark about another person’s life try living that persons’ life first. Cuz personally I don’t think the Anonymous could have lived in Ty’s shoes for a second and thats give or take any reason.

    R.I.P. Tyree Wallace
    You will be missed

  12. Anonymous

    he pulled a gun on a police officer, how can you say he was a good kid

  13. Anonymous

    I dont have a blog name, so I have to post this anonymously, but this is Valerie, someone who loved and respected Ty very much. Yes, he pulled a gun on a police officer. But how can you criticize someone if you dont know what truly happened, or who Ty really was? You hear whats on the news or what you read in the paper. But the only ones who can say something about Ty are those of us who knew him as an amazing man who grew up in a rough area. Im sorry if you think you have never made a mistake in your life or did something you might regret later on. No one is perfect and for you to bash someone who happened to suffer for his mistake more than most makes me think you beleive you are superior. What happened is between God and Ty, and for all of us who knew him, we beleive strongly that Ty was a human being who made a simple mistake like everyone else does. Yes he shot a police officer, but that doesnt justify his death or give you ANY right to criticize him….When you are perfect, dont sin, and never do anything you may regret later, then you can talk. Love you Ty…

  14. Anonymous

    I am the original poster.

    He was a drug dealer. He pulled a gun on a police officer. You all can try to paint him as a saint, but anyone with emotional ties to an individual who dies instantly forgets about the wrong-doings of that person and turns them into some kind of perfect, untouchable, diety. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but he wasn’t. He was a parasite. He was a drug dealer, one of the lowest forms of scum out there, because he was gaining a profit off of other people’s addictions and was tearing down his own people. And then when the police try to intervene, when one of his deals goes down because an undercover cop — a person who was doing their job and trying to help clean up the terrible conditions that African Americans deal with — he pulls out a gun. Well, I am not sorry… I do NOT apologize for saying GOOD RIDDANCE. A potential cop-killer and a drug dealer to boot? That goes beyond simple “mistakes” and “flaws,” that classifies you as a terrible human being. Thank God that he didn’t kill any police officers. What the hell would you all have said then? If he were to have actually been able to pull that trigger and take the life of a cop? You’d all have to sit quietly and deal with the truth — that this young man isn’t the good person you paint him out to be. That “Ty” deserved what he got.

  15. Anonymous

    I also do not have a blog so I have to write this anonymously too. But for the record my name is Joe. I’m not quite sure how to start this off but here it goes. I didn’t personally know Tyree, but from what I read he sounds like a very good kid who made a mistake that cost him his life. The original poster keeps talking about Ty being a drug dealer, the lowest form of scum on this planet, but personally I think that anyone who can bad mouth a deceased person who they didn’t even know is the lowest form of scum. I mean bad mouthing a dead person is bad because they cannot defend themselves and all you are going by is what you’ve heard from the news. And we all know the news isn’t always the most reliable source there is. I am not an African American but I think that it is wrong that just because the color of someone’s skin that they can be considered a different level then a “white person.” Going back to the last post from the original “Anonymous” he says “he was gaining a profit off of other people’s addictions and was tearing down his own people.” Think about what you just said, do you not realize all of the other addictions that are out there that are legal. What about Cigarettes? The cigarette companies make almost two thousand dollars a year off of a single person. Just because what he was selling had the term “Illegal” on it made it much worse then anything else. I heard that a cop ran over the memorial that they put on the side of the road for Ty; I think that is totally ridiculous, that just shows that police have no respect for anyone. If that is what police officers can do then I have absolutely no respect for police officers anymore. That’s all I have to say.


    R.I.P Tyree Wallace
    You will be missed dearly

  16. TomTom

    First of all buddy. No one is painting a picture of a person who was already there. Maybe if you actually knew him or anyone else in his perdicament you wouldn’t be so quick to judge this person. You must be well off in the boondocks or something where things are so called picture perfect. Maybe you havn’t been watching the news and seeing that the world that we live in is not picture perfect. And for saying that this man was a parasite for doing something that even he knew was wrong…what the fcuk* are you? Now I could take what you said personally and look at the fact that you calling this man a parasite is like calling everyone in his neighborhood a parasite. Being as though it’s happening all around him and everyone else. Now you say he’s a parasite for corrupting his neighborhood for selling an illegal substance. Well I think that you’re corrupted and from seeing what you write in these blogs you should be put away for trying to corrupt other peoples minds with you fcuking* ignorance. You talk so much siht* but I wonder could you ever live the life style of a person like Ty’s. You don’t know anyone’s background to be talking about them. You should know that you can not judge a book by it’s cover. Just because the cover may look bad does not mean that the book isn’t good. Someone needs to really sit you down and figure you out cuz you got mad problems. Like I said before you need to put yourself in his situation but you probably can’t even do that cuz you’re so perfect and you probably know an officer or something. But know this no one is coming at the officer’s neck saying that what he did was wrong. He was protecting himself. “He shot an officer”…yadi,yadi,yadi…let’s see your true colors. Would you have a different opinion if the officer shot first and Ty or any other person was retiliating against them? Or is there no difference and it’s all wrong regardless.

  17. Anonymous

    responding to “Valerie”‘s little enlightenment, no im not perfect, but at least im not a dealer who shoots at cops…why don’t you all just face it- he was a messed up kid who got what had to be done…besides, how many people living in that area can get along just fine without selling drugs and shooting at cops?…..and how was he heading for a bright future……..?

  18. Anonymous

    Just wanted to send my prayers and condolences out to all of Ty’s family and friends on their tragic loss. He was a great basketball player and student and will surely be missed by all of his friends and teammates here at Arcadia University. You are in our thoughts! Rest in Peace.

  19. Anonymous

    For all u a** holes out there who are to stuck up your own a**es to care about a person, and only view Ty as a statistic… F*** You! My name is Josh… I am the origional person to reply to the first one sided anonymous blog… I went to school with ty and played basketball with him, for you to judge an individual based upon what you have heard only on the news, makes you an uneducated fool. You are quick to make bold statements, that clearly have a bigger impact than someone of your inteligence can understand. To make my point, i was fortunate enough to stumble upon your comment once you had written it… i could have easily forced myself to look the other way, but instead i decided to respond to it. and then i though… its people like you that make the world a horrible place to live in sometimes. you live your life based upon statistics, and are not educated enough to be open minded… so then i decided to send this link to others to see what they thought. Like i thought, you were only one of the few insensitive a** holes to feel the way you do. i bet if you look at your life closely, you probably hate yourself. You are probably the type of person who has no friends, and spends all their free time playing magic cards or videogames online all the time… you are probably 25-32, still living at home with mom and dad. You were a spoiled child, whose parents never took the time to explain to you, that just b/c you feel one way, its always the right way. You are the type looser that cries after your favorite professional sports team looses an important game, and laughs when thousands experience a loss like I have. Many of you are quick to say he deserved what he got? who do you think you are… Personally i feel bad for you… Have you ever had a true friend? Not a cyber buddy, but someone who could understand ur crazy ass, and somehow liked you for who u were? Even though he or she is probably a close minded idiot like yourself, picture how you would feel if they were in Ty’s sittuation? And just so u know, don’t believe everything you read… Read the articles. They said ty ran from the 3 cops but got shot twice in the chest and arm… his gun which was a hand gun not a tec 9 was found at the other end of his body? how do cops running behing him shoot him in the chest. You sound like a C.S.I. nerd… he ran, there were probably cops at the end of the block, and they decided to shoot first ask questions last… read it for yourself…


    All i can say is that I hope you never have to go through what all of us on this page are going through. And I can only pray to GOD that your life is never placed in the hands of someone else? Especially if they are close minded and simple minded like yourself.

    R.I.P. Ty
    You are in a better place now, where you wount be judged by the simple minds on this earth

  20. Anonymous

    How was he heading for a brighter future? Are you honestly going to sit there and ask such a ridiculous question? First and foremost, I’m sitting here wondering just exactly who you are. You must honestly sit there and think that you are God’s gift to the world. Who are you? Where did you grow up? How can you not think that he was heading towards a brighter future? I’m sure if I knew you I’d find out that at one time you had a low point in your life. Maybe your ignorance is your low point and someday you’ll open your eyes to find that the world isn’t all butterflies and rainbows.
    Now I don’t exactly know Ty’s whole situtation but I know that I came from a good neighborhood, a good family, and a place where I never really had to work and I still have a difficult time making it through life. Who cares if Ty was dealing drugs. Maybe there was a reason for that. Not all people do it to create violence and crime on the streets. He was going to Arcadia, a private and expensive school. If you ever went to college you should know those are the worst financial times as a young adult. You make it seem like Ty was some sort of murderer and he had what was coming to him. I guess next time you’re in a time of panic and make a mistake you’ll get whats coming to you. Hopefully not death because no one neither deserves it or has it coming to them no matter what they did.
    Dude, he wasn’t a messed up kid. I was sitting there stressing over my finals probably a week before he died and he wished me well on everything, hoping that I made it through everything ok. Ty didn’t do it just to act nice. He was a genuinely nice guy and would do anything to put a smile on your face.
    You shouldn’t label Ty as “a dealer who shoots at cops.” I’m sure you don’t label youself or want to be labeled as, “a fucking asshole ignorant bastard” even tho at this point in time thats what you are right? Mistakes don’t make you who you are. They help to better you and mold you into someone you want to be. He was a kid for God’s sake. He was allowed to live and learn. Unforntunately for Ty he won’t get to move into the brighter future he was going to have after graduating in May because his certain mistake came with the worst consequence.
    Why don’t you just give up and stop being such a dickhead. Wait till someone close to you dies and see how you feel. I bet your friend sitting next to you at the bar is dealing drugs..just as long as he doesn’t shoot at cops everythings good, right? That seems to be your main problem. You have so much hated. “how many people living in that area can get along just fine without selling drugs and shooting at cops?…..and how was he heading for a bright future……..?
    To answer your question, alot of people have come from bad areas. Some of those people are the people playing for your favorite basketball and football teams and your favorite actors making the millions. Doesn’t matter where you grew up and what you’ve gotten yourself into. The sun still comes up day after day giving you that opportunity for a brighter future.

  21. Mo

    Ok I tried to start an account because theres no need to post Anonymous but until I have time it will be anonymous but this is Mo a few people know me on here. As I sit here and become more and more disgusted with what Mr.Anon. has posted and keeps posting I can’t even begin to fathom whats going on. I just really really can’t believe you actually have the time to sit and write such incriminating things about an individual you don’t know and unfortunately never will have a chance to know. I really want to know if this was someone that was dear to your heart like your brother would you begin to let people sit here and talk about him and they know nothing about him? Honestly I don’t think you would, you would blow the computer up. This is the way I feel because I was a very close friend of Ty’s more like fam and I have to have his back dead or alive. But you my friend are a very lost soul that has been mislead and miseducated.I pray for people like you everyday really I do because people like you are the ones that truly kill innocence people. But I really wanted to give you a piece of my mind by cussing you out. But No I feel you are enjoying that everyone is coming at you hard so thats why you continue to post the same damn argument but we will not let you win if you continue to do so I will get you thrown off this site no matter what I have to do because we’re here to celebrate his life and that we Ty’s real friends and family can let him live on in peace and not through all of this nonsense thats all I have to say.

    Ty baby I still can’t believe your gone and I will no longer get to see you face to face and share our moments that we had but I will see you again til then rest in peace babes I got your back forever I will not let ignorance win never have I and I wont let it start now.
    Much Love Mo!

  22. Freddy

    The Tyree Wallace many may not know.

    While reading this site, I found it odd that someone would be amused enough to not care about Tyree Wallace. As musch as we may not want to remember what happenened–a stupid mistake and bad misjudgement on Ty’s part–you cannot change what happened that fateful day. I send my condolences to Tyree’s family and hope they are doing fine over the rough,holiday break.

    Ty, to me was a kind-hearted individual who would want to have a conversation with anyone (not just me) and would always treat people with respect. He would never hesitate to lend a hand if someone needed it. This is a side of Ty many people never saw if they only viewed the media’s viewpoints about him. Ty was a friend to anyone. never would he turn people down. Ty, was well liked and supported and then he made a fateful mistake which cost him dearly. And he will be missed.

    The first comment on this blog (after the condolences to the family) was written by an asshole who clearly had no right to say this about Ty. Have you no decency for a person or his family. Ty may have made a stupid decision but he is not a bad person. I’m just don’t want other peope towrite similar things on this sites. Can you at least have a heart, my friend died here. Really have some decency. No one is perfect. We all mistakes, some worst than others.

    Once again my condolences go out to the family of Tyree Wallace and hope they are doing fine through this rough, holiday break.

  23. Anonymous

    a kind person wouldnt pull a gun on a police officer and sell drugs that sounds 2 me like a criminal. i guess im going 2 sell drugs cause i guess u get sympathy

  24. Natalie

    As the owner of this blog, I am sorry that my sincere condolences to the Wallace family have provoked anger and hate in a time that we should have sympathy to a family who have lost a loved one. My only purpose for the post in the first place was of sympathy, I did not have any idea it would turn into a heated argument that was not my intent. Once again I am sincerely sorry to the family and friends of Ty and I hope any derogatory posts will stop

  25. Anonymous

    THis is Valerie again. For the anonymous writer who feels he is superior and has never done something wrong in his life, may god have mercy on your soul. Judgement is a sin. You unfairly and without true proof except from second hand sources are judging a man that many of us knew on a personal level. Yes, we all agree that what Ty did was unfortunate and wrong. But do you, Joe, Mr. all knowing anaonymous, know how Ty grew up, what he went through everyday, his family life and everything else that he went through? You know nothing but what society and unintelligent people like you like to say about a kid growing up in a rough part of town. Labeling Ty as only a drug dealer is an uneducated and completely cruel stereotype. Ty was so many things that were wonderful. I wonder if you ever had a drink underage and attempted to drive? Or ever smoked pot before? Maybe even committed a sin? Unless you were there the night of the incident and unless you knew Ty, you have no right what so ever to say one negative thing about Ty. What if Ty was one of your close friends? What if someone close to you drank and drove, killing someone else? Would you call them a parasit? Someone taking ahold of our laws and twisting them? Do you even think about all of the sins and things you have probobly done in your life that could have resulted in something similar to what happend to Ty? Honestly, I hope you know what a truly heartless, uneducated, disgusting person you are coming off to be. I feel sorry for someone like you. Have you thought about Ty’s family and friends who are suffering? Dont you think they are reading all of this? Im sorry you are so empty inside that you have to make cruel and completely creditless assumptions about Ty to make yourself feel better. Ty was an amazing man. Yes, he made a mistake, he is human. But to classify him as a worthless drug seller, a parasite, is apalling to me. May god help you grow into a real human being before your heart and mind are completely gone, if they aremt already.

    To Ty’s family..Im sorry you have to see this uneducated, worthless person write unrealistic comments about Ty. We who knew Ty closely are those who truly see what an amazing man he was.

  26. Anonymous

    How stupid can you insensitive people be? Read this article,


    they found bullets/ and the cop was shot by a tech 9… the tech 9 was in the house and Ty had the hand gun on him, which he had a permit to carry… Ty probably threw his gun so if he got caught, he would only be charged for selling weed and no weapon charges… use your common sense… if you want to kill a cop, and you know that you are getting life in jail or the death penalty, then y throw your un and run? Ty had too much to live for…

  27. Anonymous

    I am shocked, disgusted and ashamed of the way the media has handled the death Tyree and the coverage of this story. Is it not enough that Tyree’s parents have lost a son and that we at Arcadia have lost a friend? Although I did not know Tyree as well as some other people at Arcadia, I can happily say that Tyree was a well spoken and intelligent individual. It is so amazing how the media paint this devious picture of him as a cop killer and a drug dealer who sold drugs and tried to taint our neighborhoods? Well did you know him Action 6 news like we did? Did you hang out with him and chatted with him, dancied with him at one of our parties? Did you know him as a person? It is so easy to smear blame and ignorance when you are sitting behind the tv screen and behind a computer typing things like “I don’t really feel bad about this kid’s death.” SHAME ON YOU! This person was a human being and a good person!

    I don’t know what truly happened and I don’t think any of us will. We can only ponder, guess at to what had happened. I would have been a lot more open to the possibility of maybe believing what the news said until I suddently realized that not one Arcadia student, professor or friend was interviewed. Not one family member or former school classmate was asked to tell another side of the story. The only thing I saw in the news headline was “Officer wounded, suspect killed.” How democratic is that?

    There are always two or even three sides to every story and the fact that all these anonymous people have already judged as well as all those in the area who have heard the news without hearing at least our side of the story, is wrong. Tyree may not have been an angel or perfect but no one is. He was going to school and even graduating this year from Arcadia. He was a student, a classmate, a son, and most importantly he was a friend. Make sure that before you slander his name, you remember that there are other sides to the story and that what you hear may not always be as truthful as you believe it is.

    Tyree, I hope that you are in a better place now and I am sorry that you had to die like this. But what gives me hope is that you are in a better place, a place where they won’t label you and judge you. I will forever cherish the fond memories I have of you.


  28. Anonymous

    this is Chris-and I dont want to get into any negativity on this site, I only want to focus on the positive things that i knew about Ty. Like many have gone before me and said, Ty was a great person, and will truly be missed. And no matter what the media, police and others may say-true friends of Ty know the deal. We know the type of person he was, we know what Tyree was about. So lets keep that in mind. Lets keep the memory of Tyree Wallace strong, and continue to pray for his family. We love u Ty. R.I.P.- Chris

  29. Anonymous

    Its Josh agian… Who are you to mock Ty’s actions and criticize him? And just to get things clear… Thry found a bag of marajuana on him… not coke, or heroine, a bag of weed. Ill be the first to admit what Ty was doing was wrong, but you insensitive Pricks make it seem as if his death was justified… Read the articles closely, he was bum-rushed by 3 unidentified officers, who he probably presumed to be 3 individuals trying to rob him? he ran scared for his life… So according to you, any suburbian kid running from the cops, b/c they don’t want to get caught for underage drinking should be shot and killed? How can you honestly say that a persons life should be defined by their last moments on earth? It is easy for all of you to say what is right and wrong, b/c you werent in his sittuation. You can say he was wrong for selling drugs (which i agree with) b/c you didn’t live where he lived. All this is fine… but what you didn’t know is he has a family, and friends who knew who he really was. These people care not only about him, but are civilized enough to be glad that Ty didn’t accidentally kill a cop. We could be idiots like you and look only from the stand that good, “He got what he deserved” (And For Whomever had the balls to say that, may God have mercy on your soul, b/c 1 day your life may be in the hands of someone else, and I can only hope they are nothing like you, b/c if so, you will be the top story on the 11 O’Clock News) But as socialized humans, we have a heart and compassion for everyone hurt in this sittuation. But that is not the reason i sent this site around to all of my friends and all of Ty’s friends… This was meant to ease the feelings of loss that we all share, help all those hurting cope with the loss of a loved one, by remembering the good times we had with him.

    R.I.P. Ty
    You will be loved and missed forever

  30. Anonymous

    R.I.P Ty
    *for those who did know you, your presence on this earth will be greatly missed*

  31. Anonymous

    I did not know Ty personally but I can tell that he was a good kid but got caught up in the fast life. To all of Ty’s family out there im sorry and I wish the best for all of you.

    R.I.P. Tyree Wallace


  32. Anonymous

    For the person who stated they don’t feel bad about Ty death; you are heartless and inconsiderate to life. If it was someone in your family you would have pain and sorrow that this kid parents along with family is feeling right now. Maybe you should read the bible and reflect on how God wanted us not to judge nor criticize the wrongdoers. This world is cruel and full of evil spirits; the world has to come to destruction and it will never end until we educate ourselves and others about true freedom; and act on it in a positive manner. Let our positive actions, education, petitions and voices be heard through congress remember change happens with numbers. The more you have in numbers and fighting for the same cause the better the results. Let’s step up and regain our heritage; along with our freedom without violence.

  33. Anonymous

    Police officers pull guns on us African Americans all the time for no apparent reason, and try to frame us that’s unacceptable! but due to the laws that keeps us oppressed we have to suffer for this slave mentality that we live in. Life isn’t fair and change does need to come about; but in the meantime, we need to make sure we educate ourselves and our children about how racism is still alive and strong and work on ways in which we can keep it from killing off our species; without becoming violent. We must understand that the government is killing us slowly with all types of things from guns, drugs, incest, rape, robbery etc. we must educate ourselves and others to move beyond poverty and get back into churches and start allowing GOD to take over our lives; and allowing him to guide us in the direction that we need to be in. Keep the faith and believe that we shall overcome some day; soon and very soon shall we see the true blessings of the Lord in our lives.


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