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Allen Iverson got his first win in a Pistons uniform Tuesday night in Sacramento. Detroit’s 100-92 victory over The Kings looked like it might not come as the Pistons once again started the game out of sync while the Kings got off to an early 15 point lead.

Key Points:

  • The first thing that made me take notice during the game was that Detroit once again let a role player light them up. Spencer Hawes? Really? The kid led the Kings with 19 points, in 25 minutes off the bench.
  • Rip has yet to find his shot with 17 points on 4-16 shooting. It will come, but Detroit is lucky Tayshaun is stepping up in the meantime.
  • There were a couple of guys in the Sacramento crowd jawing the whole game. I don’t know how that place is miked up but you could hear just about everything. Serious heckler, it must be his second job. Mr. Blaha even made mention of it.
  • It was an Iverson night, Allen played all but 2 minutes of the game and led Detroit with 30 points on 9-for-19 shooting. He was just an assist short of a double-double and also grabbed 7 boards on the night. It was a highlight filled night for Iverson, something Pistons fans have been waiting for.

Allen Iverson Scores 30


  • “You have no idea (how good it feels),” said Iverson. “That’s a huge lift off of me. It just feels good. I wanted to get that monkey off my back and get that first win. Now we can try to get a whole lot more.” Via The Detroit News
  • Does Mikki Moore act like a thug every game or does he just do it against Detroit, because I sure notice it a lot. He pushed Amir to the ground and got away with it, but if Blaha had anything to do with it, he’d have a suspension coming.
  • No Stuckey, no matter. Will Bynum is making the most of his time on the floor. I don’t think I have ever been so pleasantly surprised by a player I didn’t know much about before. The guy is fearless and willing to take it to the hole no matter who’s waiting. And isn’t it fitting that one his highlights was The Play of The Game.
  • Arron Afflalo started playing like he had been in the pre-season and it looks like he’s out of Curry’s doghouse. He put up 6 points in 18 minutes of the floor while being productive defensively.
  • AI sees Maxiell……the crowd gasps.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit
  • Fifteen minutes for Amir, zero points (didn’t shoot), 3 boards and one blocked shot.
  • On a side note, I don’t know how many of you watch the post game report on FSN Detroit, but can someone please tell Ryan Field that his new catch phrase when wrapping up the game “a hoop and the harm” is getting annoying very quickly.
  • 41.6% shooting on the night for The Pistons to The Kings 48.7%.
  • Board war lost, 44 to 39.
  • Rasheed was clutch defensively down the stretch. Sheed finished with 7 points, 7 boards, a steal and 3 blocked shots.
  • Tayshaun again comes up HUGE for The Pistons and really has been the MVP of the team thus far. A double-double for Prince with 26 points, 11 boards, 2 assists and a steal in 43 minutes. Here are his video highlights on the night.

Tayshaun Prince


  • Lots of Tay, not a minute for Herrmann.
  • Highlights of The Game.
  • Kwame did a nice job with 5 points in 16 minutes on the floor.
  • Stuckey is cleared to play and should join the team soon.
  • Curry insists things will start to shape up.
  • This West Coast trip is going to hurt many of you (including me right now), who get up in the wee hours of the morning to head off to work or school.
  • Detroit Bad Boys is relieved to get the first AI win.
  • Don’t worry an AI Wallpaper is on the way.
  • It was nice to see the Pistons close it out, I remember when I always had faith in the team to close a game out.

Your update on Rodney Stuckey: He didn’t make the trip to California.

“When the Pistons boarded their flight to Sacramento on Monday morning, they were another point guard short of a full team. One week after the Pistons traded Chauncey Billups in the deal for Allen Iverson, Rodney Stuckey stayed home for further medical observation after a bout with dizziness during Sunday’s loss to Boston.” Via

Wait, does this mean more BYNUM?

Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit