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When the Pistons announced that Rip Hamilton was out Sunday afternoon with an “upset stomach” I immediately thought to myself…here we go again, he can’t handle the fact the Ben Gordon is starting so he’s faking an illness.

In fact, if you follow me on Twitter you would have noticed my Tweets claiming just that. I even discussed it with my media buddies covering the game and no one wanted to touch the subject, but they solidified my suspicions.

Here are my tweets from Vincent Goodwill the Detroit Pistons beat writer.

Then his answer:

Then this is today’s piece from Goodwill in the Detroit News.

Hamilton’s non-participation in Saturday’s practice, along with his upset stomach that caused him to miss Sunday’s game and complaints about his diminished role have led some in the organization to wonder if Hamilton has quit on the Pistons.

“He quit on us,” one team source said. Another team source said Hamilton is acting out of emotion and should adjust.

Hamilton’s been on the trading block for two years, and he would like a change of scenery.

And, on Sunday, just before a game against the New Orleans Hornets, Hamilton, who was replaced in the starting lineup over the weekend by Ben Gordon, told the team he had an upset stomach and could not play. After the game, a number of people associated with the team questioned his “upset stomach.”

Then there’s the Joe Dumars interview from 96.1 Grand Rapids:

“I haven’t spoken to Rip since. We had a day off today. I’ll see how Rip is doing tomorrow when he gets in here.

“But whatever issues I have to deal with, I don’t duck them. Whatever comes up, I deal with it. Rip has been good for me. I’ll see how he is when he comes in tomorrow, and if he and I need to sit down and have a long talk, we will.”

It’s not like we don’t know that Rip has been on the trading block, and he’s hard to move.  We also understand the Dumars doesn’t have free reign to make trades because of the ownership situation.  We do know that maybe, just maybe someone would take on his contract considering the fact the the Wizards moved the unmovable Gilbert Arenas and his gigantic contract.

What’s disturbing is the fact that this isn’t the first time Rip’s ego has gotten in the way of the teams well being.  The fact that acted like a child, and threw a tantrum because he wasn’t starting  just shows that he’s checked out.  It’s not like he’s making his case any better to other teams with that kind of attitude.  And he has no leg to stand on because he hasn’t been the same player since Chauncey was traded.

I’m over him, if all we got in exchange for Rip was some Chicken Nuggets and some home improvement coupons, I’m OK with it.


Rip is hurt someone in the organization said he quit on the team – Check out the article over at MLive with audio from Chris Iott

In David Aldridge’s article chronicleing the ‘Melo saga he threw in this line.

“A league source said Denver had made a recent attempt to pry Detroit guard Rip Hamilton from the Pistons without success to show Anthony that the organization could still put talented players around him.”

Most Pistons fan would think this was possible considering the fact that Rip and Chauncey are 2 peas in a pod but Pistons insiders don’t buy this one.

Just follow Matt Dery @deryNBA as well as M’Live’s Chris Iott @Chris_Iott and the Vincent Goodwill  @vgoodwill of the Detroit News on Twitter for the inside scoop.

If you really think about it, what could Denver offer Detroit for Rip?  Rip has 38 million over the next three seasons.  To keep  Mello, Chancey, Rip together they would have to give up Nene and more which I doubt would happen.

Trust Matt and the gang…this one is doesn’t work.

UPDATE: From Chris Iott of MLive

“A source with the Detroit Pistons said today that there is absolutely no truth to the report that the Denver Nuggets tried to acquire Pistons guard Richard Hamilton in a last-ditch effort to keep Carmelo Anthony in Denver.”

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