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I was one of the not so happy #Pistons fans at the Palace Saturday night as Detroit again go pummeled by the Pacers 90-72. It didn’t help that a bus load of fans from Indiana donned in yellow and blue cheered and chanted in unison from the minute the Pacers stepped on the court for warm ups downing out on of the bigger crowds at the Palace I’ve seen all season. I’m not knocking the Pacers, who are clearly the better team, but it’s tough to watch another game like especially after Friday night’s embarrassing performance.

Will Bynum was truly the only good thing going for the Pistons Saturday night single handily getting the team back at time when literally nobody else on the court could make a basket. Just ask Charlie V who was 1-of-11 on the night. That was until the fourth quarter when Will Bynum was ejected for punching Tyler Hansbrough in the groin in the fourth quarter.

I knew it wasn’t going to be “The Malace at the Palace” part two, but things got heated between Hansbrough and Bynum, with Charlie V and Kyle Singler in the mix too. Tyler is one of those scrappy get in the way and do whatever type players. I guess the little Bynum took offense to Tyler and this is when the incident happened.

After Will was ejected Charlie V and Kyle Singler made a point to foul Hansbrough very hard every time he got to the basket, I’m sure standing up for their ejected teammate.

Being at the Palace and having seats across from where the action took place didn’t help me realize what happened until I saw the clip, since they don’t show replays like this on the Palace court when they are under review. Will clearly punched Hansbrough, but we don’t know the exactly what when on during the game that led up to it besides the screen he put on Will.

Tyler to pretty much every other team besides his own is just a pest. I didn’t know that I was the only one that was annoyed by him until I read the comments on this YouTube video that praises Bynumite for taking care of Tyler. I don’t condone violence on court, especially since I was one of those fans at the Palace the night of the brawl, but a little jab to Hansbrough is fine with me.

The Pistons will (hopefully) kick off the New Years Eve festivities at the Palace with a win against the Pacers.

  • The good: Moose Monroe. Charlie V back to help him down low.
  • The bad: The Pacers pummeled the Pistons in the season opener.
  • The unknown: Will it be as bad as last time..or last night for that matter.

The Game Day Report via

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Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year!

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Looking pretty awful form most of the game and the Pacers leading by as much as 16 points, the Pistons got to within two early in the fourth period, but didn’t lead until Austin Daye’s 17 foot jump shot that put them one up with 11.1 remaining. Then Brandon Rush spoiled it and Rodney Stuckey’s turnover did Detroit in. The 101-102 loss stings more than most.

Key Points:

  • Career high and one heck of a game for Rookie Greg Monroe, who led all scorers with 27 points, 12 boards and a steal and an assist in 32 minutes on the floor. The loss hurts but I was feeling it a little more for spoiling the great game for Monroe. He’s a Stud Pistons fans.
  • Speaking of Greg, I was worried Kuester was going to sit him in the fourth again, he sat the first half on the fourth quarter when he already had put up 20 and 12. I’m in coach criticize mode more than ever now.
  • 14 of Greg’s 27 came in the third quarter.
  • Game changer – Tyler Hansbrough led the Pacers with 21 points and 12 boards and he scraped and scrapped his way to a win for his team. He’s the kind of player that fans like in Detroit because he’s 100% hustle and heart.
  • Prince, who started where he left off Tuesday night (cold), left the game with what was described as a sore sacroiliac joint – extreme lower back.  He didn’t return and no new yet whether he’ll be in the lineup on Friday.
  • T-Mac with a season high 12 assists, 16 points and one blocked shot. He saw more action because Tayshaun didn’t return.

Tracy McGrady: “It’s very disappointing, especially when you give yourselves a chance to win the ballgame. The second half we came out with a lot more energy. Had we played that way for two halves, we probably would have won the game. We were one play away from winning the game.”

  • How do you let Brandon Rush in for that dunk when the game is on the line? That shot was crushing, especially after the high that came from Austin Daye’s jumper to take the lead.
  • Highlights of the Game via

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  • It was Monroe who brought the team back from their 16 point hole.

Greg Monroe: “It felt good to be in a game like that, but I’d rather come out with a win…We have to play the whole game like we did in the fourth quarter and we might have a different outcome. (On his performance in general) I missed about six or seven easy lay-ups early in the game and some open jump shots. We still found a way to stay in the game, but if I make those easy buckets we win the game.”

  • You know I like to make up words..this one came to me while watching Greg’s game last night.  He was MONROEgeous, GREGstonishing, GREGsational, GREGxtraordinary, GREGxtravagant…I could go on and on.Cartoon Greg Monroe
  • Two winnable games in a row, and two losses. When you’re trying to make the playoffs this spells doom.
  • Maxiell with some time, I’m sure to try to stop Hansbrough.
  • Just 5 minutes for Charlie V who didn’t look that happy sitting most of the game.
  • Stuckey with 21 on 8-14 shooting and (ouch) 6 turnovers.
  • Ben Wallace looked much more engaged in this one, grabbing 10 boards and scoring 6.
  • The other Ben continued to shoot well with 12 on 5-for-10 shooting.
  • Austin Daye hits a big shot that almost wins the game. He played 14 minutes with 2 blocks, 3 boards an assist and 4 points.
  • Trade deadline hours away…don’t bet on a thing people.
  • Dumars hard-pressed to make a deal at the deadline. Via @Vee_Ellis4Freep