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The Pistons continue to go through their growing, slowing, showing or blowing pains….take your pick. After a semi-solid three quarters of ball at the Palace of Auburn Hills against a Sixers team that was minus their All Star, Detroit let a 15 point third quarter lead turn into a demoralizing loss. Another struggling team comes into The Palace and takes down the home team.

Key Points:

  • 38 points in fourth quarter for The Sixers pretty much says it all.
  • 96-91 Final Score, Detroit didn’t really even have a chance in the closing minutes.
  • When does Sheed come to play and when doesn’t he? It’s not about talent because from an outsiders point of view he looks like he puts forth effort when he feels like it. The Timeberwolves or the Sixers aren’t good teams so he doesn’t show? I knew it was going to be one of those nights when his first shot was a ridiculous hook that I cant recall him ever attempting since wearing red, white and blue.
  • Put as much effort into the games as you have for North Carolina basketball and Detroit will win it all Rasheed.
  • I’m putting much of the blame for the loss on Coach Curry. Like The Fluidics said in the comments, he would rather sit a player to prove a point than put his best team on the floor. I’m not saying that happened last night but you can see his mistakes are costing Detroit games.
  • Webster buried us with a three. It doesn’t get much worse than that.
  • Was it just me or was Kwame Brown doing a hell of a job on the defensive end in the first half and then Curry didn’t use him when Detroit’s defense was breaking down in the fourth.
  • A Maxiell dunk has to make you smile if you actually read down this far…enjoy. Read More →