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The Pistons got a much-needed win on the road against the Kings Wednesday night. With a 57-58 halftime score the game that looked like it was going to a battle, but the Pistons put the pedal to the floor with a 31 point swing and led by 15 with four minutes left in the third quarter and never looked back.

Key Points:

  • Stuckey and Monroe put up huge numbers, as well as Prince. The trio combined for 95 of the Pistons 124 points.
  • Prince had 28 including his 9000th career point. Prince, who’s been playing well during the Pistons resurgence added 7 assists, 2 blocked shots a steal and five boards in 36 minutes on the floor.
  • Trade deadline is 3pm today – Via @Chris_Broussard ESPN Insider “Detroit is shopping Austin Daye all day every day. Not many teams biting right now.”
  • Monroe and Brandon Knight with double-doubles.
  • Brandon Knight scored 10 point,a career high 11 assists, and zero turnovers.
  • Yes…that happened.

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  • The Pistons were giving up easy baskets to start this one, but started to play with more energy in the second quarter. Key word…Defense.
  • Every game this team plays better defense. Thank you L Frank.
  • Greg Monroe, winner of the Monroe/Cousins battle put up 32 points on 15 for 20 shooting with 11 board. He looked like he was on a mission all night long.

Greg Monroe: “The first game we won (against the Kings in Detroit). Tonight we won and that’s all that matters. Great team effort tonight, (Rodney) Stuckey got hot. Tay (Prince) got hot.… You never let a one-on-one matchup win the game.”

Greg Monroe vs. The Kings

Photo/Getty Images editing

  • The Kings had 48 points with seven minutes left in the first half.
  • Another Stucktacular night for Rodney, who led all scorers with 35 points, 6 assists and 5 boards. As most of us have said before, this is what Stuckey could have always done if he was a two guard instead of making him be the point on this team for so many seasons.

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  • Jerebko had a bug and missed shoot around, but still managed to play 15 minutes. He scored 4 points with 4 fouls.
  • Pistons outscored the Kings 40-23 in the third quarter.
  • Playing like a team. Detroit with 29 assists on the night.

Lawrence Frank: “We loss to Utah, we won tonight, and now we prepare for Phoenix. I don’t look at it as an entire road trip. I look at it as one game at a time. I don’t think losing to Utah set a bad tone; I think we just lost the game. We are coming together as a team. It’s been a collection of things that are happening together that has allowed us to get some wins. We are making incremental improvements. It’s not just one game or one player, but as a team we are doing well on both sides of the ball.”

  • Nice to get this one, especially with the schedule.
  • Ben Gordon anyone?  Deadline coming up.

I refuse to us a cheesy title like “The Pistons can’t stand the Heat” or “Detroit gets burned by the Heat.”  The truth is, the Pistons team that took the floor Wednesday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills was not the one we have seen this season.

With the Detroit in control, and with the lead most of the game the Pistons allowed the Heat to go on a 15-0 run to start the fourth quarter. The Pistons saw their 8 point lead turn into a 7 point deficit as Kuester scrambled to take a time out after defensive mishaps so he could put his started back in the game.  Though as hard as they fought, they just couldn’t get over the momentum change and the advantage the Heat gained to start the fourth quarter.

Not even Rodney Stuckey’s POSTERIZATION of Chris Bosh could bring them back in their 100-94 loss to Miami.

Key Points

  • Once the Heat took over in the fourth the best the Pistons could do was get with 4 points of the lead.
  • Sad that this one had to come down to a bad fourth quarter of defensive blunders and substitution issues.  Detroit really could have pulled it out.
  • I don’t care if we lost, they played hard and it was nice to see the Heat shocked by this team that they took for pushovers.   And the Stuckey dunk helped.
  • In the fourth when Charlie Villanueva was quickly pulled for Tayshaun, it seems as though he wasn’t too happy with the change as reported by Vince Ellis of the Free Press.

Kuester: “The matchups – that’s exactly what happened, they went small and we went with our normal second group. It was tough for AD and Charlie to match up with their shooters, so you have to make a decision.”

  • After shooting 60% for most of the  first half and 59.6 % through three quarters, the Pistons slumped to a  21%– 4 of 19 in the fourth quarter.
  • Leading by eight points to start the fourth quarter the bench unit of Ben Gordon, Rodney Stuckey, Austin Daye, Charlie Villanueva and Jason Maxiell on the floor went 0-for- 6 with two turnovers on their first eight possessions.
  • What vitamins has Chris Wilcox been taking and why didn’t he start taking them like two seasons ago?
  • Yes, and then there is Greg Monroe with another double-double (his 17th of the season) with 14 points and 12 boards in 35 minutes on the floor. Do you really still want DeMarcus Cousins? Like we need more drama on this team.
  • Video Recap via

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  • I still hate everything about the Heat and will root for any other team that they go up against.
  • Rip Hamilton led Detroit with 27 points om 9-for-16 shooting with 4 assists and 2 boards. Even Blaha was wondering was this the Hamilton of old. It sure looked like it.
  • Four Pistons in double figures.
  • Sometimes I actually forget that Jason Maxiell is on this team.
  • Ben Gordon 11 minutes and just one shot. This is truly not what he signed up for.
  • Detroit won the battle of the boards 37-34.
  • Detroit had 38 points in the paint while giving up 40 and their biggest lead was 9.
  • Sometimes a loss can be enjoyable to watch, especially when your team is fighting to win and giving it their all.
  • Seriously though, the Stucktacular Dunk (link to the video below) brought the house down!
  • Now we get back to the games on the schedule that they should really win. Take a look they really could get almost all of them, we did beat Boston this season remember.

Check out this video of Rodney Stuckey’s emphatic DUNK over Chris Bosh

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Video courtesy of the NBA and the Detroit Pistons

The season of strange starting lineups continued tonight, as the Raptors traveled to Detroit to face off against the Pistons who were in the middle of a 3 game losing streak.  The Pistons 4 oldest players started (with Monroe), and used a 38 point 1st quarter to jump out to a huge lead to overtake the reeling Raptors ballclub.

3 players for the Pistons carried the scoring load – Hamilton with 24, Prince with 22 and Greg Monroe with 21 to go along with 10 rebounds.  It was clear the Pistons were going to pull this one out from the jump, their cuts were sharp, and their jumpshots were falling.

Rodney Stuckey came off the bench and had 14 assists to go along with 3 points (all from the free throw line) and Ben Gordon scored 6 points in 13 minutes.

  • These St. Patrick’s Day uniforms have got to go – the Raptors uniforms are hideous
  • Former Piston great Amir Johnson missed the game with an ankle :(
  • The Raptors do have a pretty impressive group of youngsters who have been playing well of late – Andrea Bargnani, the most recognizable name from the bunch lead the Raps in scoring with 20 points
  • Ed Davis, who a lot of Pistons expert writers were saying the Pistons would draft in this past year’s draft, was outmatched by Greg Monroe in the paint and on the boards
  • 2 DNPs tonight for Detroit – Will Bynum and Jason Maxiell
  • Richard Hamilton with a Pistons team high +15 on the night
  • Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva played 13 minutes each – lowest minute total of all players
  • The “Brazilian Blur” Leandro Barbosa filled up the cup for 18 points in 26 minutes off the bench for the Raptors
  • 15,166 reportedly in attendance – the arena looked emptier than that
  • Toronto was able to narrow the lead to 6 – and Detroit lead by as many as 20
  • Rodney Stuckey had a career low in shot attempts tonight with 1 to go along with 14 assists.  This honestly looked to me like one of those Kobe Bryant games where he tries to prove he’s not a ballhog and can be a distributor the team needs
  • Hamilton, who averages 17.6 points a night against the Raptors, scored 24 points
  • Recap via

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The good thing about this win: the Pistons won.  The bad thing, if there is a bad thing about winning: they’re now 6 games up on the Raptors in the Eastern Conference and they’re lined up with 6th-7th pick slot in the lottery.

Up next for the Pistons, Landry Fields brings his pals Jared Jeffries and Ronny Turiaf to the Palace on Friday when the Knicks go up against the Pistons.  Pistons fan favorite Chauncey Billups will make his first appearance in a Knicks uniform on the Palace floor, so that should be exciting.  Since Billups will be back in Detroit Friday, I’m sure we’ll be able to continue discussing what things would be like if we hadn’t have traded Billups 2 years ago, so there’s that…

If you’re looking for some interesting reading between now and then, check out the riveting discussion going on at Piston Powered with several of your favorite Pistons writers – N4S favorite Dave Hogg, N4S creator Natalie Sitto, DetroitBadBoys Brian Packey and Kevin Sawyer, MLive’s Justin Rogers, PP writers Dan Feldman and Patrick Hayes, and 2 guys who don’t believe other sports exist during the NBA season, then you need to make your way over there.  Today they discussed whether or not Rodney Stuckey should be re-signed and in previous days they discussed Joe Dumars’ future and whether or not the team was on a treadmill of mediocrity.

With our need to find out the most up to date and “confidential” information on our favorite teams, many of us Follow our favorite teams and players on Twitter to see what’s new, how they are feeling or if they are going to call out another player.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want to know what movie Austin Daye is going to or what Greg Monroe had for breakfast.

And that’s why you have this post, and probably more like it in the very near future.

If you follow our local Pistons or any other of your favorite athletes on Twitter, you hope to get some sort of insight or information or possibly a personal message from your favorite star.  So when it became painfully and comically clear that Rodney Stuckey’s “official” twitter account was nothing more than a RSS feed that someone set up.

Our first hint of the account really not being used by Rodney was when we got tweets that came while Rodney was on court playing.  Then it was Stuckey selling smartphones.

Rodney Stuckey's Official Twitter Account

But the best (I’m hoping until now) has to be this one…

Rodney Stuckey's Official Twitter

So…just to prove a point, and to make you laugh  I though it would be funny to make up ridiculous headlines just so @stuckeyofficial will tweet them.

Evil, I know, but you all should know me by now.  And to make it even more fun…I’m taking suggestions in the comments.

UPDATE:  It has Officialy been Tweeted by “Rodney Stuckey”

Despite a season high 31 Points from Rodney Stuckey in Friday nights 98-109 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder John Kuester’s comments and body language may be telling an underlying story.

First look at his face while he decides how to answer Eli Zarets’ first question about Rodney’s play.

And then comes the answer.

After it seemed like something was bothering him another reporter decided to delve into what seemed to be Kuester’s discontent with Rodney’s play.

Is he upset? You be the judge.

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Video courtesy of The Detroit Pistons

Congrats go out to Rodney Stuckey who was named Eastern Conference player of the week.


Stuckey led the Pistons to a 3-0 week, averaging 27.0 points on .529 shooting from the field, 6.0 assists, 2.3 rebounds and 1.3 steals. On Dec. 12, Stuckey led the Pistons with a season-high 29 points and added seven assists, helping Detroit to its fifth straight victory, a 104-95 win over Golden State. On Dec. 9 at Philadelphia, Stuckey led all scorers with 27 points, including the game-winning field goal with 8.7 seconds remaining.  Via

Forget the fact that Detroit let a 19 point lead against the Bulls shrink to just one. Rodney Stuckey put Detroit on his back to pull out a much-needed win on his way to scoring a career high 40 points Tuesday night at The Palace in Detroit’s 104-98 victory.

Key Points:

  • Detroit Led 58-45 at the half only to let the Bulls go on a 20 to 2 run to cut the Pistons lead to just one.
  • The Bulls never led.
  • I still don’t like Nocioni, but I got to give it up to him for pushing his teammates when they weren’t playing well. Did you see him get in Tyrus Thomas’s face?
  • Sheed started the game on fire again scoring Detroit’s first seven points but got cold later going 5-for-14 on his way to a 11 point 4 rebound game.
  • Rasheed also earned his 11th tech of the year that he was called for during a timeout. Seriously?
  • Was Rodney trying to prove something against rookie point guard Derrick Rose?
  • The Bulls had no answer to Rodney Stuckey who looked like an All-Star getting whatever he wanted on his way to a career-high 40 points.

Rodney Stuckey with a career high 40 points
Photo/Getty Images

  • First lava ball of the season by the way and I’m glad it went to Stuckey after the effort and heart he showed last night.
  • Stuckey scored 17 by the half.
  • It almost seems like a distant memory when Rodney Stuckey was having trouble with his jumper. This starting lineup business is suiting him well.
  • Antonio McDyess and Tayshaun Prince each put up a double-double. Antonio with 10 points and 11 boards and Prince with 14 points and 11 boards.
  • Richard Hamilton 14 points and no ejections!
  • No Brown, Hermann, Johnson or Bynum.
  • FSN highlights by the quarter.
  • 10 straight games with a Pistons Tech, no wonder Tayshaun is pissed.
  • This is why Jason Maxiell should never have a DNP Coaches Decision.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • Though he played just 14 minutes, it was all fire and baby eating. Jason had 4 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocked shots in short minutes. Watch this stretch of Maxiell greatness.
  • No, I am not happy that they lost a 19 point lead, but as soon as it got to one they started to take over. Clearly this is a Pistons team we are not used to seeing, or maybe we are?
  • Derrick Rose just 10 points in 23 minutes with foul trouble.
  • Blaha and Kelser had a fantastic time with the way Stuckey was playing. The kid got whatever he wanted and made it look like butter.
  • Five Pistons in double figures.
  • 42 points in the paint for The Bulls and 42 for The Pistons.
  • Forget the fact that his stat line was 40 points on 15-for-24 shooting. His defense was great, he managed to rack up 4 steals and grabbed 2 boards with 4 assists.
  • Did I mention he was responsible for the play of the game? But that’s a given.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • A few Stucktacular Highlights.
  • Weird to see Lindsey Hunter in a Bulls uniform with a clean shaven head.
  • 15 turnovers for the Bulls to Detroit’s 9.
  • Allen Iverson just 24 minutes after he went down with sore left groin. He still managed 8 assists and 5 points. Take note of the behind the back pass to Afflalo in the Maxiell highlights. This could be Iverson’s first game as a pro that he did not score a field goal, all of his points came from the line. Ryan in the comments “By the way, on ESPN, it said that on April 2nd, 1999, AI went 0 for 7. He played 12 minutes that game after a feud with Larry Brown”
  • Iverson is listed as day to day, but I can almost guarantee he plays on Friday. It’s just how he rolls.
  • Another solid outing from Arron Afflalo
  • The Pistons shot 42% from the floor to The Bulls 47%
  • On their way…outrebounded by just 2. The Bulls pulled down 46, the Pistons 44.
  • 7 games as a starter and shooting 60%….Rodney Stuckey’s Post Game Interview. He keeps playing like this and he is going to be an All Star.
  • This is one of those performances that you just have to watch again. Great way to start off a Holiday!

The Pistons continue to go through their growing, slowing, showing or blowing pains….take your pick. After a semi-solid three quarters of ball at the Palace of Auburn Hills against a Sixers team that was minus their All Star, Detroit let a 15 point third quarter lead turn into a demoralizing loss. Another struggling team comes into The Palace and takes down the home team.

Key Points:

  • 38 points in fourth quarter for The Sixers pretty much says it all.
  • 96-91 Final Score, Detroit didn’t really even have a chance in the closing minutes.
  • When does Sheed come to play and when doesn’t he? It’s not about talent because from an outsiders point of view he looks like he puts forth effort when he feels like it. The Timeberwolves or the Sixers aren’t good teams so he doesn’t show? I knew it was going to be one of those nights when his first shot was a ridiculous hook that I cant recall him ever attempting since wearing red, white and blue.
  • Put as much effort into the games as you have for North Carolina basketball and Detroit will win it all Rasheed.
  • I’m putting much of the blame for the loss on Coach Curry. Like The Fluidics said in the comments, he would rather sit a player to prove a point than put his best team on the floor. I’m not saying that happened last night but you can see his mistakes are costing Detroit games.
  • Webster buried us with a three. It doesn’t get much worse than that.
  • Was it just me or was Kwame Brown doing a hell of a job on the defensive end in the first half and then Curry didn’t use him when Detroit’s defense was breaking down in the fourth.
  • A Maxiell dunk has to make you smile if you actually read down this far…enjoy. Read More →