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Brandon Knight got fitted for his mask today after suffering a broken nose in Saturday’s game against the Hornets. The masked Night will most likely play on Wednesday night against the Nets.

Knight will be just another of the masked men at the Palace, however I think these Pistons theme night have been taken a bit too far.

Brandon Knight Star Wars

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Star Wars night should be really fun, especially for Brandon.

As for the other injured..

“Guards Ben Gordon and Will Bynum went through full-scale practices Monday, although Frank declined to say when they would come back.

Gordon hasn’t played since Jan. 20 against Memphis, when his injured shoulders finally forced him to shut it down for a short time. Bynum injured his right foot against Charlotte on Jan. 13.

Gordon said he’ll have to watch himself on the defensive end; getting hit by screens helped cause a tear in his left shoulder, the worse of the two.

“It’s really one of those things you don’t know until you get hit there,” Gordon said. “I try to dodge whatever contact that’s out there but I felt good today.” Via The Detroit News

Curry cops out…for now at least.

Rip and Iverson to start tonight.

“We want our best players on the court as much as possible,” Curry said. “But for 32 minutes (of a game’s 48 minutes) we need to be big. A lot of nights Alan or Rip will be subbed kind of early but they’ll come back at the start of the second quarter with (Will) Bynum or Stuckey.”

“I don’t expect those guys to want to come off the bench, but if we’re at the point we need to do that, we will,” Curry said. Via The Detroit News

I’m not happy about this one bit. Detroit had been playing their best ball since the Iverson trade since ditching the small ball lineup. I will be shocked if this lasts long. I do understand neither Rip or AI should be coming off the bench, but when does it become about the team?

“I don’t expect those guys to want to come off the bench, but if we’re at the point we need to do that, we will,” Curry said.

Said Iverson: “You always are supposed to do what the coach asks you to do. I’m not trying to be a distraction. Obviously, it would be difficult for me. It’s something I’ve never done in my career. It would be different. We’ll see what happens. That’s something I’ve never faced in my career, back to when I was a little kid. That’s something I’ve never been through in my life.”