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The #Pistons got their revenge against the Hawks Friday night as they hung on to win 85-84. After controlling most of the game and building a 17 point lead, the Hawks went on a 16-0 run and almost tied the game 85-85 with 5 second left on the clock. Thankfully the Horford three-pointer was reduced to a two and the Pistons kept the lead and hung on to win.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons had the ball with 4.9 left and a one point lead, but Prince turned the ball over (bad pass) and gave the Hawks a chance at the win.
  • Austin Daye had a great game and led the Pistons with 20 points (16 first half) on 9-for-11 shooting in 22 minutes on the floor. I can’t remember when Austin’s stock has been this high.
  • Rodney Stuckey looked good in his return from his sprained left ankle. He finished with 10 points, a blocked shot, a steal and two assists in 24 minutes on the floor for Detroit. It was Stuckey who helped spark a 10-2 run to close out the first quarter.
  • Seems as though Kyle Singler’s roll is diminishing.
  • The best part of the game besides the win was this Star Wars Night video they showed at The Palace featuring Andre Drummond.

  • I sat a row behind Billy Dee Williams who was in the house for Star Wars Night. He honestly looks like he hasn’t aged in 20 years.
  • This game should have been a dominating win. Detroit, especially L Frank, has got to know what to do when the team goes into a scoring drought.
  • Ridiculous one-handed ally-oop by Drummond. Via

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  • Besides the dunk, you can thank Andre for partially blocking the last shot attempt of the game by Lou Williams to make sure the Pistons hung on to win this one. Andre finished with six points, nine boards and two blocked shots in 19:45.

Star Wars Night-Andre Drummond Pistons-vs-Hawks
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  • Solid double-double from Jason Maxiell with 10 points, 10 boards and three blocked shots.
  • Happy Birthday to Will Bynum who scored five with five assists on his 30th Birthday.
  • 52 points in the paint for Detroit.
  • Great game for Monroe who out up 18 points with nine boards, three steals in 33:47.
  • Brandon Knight, 4-for-11 shooting for 8 points.
  • Highlights via

  • Keep it rolling, a Sunday night win at the Palace against the Bobcats is very likely!

The 12-22 #Pistons will be hosting the 20-10 Atlanta Hawks Friday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Detroit will look to extend their three game winning streak and avenge the double overtime loss to Atlanta last week.

  • The good: The Pistons are averaging 102.7 points in their last three wins.
    • Andre Drummond is getting better every day.
    • Charlie V and Austin Daye are contributing more than they have in a very long time.
  • The bad: Detroit has lost six of the last seven against Atlanta. Rodney Stuckey is questionable.
  • The unknown: Has Rodney Stuckey had enough time to rest his ankle, he’s still listed as questionable. Stuckey will play. Who’s going to have a bigger game Knight, Monroe or Drummond?

Don’t forget it’s Star Wars Night at the Palace of Auburn Hills.
Star Wars Night at The Palace May The Gores Be With You

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports . If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.

If you’re thinking of going to the Game Friday night at the Palace, you can get tickets directly from the Pistons with NO FEES

The #Pistons beat the Nets for the second time in 3 days in a 109-92 rout at the Palace.  The Pistons hit the century mark for the first time in regulation all season long.  This current Pistons 4 game winning streak it the first for Detroit since December of 2009.

Key Points:

  • I know we talk about Jason Maxiell as a baby eater, but that guy seem to eat Kardashians too.  Jason scored 8 with 5 boards, a steal and 4 blocked shots. It seemed like all of them were on Kris Humphries. Like I said a million times before, Jason loves a good put-back.
  • Via

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  • Brandon Knight got into foul trouble early and didn’t get to play a ton of minutes. He still scored 13 points with 7 boards and 5 assists in just 16 minutes on the floor. I don’t know how bad it was but at one point he hit the floor and one of the Nets fell right on top of him and his (masked) face bounced off the ground. It was one of those “I know that hurt” moment, but he got right out there and kept playing.
  • No All-Star nod for Moose, no big deal. He’s still putting up double-doubles every night. Greg with 18 points, 11 boards, 2 steals and a blocked shot in 29 minutes on the floor.
  • Tayhaun with 8 points and a plus 26 in the box.

Tayshaun Prince “I see improvement as far as when teams make a run on us we’ve been able to respond. We’ve played some solid defense and pushed it. We haven’t run plays a lot, we’ve tried to attack early and that’s opened up a lot of things for us the past few games.”

  • Austin Daye still struggling going 1-for-7 in 19 minutes on the floor.
  • A big 25 assists from Detroit, who for one of the few times all season long looked like they were having fun on the court.
  • Vernon Macklin and Will Bynum saw garbage time…yes the Pistons blew out a team.  It wasn’t they just lost garbage time it was “Darko Human Victory Cigar” garbage time and it felt great.
  • Rodney Stuckey had a great game, really stepping up with Brandon on the bench in foul trouble. Rodney was 7-for-10 for 19 points with 5 assists and 3 boards in 26 minutes on the floor. He had a couple of highlights, but none better than the breaking of the ankles.
  • Via

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  • A season high 56 points in the paint.
  • Brandon Knight isn’t afraid to take the big shot.
  • This game started with the Nets scoring the first 7 points and it looked like it was going to be one of “those” games, but the Pistons went on a 24-4 run and never looked back.
  • The Need4Sweed was a bundle of hustle all night long. JJ was all over the court doing all the dirty work and it was paying off. Jonas led the Pistons off the bench with 20 points, 2 assists, and four boards in 25 minutes. Jonas seems to be getting a ton of dunks lately, but his “OMG” he just did that moment had to have been his 360 touch pass to Ben Wallace. I didn’t get to see the replay, but it looked really awesome in person.
Need4Swede Jonas Jerebko

Photo/ Getty Images editing

Jonas Jerebko :I just try to go in and play my game. The only change is who you’re playing with. I just try to go out there and bring energy and play as a team.”

  • Highlights of the game via

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  • Ben Gordon with 14 points off the bench in 22 minutes. Maybe this is all he’ll ever be, above average bench player. He’s getting paid a lot to play that part but it’s better than his production in the past for Detroit.
  • Star Wars night was fun, but it was even more fun to be at a game that was packed with Piston HL’s and I didn’t have to sit at the edge of my seat hoping they would hold on to the game.
  • Wizards on Sunday could make it, wait for it…a five game winning streak.

Fresh off of 3 straight wins, the #Pistons return to The Palace of Auburn Hills to host the New Jersey Nets.  If three consecutive victories and another chance to see the Pistons take on the Nets  isn’t enough to get you to Auburn Hills, than I’m pretty sure you’re going because it’s Star Wars Night.

The fist 10 thousand fans to walk in the door get a limited edition, individually numbered Pistons/Star Wars poster.  Over 25 Star Wars characters from the movie will be at the Palace to greet fans prior to and during the game. If that weren’t enough a never before seen video by Lucas Films will be shown at halftime.

I’m going all out and have decided to dress up as Princess Leia.  So if you see someone with two Cinnabuns over their ears say hello!

I don’t know about you, but forget the Storm Trooper…this is the guy who I want to greet me at the Palace doors.

Star Wars Night at The Palace May The Gores Be With You

May The Gores Be With You

I have been doing the whole “May the Gores be with you” bit since Tom bought the team, because I happen to think it’s funny and fitting.  So I just want to thank Mike Antonich for coining the phrase and for tweeting it to me one night after talking about our favorite basketball team and their new owner.

If you want to head out tho the game you can get a great deal on tickets directly from the Palace with no ticket fees.