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Almost. For most of the game, the script looked to be playing out as expected. The Spurs were methodically beating the Pistons and imposing their veteran prowess on them. The Palace was quiet. But then, on a night where Ben Wallace broke the record for most games played by an undrafted player, he hit just his 7th career 3-pointer to spark a 20-5 Detroit run. In the end, the savvy Spurs executed better in crunch time and emerged victorious 99-95. But make no mistake; this was Ben Wallace’s night.

Key Points:

  • In addition to the big 3-pointer, Ben played great defense and had a couple big offensive rebounds in the last few minutes.
  • Rodney Stuckey finished with 23 points on 8-12 shooting. Greg Kelser made a great point that Stuckey’s points came within the flow of the offense tonight. He didn’t force things and was efficient because of it.
Rodney Stuckey against the Spurs

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  • Tayshaun shot the ball well, especially in the 1st half. Maxiell set some nice screens to free up Prince and Tay knocked down the open shots.
  • Speaking of Maxiell, his box score doesn’t show much, but he did a nice job starting at power forward. He had 2 highlight worthy blocks and is definitely still capable of “baby-eating” when given the chance.
  • Greg Monroe was off tonight. 4 points, (2 for 11 shooting), and 6 rebounds is not going to cut it for the Pistons best player. But he has taken a huge leap this year and one off night is certainly forgivable for the young forward.
  • Manu Ginobili had just one point in 25 minutes. That one point came when he was intentionally fouled with less than 20 seconds left. In fact, he didn’t do much of anything all night except flop and flail when presented with any contact.
  • Matt Bonner made his first three shots (all 3’s). I don’t understand why teams ever leave him open. I also don’t understand how Bonner is able to be such a great jump shooter with a jump shot uglier than mine.
  • The Pistons had 22 assists and more importantly, just 13 turnovers, a low number for them.

For the fans that continue to stick with this team and invest free time and/or entertainment dollars, nights like tonight are rewarding. Sure, the final few minutes were a reminder of the long and difficult road ahead. But Ben Wallace had a few tricks up his sleeve and provided fans a reason to get off their seats and couches and cheer. And on this night, where he was honored for his consistency and longevity, Ben gave us all a reminder of why we love the Pistons, and why we love him. I’ll never forget watching Ben Wallace in a Pistons uniform this past decade. Tonight, he gave us all one more memory to enjoy.

It’s pretty hard to come back in a game when the opposing team makes their first 14 shots and are shooting 80% at the half. But give your Pistons and A for effort for keeping this game close when the Spurs were playing some great basketball.

The Spurs were up by 19 points in the first half, and 14 with eight minutes to go, but Detroit kept fighting getting within 5 points late in the fourth quarter.

Key Points:

  • Though this one gets added to the L column with the rest, it’s hard not to be proud of the team for the fight. And it’s not easy to forget just how hard it has been to be proud about anything associated with this team lately.
  • The 104-111 loss gave the Spurs their first season sweep of Detroit in four years.
  • T-Mac back on court an in the starting lineup for Detroit boded well for the Pistons. T-mac scored 15 on 6-for-11 shooting with 9 assists, 7 boards, 2 steals and a blocked shot.
  • Yes, nobody really knows what’s going on with this team, its lineups or the rotation. Not even Q!
  • ICE4DYESS – Our good friend Antonio McDyess played his 1000th game against Detroit.

Antonio McDyess: “I can feel it in my body that it is 1,000 games. To actually play my 1,000th game against my old team definitely feels good.”

  • Just weird to be typing this – Rip Hamilton led the Pistons with 20 points off the bench and was caught joking and laughing with Kuester during a timeout. Bizarro World!
  • No D at all.
  • Just 15 minutes on the floor for Rodney Stuckey who scored just 3.
  • Greg Monroe another double-double, 16 points and 10 board and a ton of hard work.
  • 20 offensive boards for Detroit while San Antonio had just five. Why? Because they never missed any of their shots.
  • Ben Wallace back with the team after the death of his brother, but did not play.
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The 19-32 Pistons will host the 42-8 San Antonio Spurs Tuesday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills. The red hot Spurs will be playing their fist game away from home on their annual “Rodeo Trip”.

The Pistons always play the Spurs well and Tuesday night should be no different. The Spurs split two difficult games with the Pistons last season, a 112-92 win that was tied going into the fourth and losing 109-101 in overtime at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

The good: ICE4DYESS – possibly the last time we’ll see Dyess at the Palace.
The bad: Rodney Stuckey and Jason Maxiell are questionable.
The unknown: Will Rip Hamilton play at the Palace for the first time in over a month?

The Scouting Report via

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Get great seats to tonight’s Pistons game vs the Spurs and Cheer for our GOOD BUDDY Antonio McDyess in possibly his last visit ever to the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit. If you can’t catch the game on TV, follow it live over at or on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

Leave your thoughts in the comments or Chat Live with your fellow Pistons fans during the game.

We went over the Joy of the Eastern Conference Championship in 2005, now it’s time to look back at what almost was.

Blame it on Sheed…we all do.

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Video Courtesy of the NBA and The Detroit Pistons

The Pistons beat the Spurs in OT 101-109.  I’m gong to set most of the details aside like:

  • The officiating
  • The hack a Ben Wallace fiasco that Pop pulled.
  • The fact that Kuester left Ben in after 5 consecutive fouls.
  • The almost fit of rage and the headband toss from Ben when when he finally was pulled with a little more than 2 minutes left in the game.
  • The 10 point lead widdled down to one.
  • The Manu flop.
  • The Rip tech that could have cost the Pistons the game.
  • Some clutch baskets by Stuckey.
  • Ben Gordon coming to life.

I guess I really didn’t put anything aside, but here is the video I took of the reaction from the crowd when Antonio McDyess was introduced at the Palace with the Pistons Intros.

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I have to say I am a bit disappointed that they didn’t make a bit more of Dyess’s homecoming.  In fact I felt that they almost cut off the cheers by starting the introductions.

Not only did I get to see Dyess, I’m still excited that thanks to my friend Dave, Antonio McDyess has an Ice4Dyess T-Shirt in his possession.

It was a great win, I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.

Too bad the Pistons couldn’t pull out the win in last night’s game against the Spurs. The 83-79 home loss marks the Pistons’ fifth in a row and puts them under 500 at The Palace with 15 losses at home, equaling what they had all of last season.

Key Points

  • The crowd at the Palace was great and it was a very entertaining game. The Pistons came to play, starting the game focused and forcing Pop to call an early time out after the Pistons went on a 9-0 run.
  • The trade I would have liked to see before the deadline…..Antonio McDyess shipped to a contender.  He’s got more heart and will in his little finger than that whole team does right now. And I’m pretty sure he helps old ladies cross the street when nobody’s looking.  We are sorry Antonio.  Ice for Dyess seems futile now, doesn’t it?
  • A great first quarter followed by a second quarter where Detroit was outscored 24-16.  They fought the rest of the way.
  • What did Afflalo do to be in his current dog house position? Probably the same thing Maxiell did a while back. Nothing.
  • Second time this season they’ve lost four straight at home.
  • Allen Iverson led the Pistons with 31 points on 13 for 28 shooting.  He added 7 assists, a steal, a blocked shot and was taking it to Tony Parker like he was invincible.  Nothing was as pretty as this reverse.

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As all of you know by now Joe Dumars and the Pistons stood pat at the trading deadline, so beyond the firing of a certain coach it looks like this team will probably stay just the way it is.  Oh wait…it can get worse, did anyone take a look at the next block of games?

Tonight vs San Antonio
Sun 22 @ Cleveland
Tue 24 @ Miami
Wed 25 @ New Orleans
Fri 27 @ Orlando
Sun 01 @ Boston
Tue 03 vs Denver

With the Pistons on a four game losing streak going into tonight’s Nationally televised game against the 35-17 Spurs if they can actually pull off the win tonight maybe, just maybe they can get some confidence going into the next stretch of difficult games.

Just think, if things go the way they have been, by the time Chauncey returns to the Palace the Pistons could be out of the Playoff picture.  I can’t believe I just said that.

Good/Bad News and More

  • Curry is still in charge but he did manage to play Zone in the loss to the Bucks and go figure, it worked.  We may see it again.
  • Ginobili is out got two to three weeks.
  • The Spurs have lost their last two games.
  • Don’t get overexcited for Chris Bosh.
  • Don’t forget to try to win DIME MAGAZINE featuring Rodney Stuckey.  Leave the word STUCKTACULAR in the comment section of DIME with your correct email address.

Tip off is at 8:00 PM and will be Nationally televised on TNT.  If you can’t catch the broadcast you can listen locally at WDFN 1130 AM or follow/listen to the game at

Leave them in the Comments.

The Pistons will try to get back on track today in San Antonio. The Piston have lost three of their last five game and still look like a team in transition. To make matters worse, coach Curry is calling out his players and had to explain why.

“Curry said Monday that he expects his starters will continue to play fewer minutes than they are used to.
“Young guys haven’t played,” he said. “At the end of the year, guys are tired. Y’all tell me all the excuses — I’ve read all of them over the years. We’re going to play our young guys. If our young guys are playing well, they’re going to stay in the game. They deserve it, they’ve earned it, and that’s what we’re going to do.”
Via The Detroit Free Press.

The Spurs have won three in a row at home, but Detroit both their meetings last season and has won five of the past seven matchups.

Tip off is at 8:30 and will be broadcast on FSN with the pre-game festivities starting at 8. If you can’t watch the television broadcast, tune into 1130 AM The Fan. Can’t do either, follow the game on

You know what to do either in the comments or chat.

George Blaha caught up with Arron Afflalo before the Pistons loss to the Spurs Tuesday night. Arron talks about his defense, Rip Hamilton, his 28 point game, Coach Curry and his gym habits. Arron confirmed something that I really liked about his game and attitude, when he got to Detroit he knew he needed to carve out his own niche to get playing time, hence the focus on defense.

Arron Afflalo Interview

Pistons vs. Spurs

The Pistons will play the Spurs tonight in Grand Rapids to try to keep their pre-season record perfect. Rodney Stuckey will be starting in place of an injured Chauncey Billups (minor ankle sprain). It would be nice to see Arron Afflalo repeat his the 28 point performance that he put up against the Bucks, but if he can’t I’m sure one of the other youngSTARS will take his place.

I attended the last Grand Rapids pre-season game last season and let me tell you those are some serious and thankful Pistons fans. The place will be packed with a ton of enthusiastic fans that usually make the best of their only chance to see Detroit play all season. Tayshaun Prince also impressed with the fans in GR last season over at (video).