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Cartoon Kyle SinglerLooks like the #Pistons are going to see what Kyle Singler can do for them this season.

“We expect to sign Kyle Singler on July 11″ Joe Dumars said Friday.

Singler earned Most Outstanding Player honors at Duke, and was drafted by the Pistons last year, but signed with the Spanish club Lucentum Alicante during the NBA lockout. He decided to stay in Spain even after the labor dispute was settled, signing a one-year deal with Real Madrid, where he averaged more than 14 points per game.

What does this mean for Austin Daye, who’s heading into the fourth year with Detroit? As a point of reference to know things are going for Daye, he’s heading into the fourth year of playing professional basketball and is still needs to show what he can do for Detroit by playing in the NBA’s Orlando Summer League which starts July 9th for Detroit.