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Rasheed Wallace made an appearance at the Pistons Open Practice on Saturday afternoon to the delight of many fans.   He also hung out at the Pistons practice facility Friday, while his old team hit the floor.

With the news of Sheed back in the D for whatever reason, it has to make you think.

Coach Sheed…?

Watching Sheed play in a Pistons uniform for close to 6 seasons Detroit fans know his affinity to want to teach “the young fellas”.  In fact, I’m pretty sure at least 70% of Piston die-hards have made the comment “Sheed would make a great coach” at one time or another.

Just think about it, how great would it be for Greg Monroe to learn from WallaceX2?

Sheed just brings that something special to a team, just think of the emotion he would add to the bench. And a little personal flair.

Coach Rasheed WallacePhoto/Getty Images editing

I’m sure players would respect the man when he speaks…wouldn’t you?

Listen to Coach Sheed

Photo/Getty Images editing

He has his Sheedisms and pregame rituals like just about any other player or coach in professional sports.

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Video Courtesy of the NBA and The Detroit Pistons

The deep concentration of the game plan before tip-off would benefit a team that needs focus.

Pre-Game Coach Sheed

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He brings with him his basketball knowledge and his mutual respect and admiration for NBA referees.

Refs Love SheedPhoto/Getty Images editing

Look, the man knows the game.  He knows this team.  He knows the city.  Why wouldn’t he want to sit on the sidelines for the Pistons and share his knowledge?

Aside from Sheed having his own Sheed Reality show (Sheedality), this would make for some great entertainment.   Come on… hire him as an assistant Joe, we still have a Need4Sheed…plus it means I can keep the site’s name without questions.

For those of you who don’t get to catch many games in person I would like to point out a few things that the camera sometimes misses.

Rasheed has a new habit of wearing two headbands during warm-ups one placed normally and one a bit askew, that he takes off before tip off.

Sheed gets extremely hyped up during the game introductions. Before he runs out to meet his teammates he turns, stares at the crowd, takes a big breath, as if he was inhaling the atmosphere and then thumps his chest twice making the crowd go wild. This is a gesture in which I take as him saying “I got this.”

Right after he gets introduced and huddles up with the rest of his teammates he jogs in place for a few seconds and then jogs to half court and back.

Sheed loves music and you can usually see him either playing the air drums, bobbing his head or singing the lyrics to some of the songs played during time outs at The Palace.

You can hear Sheed talking on court throughout the game, he’s definitely the loudest one out there.

When called for, he even delivers his famous “Ball don’t lie,” from his seat on the bench.

Whenever Sheed is on the bench he is the biggest cheerleader in the house.

Right after the game while walking towards the tunnel he throws his headband and wristband in the crowd.

At the end of the National Anthem Sheed waits untill McDyess touches him on the back, then he jumps like he exploded and he races Hamilton to the seats. Watch this.

He likes to chat, watch this.

Self explanatory, watch this.


He juggles basketballs before lay up drills during pregame warm ups. From BigShibz

At home games he high fives Rick Mahorn before tip off at the scorers table. From BigShibz

Rasheed usually shoots long shots with a Pistons assistant coach Ron Harper. They shoot way far from three point line (closer to centerline) at near sideline during pregame warm ups. From Yuko

The Sports Dude wants to know why Rasheed wears tape on his fingers during the games.

Rasheed also takes off his warm-up pants and rubs them on the floor and then throws them in the air before the game.

When they announce the Pistons, sometimes there are kids lined up to give them high fives and Sheed always makes them do funny things like hold their hands really high for Tayshaun or really low for Rip.

Rasheed always wears his practice jersey backwards with his # 36 in the front. From Countess Singing Cloud

Rasheed is the only person who wears his Nikes with the strap around the back so they hang off of his shoes from behind. From Arica

At the charity stripe, Sheed likes to bounce the ball with his left. Then he swipes his brow with his right hand. This is pretty much automatic every time. From Junior

Now by no means is this all of them, but they are just a few that came to my mind. If you have a Sheedism that I missed let me know and I will add it to the list. It all boils down to the fact the Rasheed Wallace is simply……….