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Ben Wallace FRO

The second part of the Ben Wallace video that takes us from Rick Carlisle, to Larry Brown to Flip and then Skiles.  The beginning of his run in Detroit with the Defense player of the year awards, the birth of Wallace X2 and the somewhat bitter departure.

Looking back like this, along with his play this season, really shows us what place this man has in the city of Detroit.

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Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSD

Click here for Part I

We went over the Joy of the Eastern Conference Championship in 2005, now it’s time to look back at what almost was.

Blame it on Sheed…we all do.

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Video Courtesy of the NBA and The Detroit Pistons

As it happens almost every season when the Pistons fall short, I reminisce to myself and to you about once was.  Today I bring you the joy and drama of the 2005 Pistons playoff run.

Remember the Miami series, when all we heard was that the only reason the Pistons won was because Wade was hurt?  Remember when the Pistons had to play through the drama of Larry Brown looking for another job in the middle of the Eastern Conference Finals. Remember when Sheed didn’t like the referee’s and made sure he let the entire country know and then gave us a GuaranSheed.

Rasheed Wallace Miami 2005 Interview
Take a trip down memory lane and revel in the joy of one Antonio McDyess, who looks like the happiest man on the planet…at least for that particular moment.

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Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons

Need4Sheed InterviewNo Need4Sheed to be playing in a basketball game for me to co-host the Celtics Late Night Show.

I was supposed to do the post-game Pistons/Celtics show, but we ran into technical difficulties.  So Nick and the gang were nice enough to ask me back to give them a hard time for 2 solid hours of Pistons-Celtics mayhem.

I don’t know why they keep subjecting themselves to my Pistons nonsense, but this is your chance to talk live with Nick and I and the rest of the gang at Celtics Late Night Show about all things Pistons, Celtics,  the rivalry, the green hate, Larry Bird’s mustache, Rasheed’s allergies to the paint or whatever your heart desires.

We will be taking your calls all night long and giving away PRIZES,  so be sure to tune in and call in. I’m personally going through my stash to see what I can give to the listeners.

If you want to know what’s in store, just listen to this little teaser from the last couple of times I took over their show.

I will co-hosting this one live with guys from Celtics Late Night Show this Monday, March 29th starting at 9:00 pm to 11 pm.

That means you need to give us a Call. Let’s take this show over, if you don’t call I may to get Will Bynum to dunk on you.

347-215-7771Celtics Live Late Night


Need4Sheed Guest Writer: @_dannyb_
Email: Boney

When you see my name and picture at the beginning of a post, I guess that means it’s been another lopsided loss in a season full of disappointment for the Detroit Pistons.  So far this season I’ve covered perhaps 2 of the worst losses of the 2009-2010 season for the Pistons, and this game will make it 3.  At the beginning of the season, when I looked at the schedule I knew that this 3 week stretch of games (Washington, Utah, Cleveland (2x), Boston (2x), New York, Atlanta) could make or break this Pistons’ season.  Who knew that not only would the Pistons not be in position to make the playoffs, but that their only win will likely come from beating the lowly Washington Wizards?  Let’s get to the “highlights” shall we?:

Final Score 93-119

Key Points:

  • The game was over after 12 minutes.  After scoring only 15 points in the first quarter, and losing their starting SF (Tayshaun Prince), Coach Q might as well have thrown in the towel.  Tay went down hard from a blow to that back from Jason Maxiell’s knee.  The doctors evaluated him on the spot and said it didn’t look like it had anything to do with his prior back injury but it looked awful nonetheless.

Tayshaun PrincePhoto/Getty Images

  • Rajon Rondo’s stat line (3pts, 6ast, 4stl) doesn’t show how tenacious he was on the defensive end.  He was up in Will Bynum’s jersey all night and poking at the ball and creating turnovers for Bynum, Hamilton, Prince, and Gordon.
  • I can’t remember the last time I saw Rasheed Wallace attempt only 1 three pointer.  He scored 8 points and had 4 rebounds in 17 minutes on the floor.  He has lost a few steps this season but, he still has my respect for helping this team the way he did from 04-08 (he didn’t do much in 09).
  • Jonas Jerebko was in foul trouble early, but it’s to be expected when he’s guarding veterans like Paul Pierce and KG who are able to get whistles from the referees.  Jerebko, although he had 10 points with a couple of nice dunks when the game was out of reach, was virtually a non-factor all game.
  • Ben Gordon’s best play as a Piston came on a baseline drive where he took Michael Finley off the dribble, but when he jumped up for the teardrop, Big Baby Davis stepped in front to draw a charge.
  • I’ve got a question for the Boston fans: How does a man, wait “man”, who is listed at 289lbs, fall down so easily when a 6’3 200lb guard hits him?  Didn’t BBD play football at one point in his life?  I don’t want to say the man flops but, the man flops.
  • Rodney Stuckey and Ben Wallace were out again, with injuries.  Stuckey took part in the afternoon shootaround, but as was reported during the game, the medical staff has a heart rate monitor on him and they are monitoring his every move by keeping his workouts light.
  • Charlie Villanueva was nowhere to be found on either end of the court tonight.  The past couple of games I’ve watched (or really the entire season) he just looks like he doesn’t care.  He’s making $7m per season (average) and is lucky to see 20 minutes a night, and honestly I believe that’s only because Ben Wallace is hurt.
  • The first half looked like a layup drill for the Boston Celtics.
  • Kwame Brown allowed 2 easy layups by misreading screen and rolls.  That’s what Kwame is here for right? Defense?
  • Will Bynum was quiet and could not establish a rhythm all night as the paint was locked down and Rondo, as mentioned earlier, was basically wearing his jersey all night.

Will BynumPhoto/Getty Images

  • Richard Hamilton played with what looked like 0 enthusiasm all night.  He was a team worst -22 in +/-.
  • You know, I didn’t really want to say anything but… DaJuan Summers was likely the only one who played solid basketball off the bench tonight.  He scored 12 points on 4-5 from the field (2-2 from 3), and played solid D against Pierce and Garnett.  I’ve been personally calling for DaJuan to get some minutes the entire season.
  • Paul Pierce played 17 minutes and had 15 points.  With Tayshaun out early, and the game out of reach as well, Boston was able to sit their starters for over half the game (except Rondo).
  • Old man Michael Finley bested his career ppg numbers (14.7 ppg in 36 minutes per game) against the Pistons by scoring 15 tonight in 14 minutes of action.
  • Kendrick Perkins picked up his 15th technical on the season by getting tangled up with DaJuan Summers in the first half.  Nate Robinson picked up a technical for hanging on the rim at the end of the game after a dunk.  No techs for Sheed though.
  • Coach Q speaks (from AP): “They were good. We were bad.  It was one of the few games that our energy wasn’t the way it should be, and I’m disappointed with the way we played.” – I’d say that of the 3 games I’ve guest written for, that all 3 games had the same amount of energy or less.
  • No reason for Tony Allen to throw a lob off the glass to Nate Robinson when up 20+, with a minute to go in the game.  Nate picked up a tech for hanging on the rim, but they both would’ve picked up a forearm shiver in the throat if the old Bad Boys had any say in it.
  • This team is bad.  This team needs a few pieces, and to build a new identity.  Right now there’s nothing.  They’re one of the worst offensive teams, one of the worst teams defensively, they’re a shell of their former selves.
  • Game Recap from, where you can also she how Tay went down.

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I’m sorry if I’m like the Grim Reaper of the game recaps, I don’t mean to pick games that Detroit will get blown out in.  I figure by picking an Indiana, New York and struggling Boston team that they would’ve won at least 1 of the games.  Tonight’s game reminded me of those old Harlem Globetrotter highlights against the Washington Generals.  Aside from Jonas Jerebko’s 2 sorta highlight worthy fast break dunks, none of the Pistons did anything that will jump off the highlight reel or stat sheet.  It’s hard to even really say the talent is there at this point, because without the backcourt having a big game night in and night out, guys like Jerebko and Maxiell can’t produce in the paint.  Unless the effort is there on the defensive end, they simply can’t outrun and outgun teams for some reason.  The names on the score sheet have put up solid ppg stats their entire careers, but for some reason this season it just hasn’t clicked even when they’ve all been healthy.

Thanks again to Natalie for letting me give this game a writeup.  I hope I get to do 1 more before the end of the season because, win or lose, this is fun and it’s fun to read all your feedback good or bad.  You can follow me on twitter (@iamboney) or email me at

The Pistons vs. The Celtics

The 23-43 Pistons are in Boston tonight to take on Rasheed Wallace and the 41-24 Celtics. I realize the Pistons aren’t the team they used to be, but this particular opening sentence to the preview of the game sort of made me mad.

“It was a rough week for the Boston Celtics. A visit from the lowly Detroit Pistons to open a brief home stretch could help them get back on track.” Via

Lowly….really? We aren’t New Jersey just yet.

Ben Wallace is still listed as day to day and as we know Rodney has no timetable on his return.

The Scouting Report via

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Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be broadcast on ESPN with the radio broadcast over at 950 AM WWJ or follow the action online over at


We had to Cancel Celtics Late Night Show tonight.  Sorry I won’t be able to take your calls after the game but I am sure we’ll do it again soon.


Need4Sheed InterviewThe Pistons will be in Boston for the first time this season to play the Celtics and observe Rasheed in his natural habitat. What does that mean for Pistons fans? A lot of green, a lot of red, blue and white, the possibility of seeing Brian Scalabrine’s transparent mug pretending like he can play basketball, the possibility of Big Baby being a big baby and me co-hosting Celtics Late Night Show post game.

I don’t know why they keep subjecting themselves to my Pistons nonsense, but this is your chance to talk live with Nick and I about the game, the rivalry, the green hate, Larry Bird’s mustache, Rasheed’s allergies to the paint or whatever your heart desires.

I will co-hosting this one  live with Nick from North Station Sports immediately following the game.  So head on over and pick up the phone and call in.  I want to hear from my fellow Pistons fans.

That means you need to give us a Call.  Let’s take this show over, if you don’t call I may to get Will Bynum to dunk on you.

347-215-7771Celtics Live Late Night


Exciting game at the Palace despite a Pistons loss to Rasheed Wallace and the Boston Celtics.   Detroit kept it close throughout, but couldn’t hold it together in the fourth quarter to get the W.  The Pistons are now 21-39 after the 105-100 loss to Boston.

Key Points:

  • Though wasn’t that close to the action, I could still here the emphatic Rasheed Wallace scream “Ball Don’t Lie” from my seat at the Palace.

Photo/Getty Images
  • Great third quarter, but it all fell apart in the fourth.
  • They got as close as three with second left on the clock.
  • Detroit’s bench really did a bad job tonight, once again they took a lead and dug a hole.
  • I know it’s not my money, but can Ben Gordon give us a refund?  Eight points in 26 minutes with 4 turnovers.  He’s the anti-clutch right now.
  • A double-double for Jonas Jerebko, who in my mind was the player of the game for Detroit.  The Birthday boy lead Detroit with 16 points, 10 boards, a steal and an assist in 30 minutes on the floor.  His Swedeness never ceases to amaze.

Photo/Getty Images
  • Ben Wallace helped off the floor in the closing minute of the game after  putting up six with a blocked shot and 12 boards.  If Ben goes you can start looking at an unofficial tank.
  • Kuester mentioned Ben had a sore knee in the post game presser. I’m sure we will be updated later.
  • Richard Hamilton with 16 on 4-for-9 shooting with 7 assists and a steal.   Rip went 7-for-7 for the line after missing clutch free throws the other night.
  • Rip to Ben Alley-Oop

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Video Courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA

  • Tayshaun Prince, who scored 15 points and looked very good, had a scary moment going down after he rolled an ankle.  The sprain looked pretty bad, but he came back late in the fourth to finish the game.
  • 3-for-20 from downtown for Detroit.
  • Austin Daye a HUGE spark off the bench.  Daye just kept hitting shots scoring 9 points in 13 minutes with 5 boards.  Give this Kid Charlie Villanueva’s minutes and his sandwiches.
  • Will Bynum just isn’t Bynumite as of late, 14 minutes an assists and 4 points.
  • A much better 76% from the line for Detroit, who had been shooting in the 50′s from the line on the west coast trip.
  • I think Charlie Villanueva should take 3/4 of his salary and deposit it into Jonas Jerebko’s bank account.
  • Rodney Stuckey 5-for 15 for 13 points with 6 assists.  This blow-by layup was Stucktacular.

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Video Courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA
  • Jason Maxiell still bringing it.
  • What do you know, Sheed actually was in the paint for Boston.  Think he’s getting a bonus for that?
  • Someone please inform the Pistons that Nate Robinson likes to go off on their team.  Nate off the bench knocking down threes and pushing Boston over the top with 14 points in 15 minutes.
  • This block on Nate by Stuck did make the whole Palace get up out of their seats.

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Video Courtesy of the Detroit Pistons and The NBA

Thanks to my up close and personal seat behind the Celtics Bench and my awesome Pistons themed Flip Video, here is Sheed’s return to The Palace of Auburn Hills for the very first time in green.

Straight from my unsteady hand to you in HD, with a special bonus, the Pistons opening intros.

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I am sincerely apologizing for my whistling, I know I can get pretty loud at times.

I have to say this was one of the best games I have been to all season. Not only do we get a 86-92 win over the Celtics, we get Wallace on Wallace crime.

104-110 OT victory over the Hornets that is exactly what I’m doing.

The Video

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Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and the NBA

Because of time issues I won’t get a proper recap up in time, please comment away and give me your thoughts. For me, this was one game to remember in more ways than one.

I’ll also get up the Flip Video of the Sheed intro for you.