Sheed Says…. He could get a 9-to-5

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Great, and I do mean great, interview over with Rasheed Wallace. Michael Grange got into a conversation with Sheed on the economy…I will not post everything here because you need to head over there and read it, but he did ask him how much longer he would play….and If you put a suitcase in […]

Sheed Says

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“I’m more a decoy on a lot of things,” Wallace said. “I know that when I’m out there on that wing the majority of my men won’t be able to go help on (Jason Maxiell) or (Kwame Brown) or (Amir Johnson) in the post.” Sheed on stepping outside in three point land. Via The Detroit […]

Sheed Says

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“No way on God’s green Earth can you lock me up,” Wallace baited Brown. “I go hard; you lollygag.” “One basket in 3½ hours!” Wallace blared. Brown scored again. “Two baskets in 3½ hours!” Sheed on Kwame Brown’s performance during practice. Via Keith Langlois True Blue Pistons, I suggest you read the rest of Kwame’s […]