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As it happens almost every season when the Pistons fall short, I reminisce to myself and to you about once was.  Today I bring you the joy and drama of the 2005 Pistons playoff run.

Remember the Miami series, when all we heard was that the only reason the Pistons won was because Wade was hurt?  Remember when the Pistons had to play through the drama of Larry Brown looking for another job in the middle of the Eastern Conference Finals. Remember when Sheed didn’t like the referee’s and made sure he let the entire country know and then gave us a GuaranSheed.

Rasheed Wallace Miami 2005 Interview
Take a trip down memory lane and revel in the joy of one Antonio McDyess, who looks like the happiest man on the planet…at least for that particular moment.

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Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons

The 5-9 Pistons are finally home from their not so wonderful West coast to play their first game back on their home court they get to face the 10-4 Cleveland Cavaliers.

With Tayshaun out, Jonas gets the task of guarding LeBron.

“You can’t do much on that fadeaway,  Jerebko shrugged after Tuesday’s practice, the first for the Pistons at their practice facility in 11 days.  He’s the best player in the league Everybody’s seen LeBron – he’s a great player. I’ll just try to do the best job I can on him.”

As for nod to DaJuan who looks to have moved past Austin Daye in the rotation, Kuester says we shouldn’t look too much into it.

“Chris Wilcox and all of our young players have worked real hard in practice and deserve an opportunity,” he said. “We just gave Chris an opportunity the last two games, but Kwame is a big part of this picture we have. And so don’t read into that. Same thing (with Daye and Summers). Don’t read into that because all these guys deserve an opportunity.” via

As for Shaq, he will not play tonight against Detroit.

The Scouting Report via

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Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune into 950 AM or follow the action on

For those of you who missed the chat room, it’s back! You can again talk Pistons during the games.


The Pistons were taken down by the Suns Sunday night in Phoenix 104-86. In a game that Phoenix shot 1000% 68% from the floor, the Pistons tried their best to keep it close.

Biggest news on the night was Shaq’s early exit on a nasty flagrant 2 on Rodney Stuckey. The fall itself makes me want to cringe every time I watch it. Here is the FSN HL recap of the game complete with the Shaq foul.

What we do know after a game like this where Phoenix scored 52 points in the paint and our big (what we have of them) got into early foul trouble is that we sorely miss Antonio McDyess.