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Fennis – well, maybe he was not a household name but a really original one.

Here I go with another blast from the past.

Life was simple….mullets, acid washed jeans and florescent clothing were acceptable and the Bad Boys ran the show.

The most fabulous Old School blast from the past Pistons video. Anytime you have Fennis Dembo, Scott Hastings and Chocolate Thunder in a single video clip it’s sure to be an instant classic. Enjoy your old school Friday.

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I found this extremely funny when they The Pistons played this up on the big screen during Tuesday night’s game. For those of you who don’t know Hastings played for Detroit 89-91 has the rings to show for it. He played a total of 314 minutes (including the playoffs) in his time in Detroit.

You could even say he was the Human Victory Cigar, back in the day. Mostly he and provided the bench with comedy relief even back then. I distinctly remember watching him at the Palace during games, play and joke with whoever was in his vicinity, whether it was a teammate, a ball boy, or a fan. It’s good to know he’s still at it.