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Yes, I said it and don’t you forget it.  Andre Drummond will erase Darko Milicic from the minds of Pistons fans.

Andre DrummondHe hasn’t played a single official NBA game, but by the looks of things “Andre The Giant” is going to make every team that passed him up cringe when they go up against him.

If you’re like me you enjoy the preseason to get a chance to see what the new kids on the block can do.  Drummond has done nothing but impress in my eyes.  Take for instance Friday night’s game against the Hawks when he went up against one of my favorite non Pistons Al Horford.  Al tried take advantage of Andre, but when Horford when up for his shot, Drummond swatted it away like it was nothing more than his little sister trowing a wiffle ball his way.

Drummond played  just 16.5 minutes per game in the preseason, but still managed to average 9 points, 5.9 rebounds per game and 1.4 blocked shots.

He’s going to have to work on his foul trouble and will have to put in more work at the line that all of the Pistons combined, but right now the sky is the limit for Drummond.

I made a bet that’s a sure lock about Andre.  I said he’d be starting by January, but right now I think it may be much sooner than that.  Even this quote from Lawrence Frank seems to confirm it.

Angry Cartoon Lawrence FrankLawrence Frank: “People say development — well that means playing time, to me development is always based on merit because the worst thing – you can look at it with a exception of a couple guys — guys who don’t get it based on merit, it usually doesn’t play out real well for them. Guys that get it based on merit, they understand the process. To me, whether you are young or old, it has to be based on merit.”

“He is a sponge,” Frank added. “He soaks it all up. It is one of his greatest traits. He is a very, very willing learner. He is a fun guy to coach.”

“He is still 19 and still a rookie, but he is picking up everything they are trying to help him (with),” Monroe said. “You can never put expectations on an unknown. It’s not like this is a guy who has played for two years. This is a guy without any kind of NBA action, so everything that happens is kind of going to be a surprise. I am interested to see how he does. Obviously, I hope he does well because he can help our team out a whole lot.”

Is Andre going to help erase the black mark on his GM career that is the Human Victory Cigar Darko Milicic? Yes, but there will always be those people what said that Drummond fell to the Pistons. You know and I know that he did, but at this point we shouldn’t really care because he’s going to be putting up numbers for the red, blue and white.

If you’re not convinced that Drummond is going to do great things, just check out the great highlight mix made by DJxNVxME