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The newest rumor down the pipe is Brandon Jennings to the Pistons.  Problem is that Joe Dumars vehemently denies any such talks with his old friend John Hammond in Milwaukee.He’s also denying any such talks about bringing Rondo to Detroit or the fact that he would trade Brandon Knight.

Personally I don’t believe Dumars, he’s just not going to show his hand and make his players upset about possible trade rumors if they don’t happen.  As far as Brandon Jennings is concerned, he’s to wishy-washy and selfish for me to want to give anything at all for him.  Sure he can dazzle at times and put up huge nights, but he’s not the type of guy that you build around.

Is this a Pistons summer to remember or what?

Pistons vs. Celtics
The 38-9 Celtics come into the Palace on a 9 game winning streak. The Pistons, have one under their belt.

The Celtics have quite frankly, put the beat down on the Pistons in both of their meetings this season. And we know how we fared in the playoffs last season.

If you haven’t been keeping up the Pistons are 10 games back in the Central, five spots back in the Eastern Conference standings and  are 3 – 7 in their last 10 games.

Steve Aschburner –

As recently as a year ago, the Pistons’ weekend schedule — the Celtics on Friday, the Cavaliers on Sunday, both at home — would have been must-see TV, the dates circled and highlighted on the NBA calendar. Now they’re underdog vs. overdogs, Detroit sort of in the way and cluttering up the matchup that people would prefer to watch pre-Super Bowl. The Pistons are proud, familiar and not quite what they were, and that’s when things can get clumsy.

It’s a sad reality that Detroit will be facing their familiar foes, this time around in unflattering and unfamiliar circumstances. They only way to do it “the right way,” if for Detroit to claw their way back from being mediocre to menacing.

A win tonight could do just that….

If you are headed out to the game, do what you can to help Richard Hamilton help the good people of Coatesville, who need your help in their time of need.

And if you see Vladan and Martin, tell them where to go while they are in the D!

Good News/ Bad News:

Tip off is at 7:00 P.M. and will be locally televised on FSN and Nationally on ESPN. If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM WDFN The Fan.  Can’t do either? Follow the game on

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