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You may know by now that I received a trivia request for a Rap song that made mention of Isiah, Dumars, Laimbeer…ect.  Well I am not sure if this is it, but it’s a gem. Thanks to good friend and Need4Sheed reader Kevin Antcliff (a fellow Detroit blogger) who did all the dirty work for us.  He remembered the song, dug up his VHS (yes he still has it) of Pure Pistons: 1990 NBA Championship and took care of the rest.

A Motor City Classic

Pump it up Pistons


  • Go Chauncey.
  • Caveman…I was just talking about the Pistons trying to get Kaman out of LA. I wouldn’t mind a bit.
  • This is one thing the Pistons organization would never do. They embrace us… (Hat Tip to D. Wieme)
  • Pistons scouts busy agenda.
  • 24 years later, Joe D could face the decision Jack McCloskey made on him.
  • You know I am on a mission (and not this mission) to find the 80/90 ‘s Pistons rap song that mentions Laimbeer, Mahorn, Isiah ect, so while I was looking I found this Gem.. A group of 3 brothers and a female cousin repping the Pistons after the 2004 Championship.


  • Another giveaway coming so stay tuned.

With Rip possibly coming back for tonight’s game against the Bobcats, Pistons fans are still wondering just how he’s going to fit in the new lineup.  Some say AI should be the sixth man, some think it should be Rip, some think their time should be split.  The thing is, Curry may not know what he’s doing until game time. Either way, some egos will bruised or the Pistons will be putting a less efficient team on the floor.

I don’t know about Iverson’s other skills, but Rip should really think about taking a back seat on the team. It seems that his singing career could blow up if only he had the right management.

24 Seconds with Rip Hamilton