The Roundball Revolution Podcast! With special guest Dave Hogg of the Associated Press

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The RoundBall Revolution comes directly to you! Yes…we’re talking about PRACTICE! And not showing up for it. You’re in for a special treat for this hour long Podcast.  Joining Danny and I is Dave Hogg, who if you don’t know covers the Pistons (and most of the Detroit sports teams) for the Associated Press. […]

Coach Sheed?

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Rasheed Wallace made an appearance at the Pistons Open Practice on Saturday afternoon to the delight of many fans.   He also hung out at the Pistons practice facility Friday, while his old team hit the floor. With the news of Sheed back in the D for whatever reason, it has to make you think. Coach […]

A Little Practice Video

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I’m not that great with my Pistons themed Flip Video just yet, but I did catch Jonas Jerebko double dribbling  along with Austin Daye and DaJuan Summers working on their jumpers. Summers, Daye and Jerebko were really working hard for about an hour before tip, which they do before every game.  One would think someone […]

Jonas Jerebko has good Feet

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Now I’m not quite steady yet with my new Pistons themed Flip Video, but I did catch Jonas Jerebko doing some creative dribbling. [flashvideo file= /]

Rasheed Wallace – Tour Guide

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Sheed was nice enough to give Pistons fans a tour of the Pistons newly renovated practice facility. Not only does he steal candy, make fun of his former roommate Pat Sullivan, rips U of M, make fun of Rip Hamilton’s coat and calls Rodney Stuckey “Curtis.” (50¢) Ahhh….Sheed what a host! I can’t wait for […]

Yes, we’re talking about Practice

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Can you honestly believe it? I would be understating things if I said I was disappointed to hear about Allen Iverson’s decision to skip the hour-long practice Michael Curry held on Thanksgiving. Whether Curry decided to hold practice on the holiday or not is really not the issue. The issue is a new player, on […]

Kwame Says

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“We were jawing all day at practice,” Brown said. “I told him he was in the trunk and I’m locking him up. Sometimes just because you’re the loudest, it don’t mean nothing.” Kwame Brown on Sheed’s antics during practice. Via The Detroit Free Press.

Sheed Says

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“No way on God’s green Earth can you lock me up,” Wallace baited Brown. “I go hard; you lollygag.” “One basket in 3½ hours!” Wallace blared. Brown scored again. “Two baskets in 3½ hours!” Sheed on Kwame Brown’s performance during practice. Via Keith Langlois True Blue Pistons, I suggest you read the rest of Kwame’s […]