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The RoundBall Revolution comes directly to you!

Need4Sheed PodcastYes…we’re talking about PRACTICE! And not showing up for it.

You’re in for a special treat for this hour long Podcast.  Joining Danny and I is Dave Hogg, who if you don’t know covers the Pistons (and most of the Detroit sports teams) for the Associated Press.

We talked at length with Dave, who gives us the inside scoop on the term he coined as The RoundBall Revolution by the Pistons players.

I’m not going to spoil anything, take some time and listen to this one. This is by far the best podcast we’ve done to date thanks to Dave, who gave us  the lowdown on the whole mess that is Detroit Pistons basketball right now.

We even went into length about Rip and his buyout and why Cleveland wanted to do it.  We also covered what’s happening, or not, with the sale of the team.

Don’t think it’s all doom and gloom…Dave gave us something to look forward to as Pistons fans.

Dave Hogg  @StareagleYou know I push myself and Danny on Twitter, but seriously if you’re not following Dave @Stareagle then you’re not a Detroit Sports fan!

Take a listen and by all means give us your feedback and questions.

New Detroit Pistons Podcast – The Roundball Revolution

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Rasheed Wallace made an appearance at the Pistons Open Practice on Saturday afternoon to the delight of many fans.   He also hung out at the Pistons practice facility Friday, while his old team hit the floor.

With the news of Sheed back in the D for whatever reason, it has to make you think.

Coach Sheed…?

Watching Sheed play in a Pistons uniform for close to 6 seasons Detroit fans know his affinity to want to teach “the young fellas”.  In fact, I’m pretty sure at least 70% of Piston die-hards have made the comment “Sheed would make a great coach” at one time or another.

Just think about it, how great would it be for Greg Monroe to learn from WallaceX2?

Sheed just brings that something special to a team, just think of the emotion he would add to the bench. And a little personal flair.

Coach Rasheed WallacePhoto/Getty Images editing

I’m sure players would respect the man when he speaks…wouldn’t you?

Listen to Coach Sheed

Photo/Getty Images editing

He has his Sheedisms and pregame rituals like just about any other player or coach in professional sports.

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Video Courtesy of the NBA and The Detroit Pistons

The deep concentration of the game plan before tip-off would benefit a team that needs focus.

Pre-Game Coach Sheed

Photo/Getty Images editing

He brings with him his basketball knowledge and his mutual respect and admiration for NBA referees.

Refs Love SheedPhoto/Getty Images editing

Look, the man knows the game.  He knows this team.  He knows the city.  Why wouldn’t he want to sit on the sidelines for the Pistons and share his knowledge?

Aside from Sheed having his own Sheed Reality show (Sheedality), this would make for some great entertainment.   Come on… hire him as an assistant Joe, we still have a Need4Sheed…plus it means I can keep the site’s name without questions.

Matt Dery of 97.1 The Ticket

I spoke to one Pistons source who tells me that practice yesterday turned in to a bit of a bickering-fest, with players and coaches involved (not unusual) and John Kuester even got some frustrated that he allegedly punted a basketball. …..It is funny how there are certain players on this roster who are consistent.. consistent in that they are always complaining and sulking about the coach, no matter who it is.

Read More over at 97.1 The

I’m not that great with my Pistons themed Flip Video just yet, but I did catch Jonas Jerebko double dribbling  along with Austin Daye and DaJuan Summers working on their jumpers.

Summers, Daye and Jerebko were really working hard for about an hour before tip, which they do before every game.  One would think someone (BG) should be out there as long as the rooks are to get his flow back……just saying.

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Now I’m not quite steady yet with my new Pistons themed Flip Video, but I did catch Jonas Jerebko doing some creative dribbling.

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Can you honestly believe it?

I would be understating things if I said I was disappointed to hear about Allen Iverson’s decision to skip the hour-long practice Michael Curry held on Thanksgiving. Whether Curry decided to hold practice on the holiday or not is really not the issue. The issue is a new player, on a new team where he vowed that he would do whatever it took to fit in with his new teammates to strive towards winning a championship, decided he was more important than everyone else.

Had Chauncey still been on the team there would be no Thanksgiving practice Allen, they need more practice because of you and you didn’t show. Way to show your teammates you’re all about winning. What it showed them is it’s all about you.

I wasn’t thrilled with AI’s acquisition, but after watching his press conference when he joined the team and the sincerity in his voice that he’d do whatever it took I changed my tune. No doubt he’s a phenomenal player, but I didn’t like his attitude. So to be fair after the presser I wiped his slate clean in my eyes. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

That didn’t last long at all. Try winning the fans back that were on the fence now Allen.

I truly enjoyed that a ton of you took time to comment on the situation, and if you haven’t already go read what fellow Pistons fans had to say in the comments of the original post. And feel free to keep them coming.

UPDATE: No Excuse from Iverson, just an apology.

Chris McCosky – The Detroit News

“I talked to Joe last night,” Iverson said Friday morning. “He was very supportive of me. He let me know how things are run around here and let me know it wasn’t something that can continue to happen. He let me know it was unacceptable.”

Iverson, who skipped practice on Thursday, was extremely contrite Friday morning.

“I have no excuses,” he said. “I apologize to my teammates, first and foremost, the coaching staff, the organization and definitely, our fans. It’s something that shouldn’t happen and it won’t happen again.”

“We were jawing all day at practice,” Brown said. “I told him he was in the trunk and I’m locking him up. Sometimes just because you’re the loudest, it don’t mean nothing.” Kwame Brown on Sheed’s antics during practice. Via The Detroit Free Press.

“No way on God’s green Earth can you lock me up,” Wallace baited Brown. “I go hard; you lollygag.” “One basket in 3½ hours!” Wallace blared. Brown scored again. “Two baskets in 3½ hours!” Sheed on Kwame Brown’s performance during practice.

Via Keith Langlois True Blue Pistons, I suggest you read the rest of Kwame’s ‘Welcome to the Pistons’ moment.