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In podcasts, Natalie and I (and Dave) do shtick for an hour about how bad the Pistons are gonna be.  We joke about CV’s lack of hair, Ben Gordon’s lack of skills, and Rodney Stuckey’s ego among other things.  Deep down, we want the team to do well and it bothers us when they don’t.  I can say one thing about last night though…

It was 1 game.  Step back off the ledge.

I’m not going to give a pep talk, or an Al Pacino style talk (from Any Given Sunday) to get your “buy in” on the Pistons.  I’m not going to ask you to overlook things like the Tayshaun Prince re-signing, or the Rodney Stuckey re-signing.  These things happened, and there is nothing we do about it.  I also can’t ask you to forgive the Chauncey Billups trade or even letting Ben Wallace go to the Bulls in 2006.  I can ask you to stop living in the past, because the past isn’t going to do anything but make you mad when you compare the past to this team.  I can ask you to step back off the ledge.  It was 1 game, in a season that is clearly about rebuilding.

Yes, they looked terrible.  Yes, the lack of frontcourt depth was never more evident than against one of the deeper frontcourt teams in the Eastern Conference last night.  Yes, they showed they still don’t have a consistent scoring threat on the perimeter or in the post.  The anticipated bright lights of the team going into the season were flickering, with Jonas finishing with 17 points, but with Greg Monroe only finishing with 8 and 7 in 22 minutes (due to foul trouble).

We knew this team wasn’t going to be good, right?  If you didn’t know the team wasn’t going to be good, you’ve been sipping a little too much kool aid.  This is a team in transition, and aside from the Tayshaun re-signing, this is a team that is still being shaped as much as it can be shaped with such a short off-season.  This is a team that will have a lottery pick this season, in one of the deeper drafts in recent memory.  This is a team that still has its amnesty clause to use on a contract through next offseason.  This is a team that still will have control over franchise building blocks Greg Monroe and Jonas Jerebko for at least the next 2 seasons.

I am not putting up with people complaining anymore about how the team isn’t good.  It’s not a surprise.  It’s going to be a tough 2 year transition for this team.  At least Chris Paul didn’t end up in New York, so the East has only 1 super team instead of 2, right?

With the right moves this offseason (amnesty on Gordon or CV), a top 5 pick, and a decent free agent signing, this team could step back into the Eastern Conference playoff picture as early as next season.  A team with Brandon Knight, Greg Monroe and top 5 2012 pick could be a formidable opponent this time next year.

Jump off the ledge if you must, but do it silently, and stop clogging up mine and Natalie‘s twitter feed with it.

You don’t have to dig hard here on Need4Sheed to know how I feel about Will Bynum. When he signed his three year deal with the Pistons I was a little bit more than happy. As a matter of fact the news broke in the middle of my work day and as made my rounds around the office the rest of the day I randomly walked up to my fellow co-workers and said…”BYNUMITE” and calmly walked away. Yes, they all think I have issues and I don’t care one bit.

So imagine how I felt when Mr. Bynum himself wanted to thank Pistons fans for supporting him by doing a podcast for us here at Need4Sheed.

That’s where you come in.


Will made it clear how much he appreciates Pistons fans, so I’m taking your questions. To make things more fun, I’m going to give away a Limited Edition BYNUMITE T-Shirt (that I will reveal the day of the Podcast) to the Piston fan who submits the best question to him.

And Will is going to pick the Winner!

The rules are simple, please submit your questions to me by Wednesday August 4th.

Follow me on Twitter and tweet me your question with the tag #BYNUMITE

or E-Mail me at with the subject line BYNUMITE

I can’t ask every question, so make them good people.  And make sure you give me your name so I can read it on the air.

This should be almost as fun as watching this:

Need4Sheed Guest Writer:
Rashid S. Umar

Okay Pistons fans, I know it was tough to watch. I was there watching from the opening tip hoping for a more aggressive and passionate effort too. “There’s no way they will not bring it tonight” I thought. It’s the playoffs right?

Well again the game started off with more disjointed play and lack of passion. Rodney Stuckey seemingly was the only player interested in driving to the basket as everyone else settled for jumpers. The defense did nothing but allow Lebron to pad his stats for his MVP campaign.

With the Cavs now leading 2-0, what can we take from the current circumstance? I’d say that we should expect an entertaining game 3 as the series shifts to the “D” on Friday night.

Photo/Getty Images

Here’s what I think: as you all saw, the Cavs lead early in the fourth quarter 79-50 as they began resting their starters. The Pistons went with their bench players and suddenly like lightening the young and scrappy unit climbed back into contention cutting the once robust lead to seven, once the starters were reinstated the Cavs regained control.

So with the revelation that the starters, for whatever reason, can’t seem to compete for long stretches with these guys perhaps the second unit can provide the hustle and intensity needed to stay with this team?

It’s a bit obvious that the Cavs kinda put it on cruise in the fourth and I wonder if that is something that can be exploited.

Photo/Getty Images

Remember the 2006 series? Detroit was the league leading number one seed against the underdog Cavs. The Pistons won game one rather handily but, in game two Detroit lead by as much as 20 in the second half and the Cavs made a game of it. The Piston would hang on but the Cleveland team gained confidence and later went on to win the next three games before losing in seven.

It’s the playoffs and anything can happen. I’m just saying.

DIME Magazine interviewed The Detroit Pistons Rodney Stuckey for a feature in this month’s DIME.  It’s a great read for any Stuckey/Pistons fan.

DIME went a step further for Need4Sheed readers….

After you finish reading the piece on Stuckey leave STUCKTACULAR in the comment section of the article with your correct E-Mail address and one lucky Pistons fan will win a copy of the magazine.

If that’s not STUCKTACULAR, I don’t know what is.

Thought you missed out on Need4Sheed’s last Suite Night at The Palace Contest? Don’t worry, I have another chance for you to win the ultimate Pistons fan experience!

In honor of George Blaha’s induction into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame on Monday, February 9, 2009, I’m dedicating this Pistons ticket giveaway to him.

One of the most recognizable sports personalities in Detroit and the NBA, George Blaha will begin his 33rd consecutive season as the television and radio play-by-play voice of the Pistons in 2008-09.

The “Voice of the Pistons” is now the longest tenured play-by-play broadcaster in the state of Michigan.

If you know Pistons basketball, you know George Blaha.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much I adore the man, that’s why I would like you to honor the him for his knowledge, entertainment and the love for the Pistons he displays with every word he utters.

To win a pair of tickets to The Suite and an Ultimate Pistons Experience on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 when the Pistons face Dwyane Wade and The Miami Heat, you have to do your best to pay tribute to George Blaha.

Do whatever it takes to honor George. You might win a pair of tickets to the game and maybe even meet the man himself.

Do your best Blaha play-by-play, write a poem about him, tell me why you appreciate him, or just surprise me.

Send your entries in by Sunday January 25th to –

All entries must have your submission with the following:

  • Subject Line – George Blaha HOF
  • Your Full Name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Simple, right?

Thank You to The Pistons again for giving Pistons fans a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

*If you have won a Need4Sheed Suite Night contest before, you are not eligible for this one.