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If you have been a #Pistons fan in the past ten years you’ll remember this young man.

As I was going through my old video archives I saw this clip and remembered the pure awesome/weirdness that was the Pistons dancing kid.

I have sat very close to him, and in fact my season tickets were directly across from him and his father’s season tickets for years. So I have seen more than I wanted to on most night when I was trying to enjoy the Pistons play.

I never could really understand the whole thing.

If you’re unaware of the Pistons dancing kid, I’ll walk you down memory lane.

This young man attended a ton of Pistons games during the championship run with his dad. During timeouts, or any time he thought the camera was on him he would take his shirt (or Pistons jersey) off and do his little dance to get attention and on the big screen at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Worst of all his pops encouraged it.

I always found it quite disturbing.

Still going to the games myself, I have wondered what has become of him.

I have to think someone that I know or who follows the site or myself on twitter has got to know his name or what he’s up to now, and…if he’s embarrassed of his ‘creepy’ Pistons dance.

He’s got to be at least 15 by now. Come on people, lets find out where he is.