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(Sort of) Breaking News!


According to a press release by public relations firm Marx Layne, the agreement calls for (Tom) Gores to buy the team and the rest of the holdings of Palace Sports and Entertainment. No details on price have been released. The deal is expected to close June 30.

Tom Gores and Karen Davidson have come to an agreement which will allow Gores to become owner of the Detroit Pistons basketball franchise and Palace Sports and Entertainment which includes properties like The Palace of Auburn Hills The DTE Music Ampitheater (Pine Knob).

If you don’t know who Tom Gores is by now, you can view his accomplishments here (linkedin profile).

This is a big deal for the Pistons, and the entire Piston fanbase because now the organization may start to settle down a bit and move forward from the last 2 years of ugly basketball and even uglier public relations between the organization and the fans.

So – I put it back to you, Pistons fans.  Are you happy with this deal?  It’s not going to be 100% until June 30th, it looks like.  Do you think the team is better off with Gores?  What do you think the first move will be? – Fire Joe Dumars or John Kuester, trade players, etc?

Let us know in the comments – and then go listen to the podcast Natalie and I did last night!