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I was getting ready to toon a Froless Ben Wallace when I thought to myself…

What was he thinking when he cut it off….

His Fro is Magic!

UPDATE: Just fixed this video…If you watched it before make sure you watch it now… and you will know why Ben’s From is Magic!

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Personally I think he needs to GROW the FRO back, it will be like the fountain of youth for him on the basketball court and give him the ability to do things like this again.

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If you’re in, Leave a comment in this post or Vote or Both. This will serve as a petition to Big Ben that we are  PRO FRO!

And if you are a twitterer… I’m starting a #GrowTheFro movement.

Let’s do this!

Rasheed Wallace Trick Shot VideoIf you don’t know already, TNT and the NBA have added H-O-R-S-E to their All Star Weekend festivities and if Rasheed Wallace isn’t in the contest it will truly be a sham.

If these aren’t H-O-R-S-E skills, I don’t know what are.

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Detroit went into the Garden and ran off a 13-2 lead on the Celtics, but Boston bounced right back to tie the game at 21. A false hope of optimism for Pistons fans in reality turned into a stomping (again) by the Celtics, who made Detroit look almost silly by the third quarter. The Celtics took this one by 18, but the 98-80 victory didn’t do the Celtics’ domination justice; it looked like a 30 point plus blowout.

Key Points:

  • From Domination (Cle) to Disheartening in one day.
  • It was collectively a bad game from everyone. Nobody on the team besides Iverson (5-13) took more than 10 shots.
  • The whole team looked miserable, by the second half nobody even looked like they wanted to be on court. From the looks of it they gave up after they headed to the locker room
  • Think Rondo gave Billups trouble? He blew by Iverson all night long…
  • 16 turnovers that translated into Boston buckets.
  • Boston has now embarrassed Detroit to the point that they should be ashamed. Right now it’s clear that they truly are a better team all the way around. The ball movement alone was textbook. And their defense… stellar.

Rip Hamilton


  • “Oh yeah, definitely,” Richard Hamilton said when asked if the score was an indication of how far the Pistons are from the Celtics’ level. “We’ve got to be a lot better. We lost to them two times by 20 points — that’s absolutely bananas. We don’t play like that.” Via The Detroit News
  • Out muscled and out hustled all night long.
  • There is really not much more to say, it was bad enough to be at the Palace when Boston stomped on them. We chalked that up to Iverson being new to the team. He still is, but this was just awful. Do we gauge the team on these two losses to Boston? Right now we do, they are the team to beat and if Detroit didn’t know that before then shame on them.
  • I miss these…
  • A little Will Bynum dunk to maybe put a smile on your face.
  • I promise you if I would have seen a little more “want” on their faces it wouldn’t be that bad. The looks could kill last night and the whole country saw them.
  • Herrmann was in the Hospital?
  • We need Dyess more than ever.
  • PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION – I am going to do whatever it takes to get as many signatures as I can and get this thing in the right hands. PLEASE pass on the link to anyone you know that will sign it. Let’s give Dyess some Love.
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