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The Pistons beat the Spurs in OT 101-109.  I’m gong to set most of the details aside like:

  • The officiating
  • The hack a Ben Wallace fiasco that Pop pulled.
  • The fact that Kuester left Ben in after 5 consecutive fouls.
  • The almost fit of rage and the headband toss from Ben when when he finally was pulled with a little more than 2 minutes left in the game.
  • The 10 point lead widdled down to one.
  • The Manu flop.
  • The Rip tech that could have cost the Pistons the game.
  • Some clutch baskets by Stuckey.
  • Ben Gordon coming to life.

I guess I really didn’t put anything aside, but here is the video I took of the reaction from the crowd when Antonio McDyess was introduced at the Palace with the Pistons Intros.

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I have to say I am a bit disappointed that they didn’t make a bit more of Dyess’s homecoming.  In fact I felt that they almost cut off the cheers by starting the introductions.

Not only did I get to see Dyess, I’m still excited that thanks to my friend Dave, Antonio McDyess has an Ice4Dyess T-Shirt in his possession.

It was a great win, I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.

And the hits just keep on coming for Detroit. The Pistons are now on a three game losing streak after a 110-106 overtime loss to the Pacers.  Detroit went into Indiana having won eight straight against the Pacers, who currently have the second worst defense in the league. Despite a 30 point performance from Stuckey and the ball in their hands multiple times at the end of regulation, the Pistons came up short.

Key Points:

  • Small Ball Part II: 0-for-2
  • DNP Jason Maxiell and Kwame Brown. I know Indiana is fast but come on.
  • Another loss to a team that we should beat. As of now can we say the Pistons “should” beat anyone at this point?
  • Another fantastic night from Rodney Stuckey that gets soured by losing a game like this. A game high 30 for Stuckey who was 12-for-20 with 9 boards, 6 assists and just one turnover. Thank goodness George Blaha is so animated when Rodney is playing, it’s the best part of watching these days.

Rodney Stuckey scores 30

Photo/Getty Images
  • A few Stuck HL’s.
  • Not a good night for Rip 4-for-13 from the floor for 9 points in 29 minutes.
  • Tay 4-for-12, it’s clear he is not the player he can be when he’s playing out of position.
  • Sheed put up a double-double with 17 points and 15 boards with a steal and a blocked shot. Yes great numbers but 3-for-11 from downtown (1-for-5 in OT)….Do we really need Rasheed to be taking 11 from beyond the arc? Stick to the post and witty banter Rasheed.
  • Outrebounded 48-50.
  • This lineup is messing with Dyess who had been one of the reasons we were winning since his return to the team.


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  • First overtime win for Indiana all season.
  • Iverson 23 on 9-for-19 shooting, that’s probably one of the best shooting nights he’s had percentage-wise in quite some time. Add 7 assists to that and it’s a nice line for AI. Yes he had 4 turnovers, but I’ll take a game like this over a 30% shooting night any day.
  • FSN Highlights by quarter.
  • Friday in Oklahoma should be interesting.